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 May 2019
Sarita Aditya Verma
There is nothing
That everything can’t be found from
Nothing to you, could be the world to someone
Nothing and Something maybe they are related
Maybe in turn to everything
Nothing is not alone in the world
Even the dictionary has something to say about nothing :)
 May 2019
Keith Wilson
Its a cold dark May morning
Much cooler today
are quickly
with the overnight rain
Pink petals blown into drifts
Bluebells are in their prime
 May 2019
The cat would like to make it known
That the conditions in her drop zone
Have not been sufficiently attended
As such, her visits are now suspended

Of course, she didn’t say it with a note
Feline communication can be cutthroat
No texts, no gestures, no logical clues
She left a warm “present” in vacant shoes

A warning, a show of superb restraint,
If things don’t improve post-this complaint
If her privy is not lavishly filled
The cat will show she’s not just one-skilled

Her range is amazing, very precise
She doesn’t go big, when small will suffice
She hopes that her message is well received
And improvements are directly achieved

in the wild, drumming rain
blossoms sink, confetti pinks,
riotous whites, collapse
in spring’s paper mache pools.


on a hot tin roof
the rain plays her wind
guitars and percussion
while the sea recharges
her engines with the
thunder of the waves.


the sound of the rain, chiming,
a crazy singer on the forlorn
lawn, stretching like an
accordion, wild in her
wilderness,  crashing
like the waves
drawing me closer to you.


you kiss me and
my heart skips a beat,
flutters with excitement.

i long for summer with her
gold sun, warm, rushing
streams and bottle-blue sea...
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