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Feb 2020 · 133
david jm Feb 2020
no wave, no fun, no plague, no one, no saves, no humdrum dumb-dumb luck.
no you, no them, no peace, no fuss, no just, just, just, just, just, just us.
no duh, no soul, no ghouls, no guts, no sun, know theres no waking up.
corona virus cant unite us.
me and you.
no peace, no fuss.
Feb 2020 · 194
Some Of It All
david jm Feb 2020
i go extinct.
i fall in love.
i make believe
i never was.
everybody needs more time, i know i do.
im not the meek.
im not above.
im just a man
inside the love.
cant nobody understand aside from you.
thought i wasn't human -
alas, i bleed.
bodies in the forest become the trees.

you know that i love you,
i cant help myself.
the afterlife's forever, ever.

im half asleep.
im half my mom.
im not beneath,
"Its not enough".
everybodys out their mind, im overdue.
you know better than they do.
talking while im sleeping is
not unique.
thought i wasn't dreaming, then lost all my teeth.

you know that i love you,
i cant help myself.
the afterlifes forever, ever.
Jan 2019 · 102
david jm Jan 2019
Layin head to face,
We spoonfeed baby food to microwaves.
Catching colds from the blonde bangs,
Jacuzzi anklets & monk beads in teal.
As thought leaves a mark it makes room for walls.
For plain cherry Pop Tarts™ sake,
I beg you,
In the name of the three times removed -  but never named,
For lack of a joke worse than you,
Get them wounds checked out.
Aug 2018 · 715
david jm Aug 2018
What's the jungle doing up so late?
How's the afternoon a blinding night?
Why did all of God evacuate?
Who's the fire gonna wake up now?
Where you headed?
Let me tag along,
Now is not the time to **** the cows,
But we've crossed our hearts through lines they'd drawn,
So my faith is sleeping on the couch.
Jul 2018 · 120
oh, the atrophy
david jm Jul 2018
jesus was a carpenter
ya boy is jst a lil sun,
burning like a blade of grass
beneath a magnifying glass,
feeling like the only one
my life was jst an art for her.
Feb 2016 · 711
Pablo Tombstone
david jm Feb 2016
I bled my soil,
Broke the gavel,
Burned the court
And blinded God.
Freedom gets ugly when taken seriously.
But only LIONS take it at all.
Oct 2015 · 453
david jm Oct 2015
Spit it out like it must be said.
Its on the the tip of my tongue.
This **** is cousin to death,
She's like a father to me.
Big gold cross for my Momma
to show Pops we livin prosperously.
He coughs just like me,
I'm chiefin more than him now.
Candles burn at every turn until
the passion dims out.
Awaiting faith i know will never come to light.
I'll live like this until I'm six feet under Sunnyside.
Raised in the Beach,
You know i slave away in Compton.
One more day to pay the cover charge of living without options.
Pro Club on my black t.
Three lumps in my black tea.
Borderline poor royalty,
Unknown to you,
And it means more to me,
Sep 2015 · 401
Elm Avenue
david jm Sep 2015
im dreamt by coincidence -
skeleton from my daddy.

beached monkey,
buring forests in the alley.

the ruin of minutes,
i'll have the second hand smoked

on a clock for my owner,
in the valley i drew from your mouth.

you hug me like a cave.
i choke you like a rosary.

grass breaks through my face
since I'm not walked on anymore.
Aug 2015 · 272
In Common
david jm Aug 2015
I'm falling like flying.
The ocean above me is singing
In tongues.
I'm praying like dying men.
Different colors of living,
All under suns.
Aug 2015 · 379
Going Gone
david jm Aug 2015
Our Jesus was a fish,
I walked on orange soda.
She walked on strawberry milk,
I shot up coka cola.
We ate sliced up heaven
In the middle of hell.
Jul 2015 · 595
Half a Peace of Mine
david jm Jul 2015
give it up for the "get down's",
frown with a clown soul,
dont pretend -
clamshells break my friend.

sentenced to life in a paragraph.

get high for the low life's.
i shoot cops through a needle
straight to my heart.

paraphrased a life sentence.

only one lesson lessens.
and time drags and flies away,
one more city to bury
in static dreams .
david jm Jul 2015
At the same time
on the other hand,
I got the same time
on the other hand.
Too bad youre too good to
You can't be not where
You are at the infinite - 
Momentarily there.
Forever scared and frayed
like dad's Broke hands
and dad's broke heart.
And it steps on my dad.
Smothers the invader
with a Catholic hug.
***** fly trap of a man.
The Warden swinging moods and keys
in the face of staring trees.
Mar 2015 · 424
subtle tea
david jm Mar 2015
sidewalk slips -
the pavement hits just like
the first time,
it takes the worst mind to
mine through my needs.
cause and side effect reads :
"kin unkempt, and his
daddy's blood was bad."
tripping over toe tags,
so sad to think -
i dont think ive ever felt
softer hands.
Mar 2015 · 201
david jm Mar 2015
why do i "why?" everthing i see?
Jan 2015 · 345
david jm Jan 2015
even trying
she spills the sky
all over
the floor of my home.
fat oak swell into
dripping splintered
gust is
just a pet away.
In the corner in a quiver
Until you go.
And if I may
Can I ask you to
burn it again?
I haven't learned a thing
That's not about you.
And if I forget it -
read this in a
Bad mood.
Jan 2015 · 277
david jm Jan 2015
I coulda cried
for years that day.
Somehow I knew from
Then on that nothing would
Be new from
Then on.

No halves or (black)holes
Or holy ghosts.
No use in using words,
Before too long the words
Were using me.
Dec 2014 · 237
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
david jm Nov 2014
Shaken past consideration on my way to never again,
Once more toes break and bend to send away for better air.
Tethered to forever by force of will or won't you believe it.
Feed my limestone stomach with the bitter bigots loneliness.
Crash, amnesia..
Oh just forget it.
Nov 2014 · 339
david jm Nov 2014
Didn't know it wasn't new
But now
I do what I must.
Always knew I would get old
To you.
One me is enough.
Do you please thank me to leave ?
If you
Take it all, I'll give it up
And trust the trust.
We must endure.
We are pragmatic,
By instinct.
Oct 2014 · 703
Day In Flux
david jm Oct 2014
The humor flies right over heads,
Like leaves off trees much too overgrown.
Quick to shoot and stab in darkness,
Naked kitchen table manners,
Plastic flaccid people actors,
Vacant star shaped locket
Picture frames a blackmail recipient.
Forget your names for heavens sake.
Preface to my new face in tastelessness,
Fragrant little boomer baby.
Oct 2014 · 1.1k
Luxury Laxative
david jm Oct 2014
On a serious note
I'm just playfighting God,
Ring around my iris
Flightless little bird,
Bereaved and slaughtered at a daffodil's foot.
Correct me if I'm right,
Sense was made without me here.
Into sleep I sink,
I can feel the brink approaching.
Stalking through aneurysms bane veil, Dripping dream and stink
and hope.
Blind, naive, native, childhood hope is all I am.
I'm living,
I'm livid,
I'm living,
I'm livid,
I'm living,
I'm livid.
Sep 2014 · 803
david jm Sep 2014
The sun leaves,
A shadow spills.
Shallow fields buzz and
My thoughts are deep.
Fried my brain like devils.
Who's the chicken now,
Make your riches bow
Who's fooling who.
It's not the sentiment it's the predicate,
Predictable or scripted
Deprived of life and
Sep 2014 · 453
david jm Sep 2014
I don't believe
In your power or lack thereof.
We are all strong
In a broken winged kind of way.
And flowers are your last award.

The day I'm buried
Will be my best dressed occasion.
On my couch next to burn holes
Remind me
Of the desert we deserted.

Now we
Make wastelands of the beach.
Call my name
Into the new sea, dry as deep space,
Abiding to
My word, I sleep within reach.
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Superficial Superstition
david jm Sep 2014
I'm no entozoologist,
But I've had enough of
Your ensiform dance,
I'm not your host anymore.
I don't mind and
I don't soul.

Our copycat streak ends
In body bag humor.
Stride away like a ******
With a nest to hide
And I'll paint myself shivers.

Death's blue tongue and
The fuzzy pink tide of birth
Keep pulsing as if
You never came around.
I don't mind and
I don't soul.
david jm Sep 2014
Flesh like an imagination,
Fur on fire lights the way
Through shrubby jungle puzzles.

Forest keeps eating the path.
My sanctimonious half,
Shaken from an ancient sleep.

Trauma swoons with swift row,
Inner, Present, Equaled.
Sear platforms of self through scenery.

No safety to harbor.
Age is wasted on the old,
Didn't know wisdom is ethereal.

Oblivious to the fact I
Outlived my inner circle.
Justify your justice,
My toys don't talk anymore.
Sep 2014 · 520
david jm Sep 2014
I take my time
as time takes me.

Life is wildfire
For roots of the soul.

The flames will
eat the fossils.

The sea cooked
To perfection embodied.

Night's purple marrow,
Is ours to feast,

The meat is for
The shadow of a flower.

I've broken both knees
Building this fortress so

Sleep deep dandelion,
Dreams can't burn you here.
Sep 2014 · 256
Season Parade
david jm Sep 2014
Enjoy the last few drips
Of the blue Summer sun.
Let it linger on your tongue,
Build a home in your eye,
And traverse the country
Between your breaths.
Its raining earth today,
I rather like the dance of
Smell in the air,
Wringing away the Summer.
Get some rest,
Next season,
We all fall.
david jm Sep 2014
Can I take a break
And watch you
Split the sea
Into a kaleidoscope
Of blue and green geometry?
I think the sun just blinked,
All was dark for
A second,
A black flash,
A blink of a storm-white eye,
And nobody noticed,
But us.
Daydreaming on my break at work.
Aug 2014 · 332
Bathroom Thoughts Vol. 3
david jm Aug 2014
If "inhumane" means
"Not like a human",
How come only humans
Can be inhumane?
Aug 2014 · 307
Art Is Tree/Artistry
david jm Aug 2014
The day begins
And "God: The Television Show" screams,

"Its feeding time,
Shut the **** up,

Pay your taxes,
Pray to the dead feds,

Don't look this way,
Don't believe that way.

Stay docile and keep your

"My way is the right way
and there is no such thing as left"

My gut tells me God
Doesn't watch her own show.

I've turned left,
And I've been left
To my devices.

Death is tomorrow,
Life is today,

Here, crooning symmetry,
I'll stay.
Inspired by an evening of nice, wholesome, Christian fun with FOX news. You know what they say, "No one *** the news like FOX."
david jm Aug 2014
Aug 2014 · 553
david jm Aug 2014
Cloistered in clumsy love,
Men make boys of their days,
Nights of their eyes,
Blades of their scent.

Cloistered in clumsy love,
Women make girls of their minds,
Rain of their will,
Pens of their hips.

Save us from the terror,
Save us from each other.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
Heavy Waits, Lighter Habits
david jm Aug 2014
I haven't seen the sun for days.
I missed it so much
I forgot how much I hate it.
You're like a cherub
With its guts on the floor.
Like the poppy and
Its black venom.
I tried to get tired,
Now I'm out of steam.
The engine crawls to its feet
To sweat out my insomnia.
Floral engagement.
Married arrangement.
Dystopian harpischord sings
In my ear.
I'll bottle your scent
To make up for my
Dopamine deficiency.
My eyes are fossilized.
Give me
Suboxone with the Irish juice please.
Aug 2014 · 794
Black Heat Wave Goodbye
david jm Aug 2014
I stepped outside in my gloom fuzz,
With black clouds strapped to my back.
I even grimace at children nowadays.

On the path to my mailbox,
Hunched over myself,
Eyes chained to the pavement,
I felt the urge to glare at the sun
And witness as it glared right back.

A sunbeam of empathy,
Drooling light into my bruises,
She slapped me with her
Warm-honey white palm,
And for the first time this year
I'm glad to be alive.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Pharaoh Moans
david jm Aug 2014
The ugly jazz in your stride,
Your snow drenched tombstone simper,
And your bruised peach overcoat of skin
Have been dethroned but
Will never be replaced.
My hearts a museum and
You're the big T-Rex all the kids came to see.
Aug 2014 · 2.4k
david jm Aug 2014
Even when I use pencil
I'd rather douse atrocities in graphite hell
Than succumb to the white-pink corrector god.

To reveal myself my weakness
Is nature's impression on the mattress
Of my unconscious mind.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
david jm Aug 2014
I failed the failure's exam
With honors.
Give me a scoop of harakiri.
Ectoplasmic gastric acid ****.
I'm a cauldron soul.
I jump the sword often,
With a pen mighty foolish.
Guns Almighty Love ****..
Gaping, blistered, gangrened LOVE.
Black dog eat dog.
Black cat luck.
Barely-there black jaguar spots.
White paled pink hope dies (dyes).
Funnel your ethics,
Fumigate your reason.
Lazy leopard
Scratch my face off.
Eat it.
Enjoy it.
Hate it.
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
david jm Aug 2014
Anxious for my
Afternoon embalming.
Flushed free,
Laying down the masonry
Of trees yet
To be.

I must confess I want a jack and ginger.

My favorite manieur de mots,
Your offspring making
Silk of my spit.
Two book wormholes,
Circumventing travel,
Welding my smoggy sand castle
To the grey island you anchor.
Would you care to
Fatten up Elpis
With me?
For my pen friend.
Aug 2014 · 547
Ramblings To The Wall
david jm Aug 2014
Luxury is so, so temporal,
So subjective.
Relapse of luxury.
Collapse. Collapse. Collapse.
Vanished by sunrise
Like the scent of jasmine blossoms.
Do I harbor deficiency?
Deficiency harbors much fruit.
Out of the way,
Out farther than Father,
The forest feeds on breath.
In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.
Natural death looms over natural life.
Natural life broods over stillbirths.
I am a cyst.
I cannot distill ambition.
Twist my skin.
Twist. Twist. Twist.
Wring my dreams of your stench.
Function and design held hostage.
Intuitions pupil crusts over
No, no, no.
Just a coward.
Aug 2014 · 502
Almost Home
david jm Aug 2014
So clean and
Oblique in stature.
Quiet as a pulse.

You're fluent in burns,
The way planets are fluent
In flight.
Not like birds,
Like cherubs.

The whipped dark marble,
Like metal butter,
Splashes a gate
Between us and
The garden maze.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
david jm Aug 2014
At times,
Cold departures leave
A stain of faith.
You're departure,
However hellish,
Remains immaculate,
Even as you turn
With a blizzard on your heel,
Kicking Winter in
My eye.

You replace him up there.
Not in piety but
In hierarchy,
Of the royal void breed.
I tailor the nails to your palm
And broken foot.
Drying like slaughterhouse
Meat on my clothesline.

I found our nature
Profoundly meaningless.
Was it transcendence?
Algor Mortis?
Or did my new eyes
Survive incubation?
I await the birth pangs
Of sight,
Callousing the whole,
From lid to lash.
My brother asked if this was about Jesus so I thought I should clarify that it is not, and I'm not Christian. This is about making something/someone (lover,parent,friend,addiction) into something almighty and overpowering,
but seeing them differently by the end (the departure) and not knowing if it's them who is different or your perspective (new eyes).
Aug 2014 · 535
Frances The Wet Nurse
david jm Aug 2014
Don't you leave now,
I'm impatient,
Not a patient in this ward.
Where's my mother?
I feel smothered,
"Not another word from you."
I'm enveloped,
Folded in a hazel haze.
A prism prison
Built precision,
Predicated without trust.
My orphan organs
Will demand
Vital signs,
And vitamins.
Leer from your chest,
Scream with my eye,
"Let me in."
"Let me in."
"Let me in."
Jul 2014 · 801
Closer (For Ian Curtis)
david jm Jul 2014
Its closing in.
I'm still moving inside.
Closed off
With clothes on
Top of clothes
On top of me.
I've outgrown
But I'm getting closer
To the
Jul 2014 · 676
Bathroom Thoughts Vol. 2
david jm Jul 2014
If a military veteran
with P.T.S.D. dresses in drag,
Is he a traumaqueen?
david jm Jul 2014
Every day isn't Halloween.
So please,
Take off the mask for once.
I'd like to gaze your friendly face.

If you have one
Tucked away somewhere,
Next to Christmas decorations
And your emotion collection,
Extend an olive branch ,
Slide on your good personality
And knock my door down.

I'll have knives for hands
that day.

Keep me buried in berries
And candy and soap.

The umber curls atop your head,
That old poppy-tinted mane,
Knotted better than Gordius,
Knotted worse than my neck.
Jul 2014 · 919
david jm Jul 2014
Birthday bust,
Awaken busted.
Had to ***** it,
That's where life goes.
I miss Servo.
Insight spiteful
Faking foolish.
Good news
Giada can't melt,
Or hex wells.
Drink me
And set sail
To coma.
Jul 2014 · 880
david jm Jul 2014
forgotten freedom.
caught insomnia
in a mausoleum,
fighting nausea.
am i doin well?
drool against my will
until the light floods in.

sunday tunnel vision.
perfect colorblind.
ill-prepared and scared.
falling way too high.
don't change the subject.
my stomachs upset.
burning lovesick.
stick together eye to eye.

stitch letters together
into dated wisdom.
winds of change approaching,
much too proud to listen.
mortgage mortuaries,
buried in my debt.
have you ever slept?
i dreamt a dream then i forgot.
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
david jm Jul 2014
A ceremony in disguise,
Protective animus inside.
Twist gold on fingers crucified,
Next in a line for sacrifice.

Please don't panic,
Its under control.

The spirit forcing its way out,
Selective hearing, angry mouth.
We hear it whispering the doubts.
Drowning love in times of drought.

Please don't panic,
Its under control.

Experimented on in dreams.
Through walls and sleep they carried me.
Offer the fish but no one chases.
Somebody's been here,
Someone faceless.

Please don't panic
Its under control.
Its about a dream where i got married and abducted by aliens. Hadn't written one that rhymed in a while.
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Famished Bright Side
david jm Jul 2014
Its all cool beans and sour grapes,
Grandma left behind a lot.
"Its not enough to make the month",
But famines worse than
Not enough.
Fuzzy kinescope flashes
Of stone soup,
Beefy greens,
Leafy trees,
Chewy allusion.
Bathing in your memory
Like a honey moor.
david jm Jul 2014
maths no skeleton key.
sometimes dividing subtracts meaning
from everything.
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