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 Dec 2014
Bassam A
By noon... the sun was shining hot
putting out an additional flare

I started to take off my shirt
and sat on a wooden chair

You can feel the sun spike the earth
I was also running out of air

Being tired and quite exhausted
Like chasing after a hare

I stood and picked myself up
almost needed hospital care

Standing away waiting for her
for something to start the flare

I needed some kind of love message
or arms that do care

It takes sugar to be sweet
One look at her hair

I needed my sweet love now
or else I'm quite in despair

Each one has a favorite thing or two
a sweet thing about their pair

For me I like my love to be
where if I need her she is there!!

Otherwise what will happen to me
If I won't get my juice and pear

My heart will be in alert mode
till it runs on just thin air!

— The End —