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Stab me with your pen
in my poet heart amen
hate my poems of truth
so **** real and uncouth
bury me among my poems
sacred graves truth owns.
 Jul 2021 Juneau
i break my own heart
texting you back
i know you don’t want me
but look where i’m at
baby i’m so lonely
and besides
you always reply back
 Jun 2021 Juneau
Hooria Iftikhar
Not romantically,
But in love with yourself, life, waking up in the morning, smiling, laughing, crying, growing through life one second at a time, going through hardships........and still loving life!
 May 2021 Juneau
We were gifted sleep so we could only
have visions of madness
And bestowed eyes that would only
cry tears of sadness

We were granted arms so we could only
fend against the violence
And blessed with ears that would only
hear ignores and silence

We were gifted hands so we could only
hold the weight of the earth
And bestowed minds that would only
think less of our worth

We were granted feet so we could only
run away from the dangers
And blessed with hearts that would only
confide in the strangers

We were gifted lives so we could only
plea for our own deaths
And bestowed lungs that would only
breathe meaningless breaths

We were granted mouths so we could only
converse in our screams
And blessed with bodies that would only
feel alive in our dreams
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