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david jm Sep 2015
im dreamt by coincidence -
skeleton from my daddy.

beached monkey,
buring forests in the alley.

the ruin of minutes,
i'll have the second hand smoked

on a clock for my owner,
in the valley i drew from your mouth.

you hug me like a cave.
i choke you like a rosary.

grass breaks through my face
since I'm not walked on anymore.
david jm Aug 2015
I'm falling like flying.
The ocean above me is singing
In tongues.
I'm praying like dying men.
Different colors of living,
All under suns.
david jm Aug 2015
Our Jesus was a fish,
I walked on orange soda.
She walked on strawberry milk,
I shot up coka cola.
We ate sliced up heaven
In the middle of hell.
david jm Jul 2015
give it up for the "get down's",
frown with a clown soul,
dont pretend -
clamshells break my friend.

sentenced to life in a paragraph.

get high for the low life's.
i shoot cops through a needle
straight to my heart.

paraphrased a life sentence.

only one lesson lessens.
and time drags and flies away,
one more city to bury
in static dreams .
david jm Jul 2015
At the same time
on the other hand,
I got the same time
on the other hand.
Too bad youre too good to
You can't be not where
You are at the infinite - 
Momentarily there.
Forever scared and frayed
like dad's Broke hands
and dad's broke heart.
And it steps on my dad.
Smothers the invader
with a Catholic hug.
***** fly trap of a man.
The Warden swinging moods and keys
in the face of staring trees.
david jm Mar 2015
sidewalk slips -
the pavement hits just like
the first time,
it takes the worst mind to
mine through my needs.
cause and side effect reads :
"kin unkempt, and his
daddy's blood was bad."
tripping over toe tags,
so sad to think -
i dont think ive ever felt
softer hands.
david jm Mar 2015
why do i "why?" everthing i see?
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