natalee Oct 9
a candid smile
what was going through my head?
hadn't drank in a while,
my face hot and red
that in-between state of normal
with a little bit of regret
i didn't act very formal
kept thinking things i will never forget
  Sep 20 natalee
When you were mine
I always saw specks of blue
In rivers, oceans, and spread across the sky
On butterfly wings, blue jay's, and flooding feilds of blue bonnets
Yes, within my lovers eyes that blue was mine

When you walked away
You took that color with you
And once again my world was monochrome
I thought I had found my colorwheel
But now I've found the spectrum to be larger than that pitiless hue

One day I will find
Someone who will make my world explode
With a kaleidoscope of all these colors that I've never known
As if their very breath gives life to such sights
And in my view they will stay, for this I'll get on my knees and pray
natalee Sep 14
it’s been too long for me to still feel this way
you put a spell on my heart
now all i do is pray
that you’ll come back and we’ll never part
natalee Sep 5
when will i figure out that me and you can never be together.
i’m a scorpio and you’re an aries anyway.
our love was something you could never measure.
but i’ll still play our song and pretend to dance and steal your heart away.
natalee Aug 1
someone once told me i was like the person charlie wrote letters to in perks of being a wallflower. i’ve felt different ever since.
natalee Jun 12
i will always question what could’ve happened between us, if just given the right timing
my heart still skips a beat when i hear your name
i will always be able to spot you in a crowd, no matter how big
that song will always be our song
you’ll always have a piece of my heart
thank you for being my first kiss and loving me with all you had
i’ll always love you
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