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6d · 23
By: Cedric McClester

You mentioned the weapons
And  money we gave ‘em
Now that they’ve been abandoned
Who’s gonna save them?
After the Turks come in
To invade them
They’ve been loyal to us
But look how you paid them

You made your decision
Base on a  whim
After the phone conversation
That you had with him
Now the prognosis for the Kurds
Is looking grim
After they’ve sacrificed
Life and limb

Are we to make
The usual inference?
Your decision was based
On business interests
You own two Turkish towers
I guess it makes sense
Regardless of the fact
That it’s at other's expense

Promises made and
Promises kept
Never mind the few allies
That we still have left
Clearly that move
Wasn’t very deft
You're flexing your muscles
But you haven't much heft

          Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
They must have misspoke
To say it’s a joke
Or did they take a ****
Of some strong smoke?
They’re giving him cover
Like he was their brother
But they’ll soon discover
What they can’t recover

Once they’re in  ruins
Like the Boston Bruins
Based on their congruence
Or undue influence
They’re under his spell
So the lies that they tell
They try their best to sell
May they all rot in hell

They’ve sold their souls
Just to reach their goals
While assuming their roles
They’re climbing greased poles
So they’re going down
Like a circus clown
In a dirt mound
On a playground

They must have misspoke
To say it’s a joke
As if we’re not woke
Once the trust is broke
But their loyalty
Is misplaced as we see
So if you’re asking me
They had best let him be

         Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Some prefer to make
For his verbal and physical
Against the people he
To those he thinks of as totally

Some prefer to look the
Other way
Whether black or white or
Even grey
While letting him have
His say
Because tomorrow is
Another day

Some prefer to be his
And in so doing perform
A dance
That’s as delicate as
A legion of ants
Once inside of somebody’s

Some prefer to pretend
Not to see
What is plain as day to you
And me
They just want to claim
So they can act as if they’re
Blame free

              Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Forgive me,
For this interruption
But late breaking news
Suggests that  corruption
Is the main thing
That he’s concerned about
Not just his opponent
In case you’re in doubt

So he,
Reached out to Ukraine
Not to coerce
But instead to explain
If they would oblige him
And investigate
They’d get those weapons
And not have to wait

Of course
He said there was
No quid-pro-quo
But he lies a lot
As we all know
It was a clear case
Of *** for tat
In other words this for that

See high crimes
And misdemeanor
Is all that’s required
It couldn’t be cleaner
When making a case
For impeaching a president
And Congress knows exacly
What the framers meant

                  Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Aw, he’s just being him!
He’s a creature of whim
But the diagnosis is grim
So he’ll either sink or swim
In a swamp of his own making
With the laws that he’s breaking
Don’t ask me what’s shaking
Just because I’m muckraking

Aw, he’s just being him!
If he’s chasing some trim
Exchanging letters with  Kim
Or, avoiding a gym
But he must be insane
Holding back from Ukraine
To cause an opponent pain
In a political vain

Aw, he’s just being him!
And this is just the prelim
Though impeachment is no  pseudonym
For convicting him
But it’s a show and prove
When you want to remove
Xcretement from your shoe
It’s what we have to do

Aw, he’s just being him!
So the fault must be with them
Cause they’re worse than phlegm
So we must condemn
What they do or say
In a negative way
Then pretend it’s okay
Both night and day

                Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 29 · 19
You can hitch
Your wagon to his star
And you’ll go down
Like William Barr
We don’t know
Who you are
Lindsey Graham
Or Billy Mahr

Recite talking points
Like Debin Nunez
Swim down a canal
Let’s say the Suez
You’re in a triangle
Ya heard? Burmudez
So all your efforts
Will be fruitless

Strange that
He still has apologist
Lining up all over
Right in our midst
Denying what must
Be called obvious
Makes me stop to wonder
Are they hobbyist?

You have to ask yourself
Are they blind?
Or have they gone
And lost their minds?
Defending such a
Blatant traitor
Someone who’s
A dyed in the wool hater

         Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.




You can hitch
Your wagon to his star
And you’ll go down
Like William Barr
We don’t know
Who you are
Lindsey Graham
Or Billy Mahr

Recite talking points
Like Debin Nunez
Swim down a canal
Let’s say the Suez
You’re in a triangle
Ya heard? Burmudez
So all your efforts
Will be fruitless

Strange that
He still has apologist
Lining up all over
Right in our midst
Denying what must
Be called obvious
Makes me stop to wonder
Are they hobbyist?

You have to ask yourself
Are they blind?
Or have they gone
And lost their minds?
Defending such a
Blatant traitor
Someone who’s
A dyed in the wool hater

                                               Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 29 · 39
By: Cedric McClester

It’s the same old strategy
Ain’t nothing changed
Because it’s from reality
That he’s become estranged
So he pillories Hillary
And lies about Biden
While it’s from the truth
He seems to be hiding

The facts of the matter
Are there for all to see
Though some of us wish
They didn’t have to be
His megalomania
Might be the key
To why he’s perverse
And he’s now up a tree

Unfortunately that is
Not all there is
The problems that exist
Are primarily his
And it’s enough to make you
Say gee ****
You see there’s no soda
Only the fizz

Forget about the country
It’s all about him
And he operates
On a mere whim
He has no problem
Throwing others under the bus
See it isn’t in God
That he places his trust

               Cedric McClester, Copyright ©  2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Now we’ve come to learn
That he was unconcerned
About Russian interference
From all outward appearance
It was lacking in coherence
Which begs for our forbearance
‘Cuz he gave them permission
To continue with their mission

Now we’ve come to learn
In hell he’ll probably burn
Because he can’t discern
What he will never learn
See he’s so self absorbed
Now he pulled the ripcord
And he should ask the Lord
To have his soul restored

Now we have come to learn
His behavior is of concern
He’’s giving us heartburn
But the world continues to turn
And he says “Your **** tootin’”
That he’a in bed with Putin
Like a cold war means no shooting
We’re not free of his gluten

Now we’ve come to learn
One gets the karma one earns
So now he has his turn
It’s a bittersweet sauterne
Let’s examine it chapter and verse
Now that bad has turned to worst
And we’re asking what crime came first
Now that the dam’s about to burst  

                  Cedric McClester, copyright © 019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

The impeachment of this president
Is what is known as karma
Because the American public
Finally grew tired of all his drama
They long for the bygone yesteryear
When things were much more calmer
Although when he wants to
He can readily be a charmer

The impeachment of this president
Is clearly what is called for
Because we the Amerocan public
Can hardly take much more
And there are people like me
Who have taken into account
The volume of the accusations
Right down to the full amount

The impeachment of this president
Is a very serious matter
Even if you choose to put aside
All of the chitter chatter
But it seems that’s what’s called for
Under these circumstances
And the Whistleblower’s allegations
Only serves to advance this

The impeachment of this president
Falls within the Constitution
Unlike climate change
Or the attendant air pollution
He can’t throw a rock
Then try to hide his hand
Now he must take stock
‘Cuz everyone is not a fan

                 Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Now that the tea’s been spilt
It’s conscientiousness of guilt
Like a game machine you tilt
His image can’t be rebuilt
Although his many apologists
Will no doubt still insist
While balling up their fists
Simply, he must resist

Now that the tea’s been spilt
We see a patchwork quilt
The knife’s in to the hilt
In time we’ll watch him wilt
By now we all should know
The rules of quid-pro-quo
His nose is bound to grow
Remember who told you so

Now that the tea’s been spilt
We see him walking on a stilt
So we know what’s under his kilt
And he isn’t that well built
So let me take time to expand
By asking what manner of man?
He’s used to having the upper hand
But they’ll impeach him on demand

Now that the tea’s been spilt
And everything’s atilt
His voice has a weary lilt
Who else must he try to jilt?
All his sycophants
Must be peeing in their pants
As he carries on and rants
They may not get a second chance

           Cedric McClester, copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

No Need to worry
Selfish people say
It won’t affect us
At least not today
What about those
Destined to follow?
What will we leave ‘em
For their tomorrow?

Let me pull your sleeve
The planet that we leave
Will make them rejoice
Or cause ‘em to grieve
Is it hard to conceive
The tangled web we weave
Which we can’t retrieve
It's the air they breathe

The ozone layer
Has been compromised
Sadly that affects
All of our lives
We’re running out of time
And it’s clear to see
It’s up to us to find
Some kind of remedy

Our oceans are warming
At an alarming rate
If we don’t do something
Before it’s too late
Then our planet’s doomed
To a predictable fate
What I’m trying to say
Is that we can’t wait!

         Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  Al rights reserved.
Sep 24 · 35
By: Cedric McClester

There’s no denying
That you are still lying
While the planet is frying
And people are dying
But nobody’s buying
That you’re complying
With the underlying
Reason they’re crying

You’d rather ignore
What they’re marching for
Than to explore
Why we should do more
To develop a rapport
The esprit de corps
Which you might abhor
'Cuz you like rancor

Their future’s at stake
Which they cannot take
‘Cuz they’re wide awake
And for heaven’s sake
The dam’s gonna break
And that’s not opaque
It’s clear to betake
It’ll be what we make

Need I remind?
We’re running out of time
And that should ring anyone’s chime
If you’ve observed the changing clime
Speaking directly unlike a mime
You know it’s not a victimless crime
If you hadn’t crossed the line
It wouldn’t be necessary to drop a dime

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 24 · 23
By: Cedric McClester

It was a phone call
That’s all it was
Until he did
What he frequently does
Now it’s front page news
It’s the latest buzz
If it was you or I
They’d call the fuzz

Some call it treason
That’s too high a bar
Given the reason
Why we’re where we are
Call it collusion
Which itself is bizarre
But we can’t forget
He’s a reality star

The whistleblower
Felt compelled to tell
What he overheard
That rang a bell
Like a five alarm
Which he couldn’t quell
Or a garbage heap
With an awful smell

He confessed to us
In broad daylight
But that salient fact
Didn’t make it right
A crime’s a crime
Even in plain sight
So if you ask me
He isn’t very bright

         Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 24 · 31
By: Cedric McClester

All it tends to do
Is make me grimace
When people operate off
Of the false premus
That the color of their skin
Make them supremacists
Cuz I take on the role
Of polemicist

Hate’s in vogue
Once again
Some people wonder
Did it ever end?
Others take comfort
If they pretend
That we’re postracial now
So let’s begin

Some people like to
Fan the racial flames
I don’t think it’s necessary
For me to name the names
Anyway you slice it
They’re playing dangerous games
By insisting on making all kinds
Of outrageous claims

We’re all equal
In the sight of God
To pretend differently
Is called fraud
If that describes you
Then your thinking's flawed
See we all have value
And we should be awed

             Cedric McClester,Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.
Sep 23 · 21
By: Cedric McClester

They’re nowhere to be found
On this new example of collusion
Which naturally brings us to
A very sad conclusion
Republicans must be under
The false illusion
That the reign of Donal Trump
Isn’t a major intrusion

Ask them what they think
About what’s going on
They’ll offer you a drink
And say you’re clearly wrong
Then talk about the former VP
All day long
Even though the evidence
Against their man is strong

All they care about
Is keeping their seat
And so his indiscretions
Will just repeat
As the Constitution goes down
In defeat
You’ll get talking points from most
Republicans that you meet

They don’t give
A tinker’s ****
About the people
Or this nation
To them Uncle Sam
Remains on permanent vacation
We the people just had ought to
Man our battle stations

             Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 22 · 35
Because By: Cedric McClester

Like stink on ****
Or a baby on a ***
What I also get
Is he refuses to quit
Because he won’t admit
That he’s not fit
Not one bit
Until his *** gets lit

Like stink on ****
Or a baby on a ***
Butter on a biscuit
A cut of beef as in brisket  
We know that he’ll risk it
By relying on his wit
But that will not acquit
Him from the time he’s  gonna get

Like stink on ****
Or a baby on a ***
The accent on a Brit
What you see is what you get
It’s a comedy skit
The swamp and the pit
Unfortunately both fit
See he ain’t worth spit

Like stink on ****
Or a baby on a ***
A joint that’s lit
He’s as high as it gets
But he has tweet fits
And a thing for glitz
See he’s gonna get blitzed
Because of his trysts

            Cedric McCletef, copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 22 · 24
By: Cedric McClester

Inquiring minds want to know
How far will this president go?
When will he end this **** show
And how much is enough dough?
I think I know where we’re heading
The Bible calls it Armageddon
Which clearly he must be forgetting
Like a second term on which he’s betting

He puts his self-interests first
And it’s totally unrehearsed
It’s as if our country is cursed
Now it’s gone from bad to worse
Hope he gets the maximum time
For his assortments of crimes
History’s full of paradigms
Of recent and ancient times

He’s an imperial president
But a temporary White House resident
Who’s broken all sorts of precedence
And he lies with a certain resonance
So far he’s been unscathed
While riding the top of the wave
Over the wall that he wants to engrave
He’s forgotten only Jesus saves

He’s in the news everyday
I wish that he’d just go away
‘Cuz no matter what he has to say
He’s gonna lie anyway
Some men have ***** envy
And he’s in a comparison frenzy
Like that famous dog Mackenzie
Who travels around in a Benzi

                   Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 18 · 35
By: Cedric McClester

Pompeo called it.
“An act of war.”
But against who?
And what is the score?
Would I be wrong?
To add on, what’s more,
We don’t have a treaty
With the Saudi’s I’m sure

I’m wondering why
It’s of his concern
When it’s Saudi oil
So hell, let it burn
What’s it gonna take
For us to learn
Their karma dictates
That it’s now their turn

Houthis are people
Which the Saudis fail to see
So they visit them
With wholesale misery
It’s genocide
And the whole world can see
When they just had ought to
Let Yemen be

We had a deal with Iran
But Trump opted out
Signed by Obama,
What’s that all about?
Yes it could have been longer
Without a doubt
But it was better than nothing
Now they’re acting out

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 18 · 33
By: Cedric McClester

I know that it’s tough
‘Cuz they give you guff
Growing up is rough
But you are enough
Believe when I say
It will be okay
You’ll look back one day
When you’ve made headway

So let them spoof
Don’t be aloof
You’ll discover the truth
That you are the proof
And so pay heed
Oh yes indeed
One day you’ll succeed
You’re all that you need

I thought that you knew
Despite what they do
Or put you through
It’s all up to you
You are the actor
The determining factor
Instead of the reactor
Be the compactor

Let ‘em say their stuff
Don’t be a cream puff
Or stay handcuffed
You are enough
So take it from me
One day you’ll see
That your destiny
Will set you free

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 18 · 58
By: Cedric McClester

Iran hit the Saudis,
Or so they say,
What’s that got to do with us
Why should we be the ones
To make ‘em pay?
When Saudiis care less
About the Houthis they slay

The war in Yemen
Isn’t justified
Countless civilians
Have already died
So why did we take
The Saudi’s side?
And how come proportionality
Hasn’t been applied

The Saudis pay cash,
Or so, the President said,
While in their Turkish embassy
The reporter laid dead
The Prince didn’t order it
From all I’ve read
So if not the Prince
Then who instead?

Since when do the Saudis
Tell us what to do?
See I don’t have the answer
Neither do you
Yet the President responds
To them, as if on cue
Leaving us with the question
Who the hell knew?

            Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 14 · 93
By: Cedic McClester

The President is
As a matter of fact,
He’s defiant
It’s his perceived power
Upon which he’s reliant
But he’s his own lawyer
Who has a fool for a client

The President is
Most egregious
But some people stil
Think he’s prestigious
Albeit though,
A tad litigious
He’s an organism
That is epigeous

The President is
When it comes
To stirring up racists
He’s anything other
Than gracious
Call him what he is

The President is
And doesn’t believe
In God we trust
As most
Other presidents must
See he’s only worthy
Of our disgust

            Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

A million candles burning
Trying to create light
Might not be enough
To brighten up this night
The darkness is consuming
Everything in sight
And though the Lord has mercy
On those who are contrite

They’re not apologetic
To say the very least
On the carcasses of others
Is where they choose to feast
Whether in South America
Or in the Middle East
It's not hard to see the sign
Of the savage beast

A million candles burning
Can’t illuminate
The xenophobic nature
Of this brand of hate
Nor does it deter
The many who relate
To exclusionary rhetoric
That fuels the debate

A million candles burning
Is quite a sight to see
When it lights the path
To where you want to be
All of us are born
Longing to be free
If we make the move
To change our destiny

Cedric McClester. Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 12 · 31
By: Cedric McClester

At twelve midnight they shut it down
There’s not one person to be found
Hangin’ ‘round on the street
Welcome to Dullsville it’s replete
With pretty homes and lawns so neat
And after dark you cannot meet
A single soul you didn’t know
There’s no one’s movin’ to or fro

There’s nuthin’ to do (nowhere to go)
Most folks pop in a video
And watch their latest DVD
Before goin’ to sleep ya see
By now I think you’ve figured out
It’s boring here without a doubt
Welcome to Dullsville come on in
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been

Here everything is so much calmer
There’s no confusion or the drama
Of sirens screamin’ in the night
Or drivers ignoring a light
And people talk instead of fight
To prove their point when they’re right
Welcome to Dullsville are we clear
If you’re rich you’re welcome here

Nuthin to run from or to fear
Welcome to Dullsville
Now that you're here
Listen to ‘em as they pitch
How it’s a haven for the rich
And all you havta do is ditch
Familiar urges and the itch
For fun and play night and day

        Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 11 · 33
By: Cedric McClester

If you only knew
What the LGBTQ
Community goes through
Because of me and you
Or who they choose to *****
Come on tell me true,
Do you have a clue
As  to what you should do?

Yet we choose not to budge
And are so quick to judge
Those whom we begrudge
For packing the fudge
On shaky ground we trudge
As we wallow in the sludge
Let me give you a nudge
This isn’t Mat Drudge

They speak of *** pride
And without being snide
We can’t abide
Though it can’t be denied
It’s for them to decide
What they choose not to hide
They took time to confide
And to open up wide

Who you gonna sue,
For being LGBTQ?
Someone out of the blue
Your niece or nephew
Sons or daughters too
For acts we eschew
Wrong church, right pew
Though no one asked you

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

You say you want diversity

At your elite university

But your thirst for tuition

Places you in an awkward position

Because when your recruiter makes a call

Wealth will usually trump it all

And most likely it’s exclusive

Or should I say, non-inclusive?

So admission tends to be

Limited to the same folks I always see

In the line ahead of me

And, you won’t let me in for free

So never mind Affirmative Action

Which has undergone some redactions

Because of the adverse reactions

Of those expressing their dissatisfactions

It’s not a matter of superior intellect

As some of you might suspect

It’s the turf that you seek to protect

Like the monuments you *****

Attempts to level the playing field

Lack the same kind of appeal

I’m just trying to keep it real

But, you already know the deal

Despite how it makes me feel

And it’s not like we’re not driven

How many years of free labor have we given

You’re surprised that we’re still living

Or, that the past is not forgiven

But after all is said and done

The sins of the father will visit the son

So if you happen to be the one

Are my chances still slim to none?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 10 · 34
By: Cedric McClester

That *****-*** *****
Has found his niche
And is getting rich
But here’s the glitch
The Emolument  Clause
Because, because
Of what he exhibits
That it prohibits

That *****-*** *****
Finds himself in a ditch
But he refuses to switch
Because his palms itch
I swear to you friends
It’s all about the Benjamin
And he’s on a binge
You could say he’s  unhinged

That *****-*** *****
And his erstwhile friend Mitch
Both sing off pitch
Until you can’t tell which
One places first
At being worst
They both ignore the needy
And favor the greedy

That *****-*** *****
Like a buttonhole stich
Is only there to enrich
Things he has pitched
Like his property
With unusual glee
Which we all can see
He does nothing for free

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 5 · 26
By: Cedric McClester

Our mayor’s running
For president
Though he’s
A Gracie Mansion resident
Guess he’s trying to set
A  precedent
Of a failing administrator
Who’s become hell-bent

On pursuing his ambition
You could say
He’s a man on a mission
But we’re the ones
Being played out of position
While he’s having fun
By his own admission
Hanging out a sign that reads, “gone fishing”

Being Mayor of New York City
Ain’t part time employment
Made for his convenience
Or for his enjoyment
Like a campaign stop
Requires redeployment
Being Mayor requires
Full-time employment

He’s running for president
Alll over the land
While homelessness at home
Is out of hand
We do our best
To try to understand
But he’s doing it
Just because he can

Cedric McClester,Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 5 · 81
By: Cedric McClester

Like that Batman character
He’s the Joker
But it’s clear to one and all
He’s no Al Roker
As a weatherman
He’s less than mediocre
And he’s no prognosticator
Of who'll get a soaker

He warned the folks
Who live in Alabama
That Hurricane Dorian
Would no doubt slam her
And he didn’t even
Say it with a stammer
Which caused meteorologista
Everywhere to clamor

The man’s lacking in curiosity
And doesn’t study
Reports that he should see
Like Marvin Gaye, all I can say
Is, “Mercy mercy me.”
He’s the leader of our nation
But, how could that be?
When he’s on vacation permanently

Lying is like
Breathing to him
See he prevaricates
On a mere whim
And the chances that he’ll change
Are none to slim
Because his prognosis has gone
From bad to grim

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Shakespeare might have called it,
“Passing strange!’
That some do not believe
In climate change
Even though we’ve
Become estranged
From the atmosphere
That has rearranged

Some are inclined to dismiss,
The Green New Deal
Because to them
It’s lacking in appeal
Simply put, they say
That it’s unreal
So they attack it
With a sense of zeal

We just passed through
The hottest July on record,
Don’t believe me?
Go ahead and check it
Then use your intellect
To dissect it
Then what are you gonna do
To correct it?

It’s getting hotter
Each and every year
What does it take,
For them to start to fear?
What has to happen.
To make it crystal clear?
That our end
Increasingly is near!

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 5 · 32
By: Cedric McClester

The rich are ensconced
In mansions and in suites
Lying underneath their
Silk and satin sheets
While poor people
Are sleeping on our streets
Across the nation
This sad scene repeats

Massive tax cuts for
The rich and greedy
Very little for
The poor and needy
Get the picture?
It’s projected in 3-D
And this is not
Another case of poor me

I don’t know
Maybe, you’re unaware
That those in dire need
Of medical care
Who just happen to be
From elsewhere
Have been given
One hell of a scare

They’ve been told
They have to get out quick
In spite of the fact
They’re deathly sick
Whoever gave that order
Is a ****
Or one who lacks empathy,
Take your pick

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By; Cedric McClester

There goes another missle
In the North Korean sky
Which he  dismisses summarily
But he hasn’t told us why
All we hear from him
Is how much he loves the guy
The fact he is being played
Is something that he’ll deny

He talks about the nice letters
That his lover writes
‘Cuz he knows how to bait the hook
And also what excites
A dotard like his lover
Whom he envisions in tights
While he luls him to sleep
On those restless nights

South Korea and Japan
Understandably have concern
Because they know that the doltard
Is the type that will not learn
His hand is on a hot stove
But they'll probably get  burned
Once his lover reveals himself
And the table has finally turned

He hasn’t gone ballistic
As far as the doltard knows
But that’s not necessarily
What our intelligence shows
But he regularly ignores them
So we’ll have to take the blow
Perhaps he could think more clearly
Without ******* up his nose

                      Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Sep 1 · 26
By: Cedric McClester

Yes, it's Cecil lying here
But is he really dead?
His outter shell is in repose
His soul light years ahead
Everyone must go one day
To the other side
And life for Cecil always was
A very bumpy ride

But he was only human
And he made a few mistakes
The lesson that we learn in life
Requires what it takes
Cecil learned his lesson well
And tried to make amends
Repenting to God above
For his many sins

So don't be quick to judge him
For none are qualified
And don't say if it weren't for this
he might not have died
But take comfort in knowing
As strange as it may seem
Sometimes it takes suffering,
For us to be redeemed

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 24 · 37
By: Cedric McClester

Do we really want
Four more years,
Of carnage and tears,
Of uncertainty and fears?
Or should we switch gears
And leave behind the smears
And those rally cheers
That just hurt our ears

He's the Chosen One
Some call him God's son
But what has he done
To prevent a gun
From killing someone
Yet he having fun
And still wants to run
Wish it was a pun

Words I won't mince
'Cuz he makes no sense
So I can't continence
And thus I say hence
I'd give half a pence
Or pay whatever the expense
To discover what's in the rinse
Behind his picket fence

Four more years
Just wouldn't be cool
Under his autocratic rule
I'd have to be your average fool
To vote for someone that vain and cruel
And I refuse to be used as a foot stool
Or swim inside his contaminated pool
When nothing about him makes me drool

CedricMcClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 22 · 40
The question is
Should I do it?
Though a voice in my head asks,
“Why put yourself through it?”
I can’t fight the feeling
That I already blew it
But something’s urging me
To say aw ***** it

I’ve been tempted
To give you a call
Because talking to you
Beats not talking at all
But I’m afraid of you
Making me feel small
I’ve gotten back up
But I’m about to fall

The fact of the matter
That can’t be denied
Is I don’t wanna do nothing
That will hurt my pride
So here’s the dilemma
That I must decide
Should I let my conscience,
Be my guide?

It’s like a Rubic Cube
Hard to figure out
So even though I’m tempted
I still have some doubt
Cuz’ it could be as painful
As a case of gout
Which makes me wanna holler
Makes me wanna shout

CedricMcClester, Copyright (c) 2019. All rights reserved.
Aug 15 · 38
By: Cedric McClester

Let's label him a hypocrite
See his forebears were poor as ****
That's what I.find so hard to get
Cuz' it's perverse you must admit
He only wants those not in need
To come to America to succeed
He's fully prepared to watch others bleed
Rather than to allow them to be freed

He's the acting czar of immigrants
Who Trump installed to not relent
He in fact, seems quite hellbent
To give them all a great big hint
We're not the nation that they thought
Or the myth they might have bought
They can cross our border
Just don't get caught

He climbed the ladder of success
And has achieved it nonetheless
As an acolyte if I had to guess
Or a sychophant at his very best
He came inside then closed the door
On others who also want more
It's clear he's rotten to the core
Is it necessary for me to say more?

He echoes Trump's callousness
Like a doppelganger, but nonetheless
I guess you could call him one hot mess
Because obviously it's no contest
He'll continue to give 'em hell
It's clear to me he doesn't mean them well
See he's not a man he's just a shell
And the whole wide-world can tell

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  Aii rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Four hundred years
Of blood. sweat, and  tears
And despite our fears
It often appears
Very strange
How little has changed
As if prearranged
We’re still estranged

As time has elapsed
Our hopes have collapsed
We’re caught in the traps
Set by others perhaps
But still we endure
As we did before
And desire more
That is for sure

Though the picture is bleak
We are not weak
We’ll continue to speak
About what we seek
Those inalienable rights
Despite our plights
Are still in our sights
They’re not just for whites

A salient fact is
We’re not going back
We have the knack
To get what we lack
So here’s my confession
Despite your aggression
Here is the lesson
We’ve been your blessing

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 14 · 28
By: Cedric McClester

They don’t want
The tired or poor
Seeking refuge
At our door
The ones we welcomed
Once before
Are not welcomed

White supremacy
Has to be advanced
So It’s not about
People’s circumstance
The reason they
Don’t want ‘em in
Is the color
Of their skin

Everything else is
Just an excuse
So folks will ask,
“Hey, what’s the use?”
Instead of being judged
By what they produce
Let’s call it what it is
Immigrant abuse

They’re changing our motto
And our creed
To ignore the ones
Most in need
Our soul will be damaged
If they succeed
And all of us
Would do well to pay heed

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 12 · 43
By: Cedric McClester

The President said
That he re-tweeted
A conspiracy theory
That has been repeated
In right wing media outlets
Of his own choice
So he continues to give
The ridiculous voice

The President hides
Behind the fact
He wasn't the originator
Which shows he lacks tact
To repeat what he knows
Will make someone act
In a dangerous fashion
Against brown or black

In a convoluted way
He might well figure
That it's perfectly alright
If' he doesn't pull the trigger
In fact he'll absolve himself
With a familiar kind of rigor
Which makes him look small
Instead of much bigger

Immigrants rounded up
In whole sale fashion
Is clearly designed
To produce a reaction
See, he's trying his best
To reduce the attraction
That America has
Down to a fraction

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

We're either a nation of cowards
Or a nation of fools
When our kids shelter in place
Inside of their schools
And our president breaks
All of the rules
And locks children in cages
Which proves that he's cruel

We're either a nation of cowards
Or a nation of fools
When criminals are pardoned
As part of the tools
That the president uses
To protect his footstools
Which he bandies about
Like they were precious jewels

We're either a nation of cowards
Or a nation of fools
Who proceed blindly
Like a wagon train of mules
Who are being driven
By an assortment of ghouls
Who push our buttons
And change our molecules

We're either a nation of cowards
Or a nation of fools
Who resist climate change
And biofuels
Those who mention them
He simply overrules
With little resistance
From those he ridicules

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 7 · 76
By: Cedric McClester

What’s the fuss?
I hear their guns bust
And they’re killin’ us
So where’s the trust
I can see the hate
But he doesn’t relate
Instead, he calculates
Then seals our fate

Is our level of self-hatred
So deep
That our petty animosities
Won’t keep
And we don’t stop to look
Before we leap
Until predictably our blood
Starts to seep

Is anybody  out there
Listenin’ to me?
It’s a strange kinda
That we so
Commonly see
And it doesn’t
Have to be

What’s wrong with us?
It’s hard to say
But it’s been documented
If tomorrow is to be
A brighter day
Then it’s up to us to lead the way

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 4 · 60
By: Cedric McClester

This is why they say,
“Ignorance is bliss”
In case you haven’t heard
Get a load of this,
The shooter in El Paso
Wanted Hispanics dissed
For invading Texas
But I don’t get his gist

Texas was stolen from Mexico
Way back in the day
So it is pure hubris
Now to hear him say
Hispanics are invading
They’re getting in the way
When it belonged to them
Just the other day

Those who don’t know history
Are just doomed to repeat it
When they develop hatred
That’s misguided and deep seated
And so we must confront it
Wherever and whenever we meet it
Until we understand this
How can we defeat it?

How does it develop,
In someone who’s so young?
Doesn’t it make you wonder
Where it’s coming from?
Is it being stirred up
By what Donald Trump has done?
He wants to stay in office,
But what a way to run!

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 4 · 64
By: Cedric McClester

Those who hate
Will no doubt relate
For massive harm
Make a bomb
In the kitchen of your mom
Before you explode it
Be sure to lock and load it
So you won't implode it

At your leader’s insistence
It’s leaderless resistance
Don’t ask for their assistance
Before your nonexistence
Just go out and do it
Put total strangers through it
The consequences, ***** it
Besides, you already knew it

Clearly be aware
Of the dog-whistles you hear
There’s no need for you to fear
So get your *** in gear
Without the least abatement
Go out and make your statement
Show the world what your hate meant
And be sure not to relent

So, if you find this instructive
Then the natural deductive
Is by nature you’re destructive
And you’re also nonproductive
When you show your cowardice
By engaging in this
You’re not only remiss
Your ignorance is bliss

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.   All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

We cannot deny, yo
Gun violence has gone viral
It’s happened in Ohio
And we’re left to ask why, yo
In less than 24 hours
There’s another need
For condolence and flowers
So, get out of your ivory towers

Upon closer inspection
This looks like insurrection
We’ve gone in the wrong direction
There’s a need for our protection
So, to hell with pundits musing
This isn’t that confusing
We can see that we’re abusing
The gun laws that we’re using

Tell me am I wrong
To ask, what is going on?
Another nine are gone
Friends and family are forlorn
Change the cities and the names
Seems the stories are the same
Aren’t we tired of these sick games?
Let’s change the lenses and the frames

If we don’t break, we better bend
It’s a challenge, but we can
Bring this madness to an end
Providing that’s what we intend
To end, our commitment to violence
Let the dog whistles be silenced
There’s a need for noncompliance
Show resistance and defiance

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

I know it sounds absurd
But he didn’t say a word
Before gun shots were heard
The thought never occurred
That it was race related
Though it might be debated
The fact is that he hated
And so, it must be stated

They say more, or less though
He had a manifesto
Found at his arrest, so
His motive’s bound to show
It’s more, or less a given
That it was hatred driven
That’s ******* with a ribbon
I don’t think he’ll be forgiven

We have a national disease
That should bring us to our knees
Shooters feel the need to squeeze
Their triggers, if you please
Their hatred is deep seated
So this scene if oft’ repeated
We must find a way to beat it
As we confront and meet it

We need to do more
If we want to find a cure
Let’s attack it at its core
To minimize its allure
So, believe me and trust
The answer rests with us
Not the ashes or the dust
That results when someone busts

Cedric McClesterf, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 4 · 45
By: Cedric McClester

It’s beyond belief
That the Hate Meister and Chief
Would dare express his grief
At a reoccurring motif
This time twenty people died
In El Paso, so you decide
Whether it was related, or tied
To the nation’s race divide

He lives to separate
The races by the hate
That his words percolate
And at any rate
He revels in discord
That we can ill afford
Waiting for the applaud
So, heaven help us Lord

Something must be done
To get hatred on the run
For the sake of everyone
Living under the sun
We needn’t fan the flames
As a certain person aims
By playing dangerous games
No need for naming names

He can’t throw rocks
And hide
With his complicity denied
He must ultimately, be tried
For the crimes that he’s inspired
By getting people wired
And then he must be fired
Not applauded or admired

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Aug 3 · 30
By: Cedric McClester

Never mind the usual,
Moment of silence
Are we gonna do sumthin’
About gun violence?
Or for that matter
Our reliance
On politicians who are in
NRA compliance

What will be said
Besides our sympathy
Goes out to the dead and injured
If we have empathy
But that sounds very empty
If you’re asking me
When concrete action
We fail to see

Can it be chalked up
To an aberration
Or a contagion
That infects our nation
For far too long we’ve
Had to be patient
As the President makes
Another meaningless statement

Insanity is doing the
Same thing again
And pretending not to know
How it will end
While thinking in good time
That you will mend
After the authorities
Attempt to apprehend

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

It will take more than
A lot of salve
To get rid of
The president that we have
For those like me
Who have done the math
It will probably require
A three-day bath

It will take more than
Than idle talk
To make this president
Take a walk
From his 30 percent
Voting bloc
Perhaps he needs
An impeachment shock

It will take more than
A tweeted zinger
Or his opposition
Pointing a finger
To take away the stench
Which will no doubt linger
Before he is placed
Inside the wringer

It will take more than
Just wishful thinking
To watch his viability
As it starts shrinking
Which isn’t the time
To begin blinking
Or prematurely
Start glass clinking

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Do we have problems?
That’s for sure!
But, I still love
The city of Baltimore!
From the Inner Harbor
To Cockeysville.
Did I neglect to
Mention Federal Hill?

We’re known as
“A city of neighborhoods”
Where WEB DuBois
Was first understood
And Edgar Allen Poe
Showed that he could
Write a scary novel
That was very good

We’re the same city
Trump chose to malign
But perhaps that’s because
We’re one of a kind
Or maybe that’s because
He lost his mind
It’s either one, or the other
You’ll surely find

We are the city
Faults and all
Where the Baltimore Orioles
Still play baseball
And thousands of immigrants
Heeded the call
When they came to America
Summer, winter or fall

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserve.
By: Cedric McClester

You don’t really believe,
What the President cannot conceive?
That the Russians meddled indeed
In our election but he paid no heed
We know that the President lied
When he said that Putin denied
Interfering or at least having tried
To show how he was on Trump’s side

And up to this very day
He refuses to believe the CIA
Or let the intelligence get in the way
Of the skullduggery, he has at play
He’s been called a Russian asset
And unquestionably he’s in Putin’s debt
Which is something we must never forget
If we do it will be to our regret

What we should realize
That a man who tells 10,000 lies
And doesni’t believe in our spies
Is someone we have  to chastise
And if that means to impeach
We shouldn’t call it overreach
It has to be done just to teach
What can happen to those who breech

Like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Trump’s the Wax figure we got
A man who has no forethought
About the havoc he’s wrpught
So let’s bring his reign to an end
See I can’t wait to begin
And if you feel the same way my friend
Join me in helping him descend

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Leningrad Lindsey
And Moscow Mitch
One’s a chameleon
The other a-*****
It’s hard to figure out
Which one is which
They both have a tendency
To position switch

Leningrad Lindsey
And Moscow Mitch
Make a hell of a pair
You must admit
One’s been enchanted
The other has a glitch
But both ‘em tend to
Favor the rich

Leningrad Lindsey
And Moscow Mitch
Speak in unison
In perfect pitch
On behalf of the interests
They hope to enrich
With a snake oil like
Smooth sales pitch

Leningrad Lindsey
And Moscow Mitch
Are enough together
To give you barber’s itch
Call me what cha wanna
Even a snitch
But they’re both on a wagon
Without a hitch

Cedric McClester, copyright © 2019.  All rights resrved.
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