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Chloe Zafonte Dec 2018
They say if you're poor, your lazy. Tell that to the elderly working minimum wage jobs, yeah I know ****'s crazy. Get a Master's degree just to end up working at starbucks, needing experience to work a low level job. We can all strive for success were all just getting robbed. When in need of a place, you need to make 3 times the rent, when we're only paid 11.50 or less and they wonder why millions are sleeping in tents. College professors are eligible for food stamps, while their CEO is eating up their salary. If I had to paint a picture more clear, it would be in an art gallery. Helping the poor is being put on a 4 year waiting list, government aid you can hardly live off of while the rest are just praying the Lord above. Having to apply to live in a shelter for limited time for people who carry less than a dime. I can say no more. A simple solution, we could only wish for. Now it's just a fight to the top, to make your living situation as solid as a rock.
Chloe Zafonte Sep 2018
It has been hard to let go you know. Brushing off everything like wind and snow. Even after all the drugs, and jail, thinking you'd come back to your old self. You slip my feet out from under the rug, and again you fail. Coming around trying to make me think you want to be a Dad, my bad! I thought wrong, you're a fake. On my own is where I belong, make up your mind for Christ sake! I'm Fred in a ****** Doo episode, uncovering your mask, you're an ******* all long. I was always there for you, never even had to ask, I gave you chances you didn't deserve, all you've ever done was kick us to the curb. I now say goodbye to you. Have fun in another city! I hope you regret your actions, that were nothing but ******.
Chloe Zafonte Aug 2018
I feel stupid for writing this, but I'll go ahead and take the risk. Airplanes that go by reminds me of when we watched them near the airport last July. Grocery shopping in the local store knowing that you won't hug me from behind anymore, sitting in the back of the cab on the way home, the sights we use to roam. The stuffed dragon that sits on my shelf, God I need some help! As well as the early morning sky when the moon shined, because you'd always pick me up at that at time. Most importantly a little baby boy who shares your face and has a loud voice, but what would you know? You've made your own choice. Above all I wish I could get you off my mind if you would be so kind.
Chloe Zafonte Jul 2018
I took a walk today with the baby at a historical site. I stopped at the eatery and pictured you right across from me. I started to wonder if you would like it here and the food I ordered. Usually every day I think "haha your *** is in jail" but today I realized that it's been pretty lonely without you. We used to travel together all time and see places and you probably don't even acknowledge what you left behind.
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2018
I see that peas are green, dead possums too. They're deceased just like me and you. And I think to myself, what a ****** up world.

I tie my own shoes, my mom is white. I heard you got locked up, I found out last night. And I think to myself what a ****** up world.

You know you're really dumb though, all you ever do is lie. You're oh so embarrassing that I just wanna cry, I just shake me head asking what the hell did you do? I'm really just saying I'm tired of you.

I hear our baby cry, he's really grown. He never takes naps, just letting you know. And I think to myself, what a ****** up world, yes I think to myself what a ****** up world.
This is my version of What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. And just spreading the news, my baby daddy is in jail.
  Jun 2018 Chloe Zafonte
I loved you like a summer day.

You were all the shades of blue,
The blue was in your eyes,
And more than the sky-
I loved you.

Your touch was a cotton cloud
Soft and light:
Floating around near the Sun.
But even the Sun became blind
When your lips parted
To show a smile.

Your words were like a breeze
Blowing through my hair
On a hot, summer day.
I felt them on my skin
And I felt you -
In my heart.

Your voice was a symphony -
A million raindrops
Falling from branch to branch
After a storm.
Just like the rain does to the Earth-
You gave life to me,
And more than the rain-
I loved you.

I felt the heat of July
When your hand touched mine.
I felt the warm, golden sand
Beneath my feet
When I saw the endless ocean in your eyes.
Your eyes were an ocean.
And more than the ocean-
I loved you.

It was always summer
When I was with you,
You were an infinite day
Of rosy sunsets.
You were my beautiful summer day.
But even more than summer,
I love you.
Dedicated to nobody specific. I was just inspired by the feeling of being in love and summer <3
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2018
I'm angry at the fact that I go downstairs every morning to be nagged at as if I'm the lousy husband. I'm angry at the fact that he left us here to do drugs while I sit up in my room and cry as I hold our beautiful son in my arms. I'm angry at everyone for not understanding the fears I have every day of my life. I'm angry at myself for having nowhere else to go, most importantly, I'm angry for letting my emotions take over.
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