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Danzel Aug 2015
I lay close to you,
Curled to the shape of your stonework body
Tracing the vines crawling on your arms
To the lavenders springing
From your cracked palms
And your back is the meadow I bury myself in
Half-picking foxgloves and goldenrods
Growing on your spine

Day after day, I watch you
Wondering about the dreams behind
Your eyelids covered in moss,
Softly kissing the dandelion dust
Collecting on your cheeks
While stringing a garland of daisies
To wear around your head

I sit here, longing to taste the dewdrops
Hanging at the corners of your mouth
But until your wake, I will await
The sweet honeysuckle
That is your tongue
Danzel Jul 2015
We love like thunder
Like lightning splitting the sky
Like the earth knows this
Danzel Jun 2015
We are savages;
Lion and lioness taming one another
And we kiss until the carnival comes

We put on a show,
And we do not moan to the whips beating us
All teeth, all sharpness,
We claw our way out of our cages
They lashed you 50 times,
I kiss you 51

We roar louder in the dark
We are wild in each other's mouths
And we kiss until the carnival comes
Danzel Jun 2015
Nights like these
I feel soft, spineless
Lilies growing in my liver
Wingless, tethered to my bed post
Body one with the sheets,
One with the waxen moon
The lonesome crescent
That knows what it’s like to sleep alone,
That knows the phantom ache
Of being dissevered
From its gibbous lover
Danzel Jun 2015
You found me in the underlit,
Said I was worth saving
So you stole the fire
Only to put it back inside of me

I licked the flames from your fingers
Like a fennel stalk
And in turn, your immortal mouth
Met my soft,
Devoured my flesh
And each time we kissed,
We burned
With only bones left

But the gods were not so pleased
With our offering
They picked on your insides, dissected you
For the parts of me
That made you whole
And left you aching, aching, aching
And empty

My brave titan,
I will never forget the warmth
Of your scorched hands,
The taste of salvation
A poem based on the Greek myth of the Titan god Prometheus
Danzel May 2015
In desperation
To fill this empty *****
I invented you
Danzel May 2015
Here, the gods did not listen
When you cried
Here, disarmed
Here, fallen
Here, I laid you down
With kisses soft
Until you fell asleep forever

Here, the gods did not listen
When I cried
But I made sure the earth remembered
When you died
Here, in the pool of ichor
I planted my heart in disguise
And blood-red windflowers grew

Here, here and here –
I have loved you
A poem based on the story of Adonis and Aphrodite as told by Ovid in Metamorphoses
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