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“There's trouble in magic, she shan't be trusted;
Yet faith in the Creator shall always set you free”
Such words forever flowing within her conscious mind
As her subconscious yields dreams of catastrophic calamity

“Why is this battle of good versus evil
Forever encompassing all that is within?”
She stands in the gray, honoring the Creator of the cosmos
While still acknowledging the existence of dark and dangers of sin

Following the Light, centering her life
Loving all she has been given in nature
Aware of the dangers lurking on the dark side
Finding balance within, her spirit seeks pleasure

When she was young, her parents once said
"Man cannot have the best of both worlds"
They told her to choose between darkness and light
Yet under their roof she would abide by their rules

Raised as a Christian, learning of love
Turning from all evil ways
Little did they know, as she grew old
She would live to see a darker of days

Dabbling in magic, once innocent and pure
Fighting demons, anger, black spirits and rage
A little girl raised in good and in light
Now learning of fears; her shadows dark haze

Where once there was light, the shadow overcame
A paranormal understanding of mysterious ways
Remembering the words that once were spoken
She began to fight through her darkest of days

Rather than choosing good versus evil
She would settle for an alternate approach
Accepting the shadow's urge to learn from herself
She would find balance between the two realms

Here she stands now, full of yin and of yang,
Infinitely balancing the heart with the mind
With spirit and soul hand-in-hand, all-in-one
Where the two worlds now meet
*Yields Infinite Divine
The most accurate depiction of my own soul's journey

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.

— The End —