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natalee Mar 2022
you’re the reason i eat burnt toast in the morning
drink cold coffee
and forget to tie my shoes
natalee Feb 2022
curly hair, sweet laughter, and
honey filled eyes
id risk it all for you, if just given the time
natalee Jan 2022
i was so excited
to start something new
then you took my heart
and turned it back to blue
natalee Jan 2022
rain rain
stay with me
you bring joy
and all great things
if you go
i’ll be sad
and wonder why i feel this bad
natalee Jan 2022
blue as the ocean
from the inside out
it’s hurts so bad
to try and love myself
i’ve gotten used to being sad
with tear filled eyes
i’m starting to appreciate
how it turns them to a
gentle shade of blue
natalee Jan 2022
now i lay me down to sleep
i pray the lord, my thoughts to keep
my anxious mind
runs through the night
i don’t know if i
can stay this time
natalee Oct 2021
i look for myself in people constantly
i direct my image outside and wonder why i keep leaving places empty handed
i am enough
so why do my lips ache to say your name
how do my hands fit so perfectly around your waist but when i come home and lay in bed alone i’m left with nothing but moments
i’m exhausting my love in places that cannot be accepted so when i look in the mirror i see nothing but a person searching for someone to hold
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