natalee 19h
you kept saying sorry, i’m drunk..
but i didn’t think you needed to be sorry
natalee 2d
we still pass each other in the hallway and
stare for too long
we both can’t help but smile
i’m left with the thought of what could’ve happened between us
i truly thought you were the one
natalee 6d
we are not the same
i am the first flower you pick during spring
you are the first fallen leaf at the beginning of autumn
i am the sun to which provides the light
you are the moon playing with the dark
i am the lit candle, my flame dancing
you are the gust of wind, stirring my smoke
i am the colorful laughter of joy
you are the heavy tear of happiness
you will find beauty in these things we encompass, but accept that we were two different universes trying to exist within another
natalee Apr 12
i would always tell you that you taught me so much
and that was the truth
except i think you thought it meant something different
you taught me to love myself, because i could never expect that from you
you taught me i was the only person there for myself, because you never were
you taught me how to be patient
because you always had a short temper
you taught me how to be happy because you never gave that to me
you taught me to treat others with only love
because i knew how much it hurt that you didn’t love me
  Apr 12 natalee
Sometimes when I drink coffee I find myself missing you,
So sometimes I don't drink coffee.
natalee Apr 7
i used to always stare at you
sometimes too long, so beautiful you would have to tell me to rest my eyes
now i can’t even look at you
natalee Apr 6
i think of you less and less each day
i’m okay with going our separate ways
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