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  Jul 9 Dakota
The sun is setting for me while it is rising for you.
My day is coming to an end as yours has just begun.
My love for you arose months ago, and it will stay for years on end.
  Jun 27 Dakota
What are you supposed to do
When it’s 4 am and you can’t sleep
This isn’t home, nothing feels safe
Because his arms aren’t around you.
  Jun 27 Dakota
Poetic T
A footstep can
     Change a

A thought can
     Change a  

An idea can
   change the  
             world forever.
Dakota Jun 27
I love the way you talk about the sunset, the way your hands gesture to the sky as you brush the color back into the midnight stars. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now. I just want to stand at the top of this driveway, under thousands of stars, and fall in love with you
Dakota Jun 27
You were a portal to all the best parts of my past, I wish I would’ve just kissed you. I want to feel it in my chemistry, I want my peace of mind back, the part that you stole when we stopped talking so long ago. You have so many answers and so much familiarity and I can’t help that I want to hold you for so long In the driveway tonight. Give me that feeling again, your arms are so protective and comfortable. With my chest against yours I could search for your heartbeat as long as you don’t pull away. Why did you ever leave, why did it fall apart in our arms... the moon cast violet shadows of us on the concrete and in tonight’s clarity I promised I wouldn’t ever let this love die again
Dakota Jun 27
The guitar riffs are loose and free, the universe wraps me in love and the stars glow gently on the top of the car which I stand on. With no one else around it’s just you and me alone, I sway ever slowly and sing my favorite song to you. We have our disagreements but I swear it’ll all work out. Surrounded by the lush darkness of pine trees and mountainside, I only wish to close my eyes and feel the things I cannot see
Dakota Jun 27
Sometimes I lay in bed and weep when i look at the number of days i have left with you.
Sometimes is becoming more often.
Sometimes I listen to lofi and write you poetry you’ll never see.
Sometimes is becoming more often.
The point is sometimes I miss you- bad. because sometimes I just want to tell you the truth. Because you see, you’re going out of state but you’re spirit is still with me. And you have to move far away but I will crave your warm kisses when the seasons change and the weather outside vaporizes my breath. I will have to keep occupied because I’ve got it for you- bad. And tonight I need a long hug before you go home.
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