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 Jul 2023
Please don’t fall back to sleep,
I pray the gods this road to keep.
I travel on through a life of snow,
the heavens shines the moon aglow.
There beneath my weary aging feet
the crush of snow two foot deep.
A racing breath of frozen air
it’s so good to be
alive out here!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
 Jul 2023
the demon asks what i need hands for. voice like mildew on lost books. i don’t know how to answer. prayer, i say. begging. combing my hair. nothing important, the demon says. i don’t agree. i can’t let them go
 Jun 2023
Chelsea Rae
I tried to love you with everything I had.
My love stirred up the darkness,
Shined a light and
Woke up your demons..
They didn't want love from me..
And one day I realized
Its because they wanted love
From you.
 Jun 2023
the demon finds my bed in the city of dreams. i am overcome by a tragic sort of thunder. when kissed, i turn to water in the demon's mouth. when woken, i turn to water in my own. this isn't sadness
 Apr 2023
Chelsea Rae
And if the depths of my painful screams could echo loudly enough, booming like sonic waves throughout the universe,
they'd ripple out and shred tears in the dimension to bring forth a timeline where
I never lost you to begin with.
I wish I could take it all back
 Apr 2023
To us as gifts were
given 12 metal keys
the rustiest
is forgiveness
it's grace got blessed
by the giver of life.
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