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Cristina Apr 2014
my mom said
*lucky for us, we are all different.
Cristina Feb 2021
Beloved child of mine
I desire you to have
Fulfilled life, greater than mine!
With smiles and giggles
For everyone!

When cry upon you will come
I shall stand with open arms
For you to find
My chest, my hold, my lullaby.
❤ Always and forever ♥
Cristina Jun 2018
perhaps I am a fragment of them,
careful with what I see and not having a lot of skin,
because of the emotions burden to constantly wear
and all the negativity is slowing us down
to move the fingers that crave to write the words,
first on papers and later - hopefully- on every soul,
about the joy, the love, the pain, the hurt we see and feel.
Cristina Nov 2018
I am living with a trace of hope
that you will not see the tears that fall
drop by drop,
drop by drop,
and scared within your heart
you, of course will be not
when softly I shall say:
it was not you, my love.

only then the lie was sold so easy
for there shall fall the tears ahead
until dear heart will contain some courage
to share some secrets and some thoughts.
Cristina Nov 2017
here we are standing
in a absolute time
were seconds seek minutes
are split seconds all we have?
and hours offers days
this makes me asking
about the current situation:
*are all lives dawn-to-dark?
Cristina Mar 2017
You wander above green grass
Never touching earth's crust
When rain comes you put on the shield,
God forbidden to touch a man
To know the warmth of skin and blood
Or kiss a beating heart.
Cristina Dec 2014
We live in a world where we show our affection
through likes, reblogs and shares.
we meet with friends just to stay at the same table
with smartphones in hands and smile casually at each other
gladly that we speak about moments and life
through pin pictures and tagging... stuff.
inspired by Bianca.
Cristina Jan 2015
I looked in your heart and I fall in love with what I saw
I like it there, is warm, fluffy and not so crowded
like the hearts of other man I've been inside
for a small period of time.
something that we can aspire to
Cristina Oct 2017
you weren't there to see
the sun rising above the fence line,
I was becoming part of nature
as I stayed so still
and birds were under my spell.

trees were waving branches with laziness
and soon flowers copied the dance,
up on the sky
clouds were passing with devotion
in front of the morning sun
asking for permission
to let a few drops of rain
where the land is dry.

you weren't there to see
shadows of trees and petals of flowers
covering my sadness
crushing sad thoughts
rebirthing me with joy,
I was part of the nature
I was one of them.
Cristina Mar 2014
Pain is like a ******* bestfriend
always with me, no matter what.
Cristina Jan 2015
you're asking if I've found
a miracle love,
but if you knew about this
you'd recognize it.
Cristina Jan 2014
it's been seven years
the time pass so fast
a lifetime together
and I feel it's not enough
it's a dream to be married
and be called your wife.
this year you will be mine and I will be yours
memories are gifted
and they bring joy
together we'll be stronger, we'll conquer the world.
the sky's the limit
you say it yourself.
Cristina Feb 2018
wandered far into the dreams
while you were in front of me,
chests which touch when breathing deep
and counting down seconds until the kiss.
Cristina Jan 2015
they watch every day that she's smiling less
they witness once a week that she's leaving first,
they wonder if she's ok or so
but no one has the nerve
to slow down the step
and ask
*are you okay?
Cristina Feb 2015
Where no one would want to be
I am not alone.
Among others like me
sharing a deep secret
believing that no one can know,
they clearly see.

we recognize a pitched laugh,
a too small smile,
or doomed words like
how is she now?
and all the answers we can provide
we can verbalize only one:
we want a medicine for
our silent screams.
Cristina Mar 2016
it's a story half told if I let out pain
and play with kind words
only to not relive
a bit of disappoint.

it's a story half told
every time words walk
and halt only to one ear,
what happens to them
is another story half told
for people who ask for more
and receive more then they can hold.
Cristina Oct 2014
I tend to forget that I have you
for a set period of time
not very often I remember to cherish our love
to protect our promises
to enjoy every kiss and hold
to extend our tenderness moments
because we both know
how it is to lose it all.
Cristina Jul 2014
Someone said to me
*The devil doesn't give free samples.
Cristina Nov 2014
I like seeing kilometers left behind
And smile at rear-view mirror from the left side,
pressing the gas pedal a little harder
to see in the dash board how my car is running faster.

Looking further on my left,
I see cars flying in opposite direction from me,
and it strikes me right away,
next year I'll be on that side of the highway.
Cristina Nov 2014
there are some fears that I go to sleep at night
and one is crossing now my mind,
one of these days
I will wake up.
Cristina Mar 2015
I walk down the street and I see you,
my heart skips a few beats,
maybe I look like a fool
we friendly greet
each other and I reflect
the same wide smile
you proudly wear
that can't be
I cross by you.
Cristina Dec 2014
it's amazing to feel a sense of shy belonging
for souls that I only know from what I've been reading,
some words about how they think  and feel,
their letters of meaning, black on HP blog.
sometimes I ask myself if there's a truth in what they write,
if there's a real pain or joy inside
or it's just a mind thing that comes and goes
from their huge empathy and loving soul.

because reader,
if beauty is not enough in life to be,
the writers will die trying to make you see,
do not worry for wasting time,
another poet will be alive
to show anyone what is worth living for,
you just be an open soul.
Cristina Mar 2017
He lacks fear and he dares to love me.
Cristina Oct 2017
I'm thinking of letting you go
somewhere you can be
free of my torch
that burns your ego
when you're drunk .

I'm thinking of letting you go
in the middle of the night
with too much alcohol
where you can be alone.

I'm thinking of letting you go
because you left me awhile a go.
wrote this piece a while back. though, still hurts.
Cristina Jan 2015
some things we learn from parents and siblings
other we develop ourselves during life exploration,
that's how I've come to know that
smart people know the difference between
kind and naive,
stupid people think that those two are one and the same.
but today I said it aloud
and they didn't understand.
Cristina Mar 2016
half the time I listen to birds
twittering about life mystery from all around
they call for help, birds are quick on coming
from tree and trees to join the convent.
birds tweet and tweet,
is there a contest?
oh! let's be honest
birds are just chatting.
Cristina Oct 2018
aren't we all afraid of suffering?
just the verity that we cannot sleep
from the throbbing thoughts
is maintaining us awake a bit more.
and there's the symphony of insomnia.
Cristina Apr 2014
I need to feel loved
because I'm falling apart
million of pieces of other
broken parts
of what was once a *heart.
Cristina Nov 2018
I break the days
in parts of beauty and happiness
sadness and pain,
longing for the dusk to settle
and rising my weeping eyes
to see those around me
as heartbreaking as I am.
Cristina Sep 2014
we make a trade in life
in every second of our journey on earth
to buy the things we think we need
just to witness them slowly fade.
we are somehow forced to keep the trading action in control
for no other reason, but feeling sorrow on our own,
we trade health with money
youth for old age
pain for tears
a fake smile for pride
a good candy for childhood memories
and the work we do now for what we might have someday.
Cristina Dec 2017
I'm holding my head down
as passing near the cemetery
mirroring the motion
of those who I pass by.
there's no confusion
nor a deep illusion
of what we should do
with our life now.
Cristina Jul 2015
Come back to me
Find me if you can
I am not lost, I wrote on an envelope
Because there was no paper and no screen to touch.

Come back to me
Find me if you can
I am here, I wrote on the sand
Before the high tide come.

Come back to me
Find me if you can
I’m over the age of young and feel that soon I’ll be gone.

Come back to me
Find me if you can*
I whispered to a leaf
Hoping that the birds will hear.
Come back to me - stick in mind since I've heard them.
Cristina Jan 2015
when I'm nothing
you are my all
and we are everything.
wishes to have?
Cristina Mar 2014
to fight for a thing called love.
however, isn't meaningless, it makes you stronger
kind of a true fact
maybe we stop  because of disconnection
everybody is whispering
because they don't have the courage to say it loud
maybe is weird, but some people do believe in it
it's like magic
power of positive thinking.

I must do something
to believe and fight for it.
I can't stay in hide shadows.
in these last days
I must be honest to declare
I love you
is not hard to say it, but I forgot to tell it
think of it
pride is a heavy burden
anyway you will not remember.
I  must see your eyes
to tell you in the face
I love you

(read from the bottom to top)
my inspiration came from this amazing poem
Cristina May 2014
life is a climb and a descend
but you knew that since you've realized
how is to miss the taste of a candy
in your little mouth
or a mother / father full, normal hug.

we not choose what to get, we just receive,
and leave, move on
not complain. eventually, for what to do that?
we are all in the same position
**** situation.
war in Ukraine, war in Syria.
I'm gonna tell God everything
and my heart is broken
several times,
because, ****,
I can't forget the face of a dying child.

and oh, we must accept this
and if we don't? then what?
everything is a *****
hold on to me
why are you saying that to me?
I can't live like a princess
knowing that my siblings are dying so easily.
an attempt at slam poetry
Cristina May 2014
let's walk straight to one another
and stop to admire our tender smiles
who cannot fairly describe our happy faces
and wonder eyes.
let's not get into thinking
to see people are watching live
our first meeting in the center of the town.
let's unite our shaking hands
and experience our first touch
why am I thinking this is so intimate.?
one step forward, you want me close
one step forward, I want you closer.
let's enjoy the joy and the feeling of first class love.
let's move our bodies until we become the perfect one.
let's not rush the first kiss. let's breath the same air
with bonded foreheads and closed eyes
until we stop the slowly shaking
and move slowly back and forth, left and right
so we create our distinct ride.
a ride of dance of love and joy,
a ride of dance of beliefs and dreams
a ride of dance of truth sincere
so let's dance until we'll have a place to be
happy old in love evergreen.
Cristina Jan 2018
escaping death! is this for real?
can he or she be so willing
to pause or forget a moment
or to make a trade with us
because, in any moment of the day
we are important
we are humans!
the only souls that matter for he or she,
which gazes us in the eyes and bones
and smiles or screams when obtaining our souls.
oh dear death, you play my life like an artist!
Cristina Jan 2016
a new year will come
let's hope for more
passion and compassion
kindness and sweet thoughts,
no more idle nor stubbornness,
just unsuspected powers
to uplift joys that create
a great
Cristina Feb 2017
They counted twenty eight
My soul says it’s too much
They speak or cry or shout
Words that I can not dissolve.

I’ve made my peace last week
So proud of myself!
Soon I will be gone
Soon I will die.

My last year with tears
My last months with pain
My last weeks together
My last breaths with soul.

I told her with care
I wrote her forever letters
She read them so fast
While displaying a beautiful smile.

You are not dying
You are so brave…

It doesn’t matter Cris
I died. It happened a long time ago.
My childhood friend D. is going through a hard time, as you all see.
Cristina Mar 2015
The time has passed
and I discovered that
I look at you in a way that you'll never look back
And I understand as well your desire
To meet someone new and fall in love.
Cristina Nov 2018
piece by piece
you break her
and she becomes
Cristina Oct 2017
upon a time we could have said
whatever, whenever,
and words like
ne me quitte pas
were used only in the bedroom.
Cristina Feb 2014
I heard: "When one door closes another opens".
But if the hinge is rusted or stuck?
How long to wait for the door to open?

It's about those decisions that matter in life
(not that all would not matter).
you face them every time when
your principles, culture and values
are put in balance.

To evolve and to develop your own personality
while life puts you always in tough situations
is admirable!
So you wake up with a social entity, professional and spiritual enviable.

Once there, you (re)smart yourself
before a new beginning.
now... the door is open.
Cristina Nov 2017
it's been a decade
since the first steps you took
and the most important words
like 'mama' and 'papa'
were the first you said
with your baby voice
melting hearts
of everyone along the way.

it's been half decade
since you figured out
that the most important job
is making your parents proud.

eleven! oh magic number
with 132 months of full laughter,
I wish for you to have
many memories
filled with joyful moments
among your best friends
and your lovely family!

Happy birthday Jan!
sweet eleven years :)
Cristina Jul 2014
I saw the wonderful sunset at horizon sky
colorful and slowly faded under my eyes.
and I thought about sleep, night, finished day
and even death that comes in our way.
Cristina Feb 2015
like all others,
will see me like others do.
Cristina Feb 2017
I so deeply desire
The change to happen now,
To build up a fence
For me to carve in hidden,
Of the world my big surprise
Eyes no more shallow
Eyes that look like mine.

I crave so hard of something
That the pain is my friend
Another thing I desire
For salty water to pause a sec
Shall I scream or run as fast?
There is no point
Salty water flows so much.
Cristina Feb 2014
he speaks a language I don't know.
words I can not distinguish.
what is to guess?
if I might be... maybe he wanders
in love with you?
I say out loud
words are said, so I continue
every day, I try to speak.
I didn't have time,
he cut me off the line
with an unexpected kiss.
Cristina Mar 2014
The adventure of our lives begins after
the first moment of life outside the womb.
Fear that viscous coating can not protect yourself
makes you anticipate what will happen.
Moments pass and you don't feel sheltered anymore,
and an unknown amount of energy accumulates
in your little body and the environment is filled
with your first sound
measured in decibels.

now the world knows about you.
Cristina Jul 2017
hello my friend
with deep blue eyes!
today we meet
in the land of real dreams
that the grown ups
call it simple

A day will come
for every scene
for you to learn
names and things.
fear not, my friend
if tears will come
some of them
important are.
you shall not be scared
if monsters are real
because your dad
will banish them.
you shall not cry
if rain will come,
in your mother's arms
shelter you'll find.
do not hurry to grow old
nor pass the toys
in those long days
because my friend,
grown ups miss in secret
to play with toys.

I wish for you
oh! so many wishes
I'll tell you all
in our next meeting!
For Elena
5 months baby
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