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  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Qualyxian Quest
at times the need for repentance
at times to stand and flow

at times to hold tightly
at times to let go

it's difficult, so difficult
i wander to and fro

all i can do is try, try, try
ay yay yay yay yo!
  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Lost in my Head
Once upon
I felt the call
To take a midnight walk
And stumbling through
The misty streets
A voice began to talk

Fear not said ye
The angels call
I must have reached the Lord
But falling through
The gravel road
The stone and I’m the sword

The king of far
And futures will
Be beckoned by the light
With fist and tongue
He rules below
The tempting of his might

And yet we see
His gentler heart
Indulging in the arts
The king at last
Usurped from throne
The Jester’s reign then starts

The midnight walk
Turns into morn
And visions fade away
But jesters in
the place of kings
Will never go away
I really like this one high key, just a nice little story with a couple interpretations
  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Krista DelleFemine
The first victim of racism
We all know by name
Some worship him
And what he became
Jesus hung from that cross
In the middle of town
Simply because
He was the only white guy around
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