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 Aug 2020 Juneau
 Aug 2020 Juneau
Four years since our last kiss
It was something I didn’t miss
I hadn’t seen you in a while
Until today when I saw your smile
I remembered how I was smitten
It’s too bad our Love was forbidden...
I need closure
Bolt and bar the shutter,
For the foul winds blow:
Our minds are at their best this night,
And I seem to know
That everything outside us is
Mad as the mist and snow.

Horace there by Homer stands,
Plato stands below,
And here is Tully's open page.
How many years ago
Were you and I unlettered lads
Mad as the mist and snow?

You ask what makes me sigh, old friend,
What makes me shudder so?
I shudder and I sigh to think
That even Cicero
And many-minded Homer were
Mad as the mist and snow.
 Jul 2020 Juneau
Ryan O'Leary
Boris Johnson is on a
diet but not only that,
he's starting a campaign
to ban - U - K   FOOD
deemed a health hazard
it consists of Fish 'n Chips
Bachelors Baked Beans and
Mars Bars the British staple.

J  -  N  -   F O O D.
 Jul 2020 Juneau
He keeps her
safe by day
and warm by night
his hands travels
on her bare skin
one hand on her neck
the other holding her face
planting butterflies
before their lips collide
 Jul 2020 Juneau
Relax into the pain
Fear pushes me further in
Darkness is a friend
Jul 20, 2020


What happens when you feel into the dark spaces?
 Jul 2020 Juneau
Kelly Sims
What,of these hands will my mind tell me,
Warm placid bliss,with every scaring thought.
One more time ,I must dismiss myself,for in front  of life's mirrors,I seem to be caught.
Seconds bleed slowly into hours
As once long forgotten memories resurface thought the scars.
Stop, before gets to bad
Before I can no longer see
Not the world around me
Rather,who I'm supposed to be
I beg you ,please ,stare
I've been going through the second hardest time in my life. I need to survive this horrible situation, I will.You just watch me I'm a child survivor of molestation. And my mother suffered from munchausen.I survived that and much more the poem is on my list of published. Hush baby Alice. All of the children written about is different situation.But still all me
You ever feel bad about
writing me
A little late

Remember that
i am
Still thinking of your old messages
Just a bit of me.
 Jul 2020 Juneau
what are friends
but our
favourite characters
in the world's
most hated
 May 2020 Juneau
 May 2020 Juneau
A touch of yellow
There on its own, not for me
But how sweet it is
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