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Visualizing marbles, closing my eyes I see a few at a time
Indigo blue mysterious and impenetrable shooter
Bubbling and flowing honey colored amber marbles
Perfectly clear crystal ball-like marbles
Translucent jade green sphere-like marbles
Multicolored with white stipples - Earth-like
Practicing over and over still cannot visualize them without word labels.
Not a banana, my life is like the leaf.
My youth uncurled straight and tall
like the opening of a translucent banner.
Sensual curves waving to
the florescent lizard to guard a hunting place.
The warm breezes ruffled my maturing skirt
as I grew in fiber strength.
The warm night rains weighed me down
heavy with diamonds sparkeling in the sunlight.
Unseasonable winds whipped me
into a double fringe.
In my golden year
my fiber strengthening a base for the uncurling of youth.
On my walk I took in big breaths full of the scent of ripe blackberries.
Yeah, Fall is coming.
The zucc plants are white and exhausted.
Yeah, Fall is coming
Thunder clouds are billowing upwards in the late afternoon heat.
Yeah, Fall is coming.
Young fledglings chirp loudly to be fed.
Yeah, Fall is coming soon.
My walks are serenaded by bird song instead of the roar of lawn mowers.
Yeah, Fall is coming for sure.
Honey bees fly about the sunflowers.
Yeah Fall is coming.
I watched the gray whales already on their way South.
Yeah, sure sign Fall is coming.
Fresh fruits and vegetables decorate my table
Yes, Fall is coming.
Rock and roll wheels
thump and trill
a roller skating rhythm.

Z-ray suits light
colors all a-glowing.

With the greatest of ease
roller skaters' moods
dazzel us with wheel music.
I revised a poem written during the late 70's. I have not written any poems since until I started these few for Hello Poetry.
Five pedals folded
Clothing honey nectar in a gown
Waiting for the warmth of sunshine.
Waiting for honeybees
To gift life to their blackberry child.
Sunshine on delicate pink
warms and sweetens blackberry nectar.
Scents of nectar
attracts honeybees.
Amber stripes and transparent wings
weave a tapesry on my canvas.
First night breath in, breath out
Deep and slow
Now I am  Darth

First night breath in, breath out
Deep and slow
The warm water on the Kona Coast
Snorkel mask filling
Fighting panic

— The End —