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 Nov 22
Carlo C Gomez
I see you looking back at me,
but I have no memory of you,
no name or event to link us
as kindred soul.

There's a sun playing
expressionless games
about to fall from the shelf,
my feet may burn, but never my heart.

My mirror is a broken window,
the broken window, a city,
and a man and woman
are crossing into it,
—crossing my mind,
fused together.

Their laughter like
claps of thunder,
bursting forth in a sky
devoid of any signs of me...
 Nov 17
Chelsea Rae
I have a wishbone

Where my backbone should be

And I bend over backwards

Trying to manifest my dreams.

I don't know how I developed such a spineless way

Of walking through this life,

But I know I need to get a grip,

and charge forth towards the sky.
Take the risk.
 Nov 8
lust in a mech suit. i know a wet
dream when i see it
killing monsters in a recurring sea.
i am one of the monsters, but we
move to a neon city
with narrow streets
and love each other until the day ends.
when i wake it hurts.
 Nov 5
Chelsea Rae
I will rip out every key to every door you think or ever thought that you had access to.

I will go down the line.

Slowly turning each lock,
As I whisper under breath,

 Oct 1
Coal fire dire
the neanderthal evolve
carbon aDmIsSiOnS
realize Ozone depletions
the rat's race for outer space.
There is a light of a different kind
In darkness, lit blue lights
A vision it takes to see
The visible through fleeting lights

Alone in groups they stay
Calm and conversant
Ever chanting, rhythmic voices low
Reverberant and slow

Breathless under the unrelenting sea
Through darkness one sees
The pathways in twilight
To Allay and alleviate
Woke to the crimson sky
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