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By: Cedric McClester

It’s not the doctors
Cuz Trump’s in charge
And that’s for sure
He wants a comeback
To ignore
The actual science
He believed in before

The numbers are going
Through the roof
The hospitalizations
And deaths are the proof
He’s always been
The enemy of the truth
While Doctor Fauci
Is a coronavirus sleuth

The Faucis of this world
Rely on the data
While Trump pretends
That it doesn’t matter
It’s his turn at bat
And he’s the batter
For the American public
Nothing could be sadder

Trump thinks that he can
Talk it out of existence
We can tell by his constant insistence
That we’ve turned the corner
Because of passive resistance
Never mind the mask
And keeping social distance
Cuz we’ll have a vaccine
Long before Christmas

Cedric  McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
2h · 18
By: Cedric McClester

Factory jobs
Ain’t coming back
That’s a salient fact
Trump’s statements to the contrary
He needs to retract
It won’t happen by fiat
That’s presidentially backed

Factory jobs?
I’ve got news
Have gone out of style
Like high buttoned shoes
Stop lying to the people
You’re not Howard Hughes
You haven’t created a thing
Nor have you paid dues

Factory jos
Let’s shed a tear
Are past icons
From yesteryear
All but vanished
As they disappear
They no longer exist
As you might fear

Factory jobs?
Mr.President please!
We need a hand
To get off of our knees
You don’t wanna confront
That deadly disease
Which could bring us out of
This economic freeze

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Let’s not call ‘em protesters
If they’re burning and
They’re looting
Let’s not call them protester
If they’re breaking glass windows
And shooting
Let’s call them what they are
Just blatant opportunists

Let’s not call them protesters
Which is not to suggest
That it wouldn’t be proper to
Call them insurrectionists
Let’s not get confused
As to what it is we’re seeing
When we observe them
Throwing objects while they’re fleeing

Let’s not call them protesters
Even when the cause is just
Because those hooligans
Don’t represent any of us
Let’s not call ‘em protester
When they’re stoking public fears
Let’s call them what they are
Simply put provocateurs

Let’s not call ‘em protesters
When they disregard the law
Let’s not call them protesters
Who are openly declaring war
Against the established order
Just to even a score
Let’s not call ‘em protesters
We never did before

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
Oct 5 · 36
By: Cedric McClester

I want to offer consolation
For the downtrodden of this nation
Hope is on hiatus not on vacation
Its speedy return lies with the patient
I can understand your despair
But you also need to be acutely aware
That nothing lasts forever
See this present malady isn’t that clever

I’d like you to think for a minute
And yes I know we’re caught up in it
But ultimately it will go away
Exactly when I cannot say
Although one day it will disappear
And who knows if that moment’s near?
We need to proceed with all due care
Until the second that we get there

This has been a heavy load
And we’re all in pandemic mode
So wear your mask and wash your hands
And acquiesce to its demands
It will only be a little while longer
Every day we’re all getting stronger
Pretty soon we’ll have the cure
The very one we’re all looking for

You can call me an optimist
And I will certainly cop to this
But I can’t be no other way
I don’t know what else I can say
Cuz we were never in control
And I would never be so bold
Or even have the gumption
To make that assumption

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
Oct 2 · 37
By: Cedric McClester

The President may be a goner
From the dreaded corona
Guess we haven’t turned that corner
Wonder if we’re ever gonna
He didn’t believe in wearing a mask
Whether he does now we’ll have to ask
Does he still find it a task?
Or does he want an oxygen mask

So much for his conspiracy theory
Of which by now we’ve become weary
Now his prognosis is so dreary
That I wouldn’t want him anywhere near me
And as for us turning a corner
If we believe this who do we honor?
When the President himself may be a spawner
Yet this breaking news may be a yawner

At the president’s constant insistence
And because he has such strong resistance
The White House doesn’t practice social distance
Because scientific facts he routinely dismisses
Now we’re playing a game of wait and see
Does he have it? You can search me
If he does as it might well may be
It will remain an ongoing mystery

Perhaps at last he’s learned his lesson
But he’ll probably keep us guessing
Though If he survives it will be a blessing
From on high there’s no contesting
I guess now he’ll take it serious
And if he doesn’t he’s probably delirious
Yet he could also be impervious
Though his behavior has been murderous!

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

How come
It’s mostly us?
When cops decide
Their guns must bust
Yes it is
In God we trust
But you should
Understand our fuss

Shot seven times
In his back
Oh by the way
The man is black
A white boy
Shot two people dead
But police let him
Go home instead

Paralyzed still
Shackled to his bed
Where he’s going
They haven’t said
What’s the charge
It hasn’t been read
Would they prefer
That he was dead?

We are not
Equally treated
In an instance
Things get heated
Once we’re charged
It’s hard to beat it
When the judge says
Kindly be seated

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2020.   All rights reserved.
Aug 27 · 38
By: Cedric McClester

Fannin’ the flames
Of deep racial division
Has become
His new found religion
And a house divided
Cannot stand
Yet he’s promoted separation
Throughout this land

Fanning the flames
Of his raw hate
Will crush us all
Underneath its weight
And while I’m at it
Let me also state
What I am sayin’
Isn’t open to debate

That boy is talkin’
Out of his annis
By saying
He’s just tryna
Be famous
He’s a Trump supporter
Who will remain nameless
Killed two and wounded one
And so he’s not blameless

He’s just one more example
Of what hate can breed
As a Trump acolyte
Who closely paid heed
He’s also guilty
Of the blood that they bleed
So we need to pray
Trump doesn’t succeed

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 27 · 39
By:   Cedric McClester

We're mourning in America
We have a right to grieve
The level of his incompetence
Is not to be believed
We’re approaching four years in
But what has he achieved?
With a sense of permanence
That sooner or later won’t leave

We're mourning in America
Because he’s so ill suited
For the office that he holds
I think he should be booted
And I can’t help but lament the fact
That our tax dollars have been looted
When it comes to the pandemic
The experts have been muted

We're mourning in America
Because we’re under a pall
And his slow response to the Covid-19
Is responsible most of all
But he uses it as an excuse
For the present economic stall
And he’s in cahoots with those who say
Where we go one go all

We're mourning in America
Take a look around
Listen closely and you can hear
That muffled drumming sound
For the countless thousands
Of loved ones in the ground
That after suffering through hell
We hope are heaven bound

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 23 · 29
By: Cedric McClester

Something I’ve always hated
Is what needs to be stated
When the plot construction’s weighted
And the images are dated
Hollywood has black men fated
To wear dresses created
For us to be emasculated
Yet we’ve willingly participated
Think Tyler Perry’s Madea
Close your eyes and you can see her
From Good Times with its JJ
To Martin and his Shanaynay
They have always found a way way
To make buffoonery okay kay
And ***** are still on display
Up until this very day

Call it a judgment call
But when I think about Monster’s Ball
Staring Hallie Berry y’all
The whole race took a fall
Cos it left us all exhausted
Think of the stereotype it fostered
And the self-respect it lost her
Is what her Oscar cost her
When she said, “Make me feel gooood”
And that ******* pulled out his wood
Then plugged her where she stood
Cos she signaled to him he could
Her going crazy over getting’ his meat
Made me wanna throw-up in my seat
And to make the picture more complete
She put her body out there on Front Street

By now it’s plain to us she’s driven
But how she chooses to make their living
Doesn’t mean she has to be forgiven
Anymore than an Andre Piven
But enough on Hallie already
I don’t wanna make this thing too petty
There are others even more unsteady
Then a hot bowl of fresh spaghetti
I’m not a big fan of the Manns
I don’t like the way the camera pans
So when they’re on I make other plans
And my whole family understands
See I’ve had enough of those clowns
I don’t even need to meet the Browns
Which also probably explains
Why I haven’t reached out to the Paynes

Hollywood’s full of Harvey Weinsteins
In Gucci loafers and designer jeans
Creating havoc with off -camera scenes
While toying with some actor’s dreams
Now they’re falling like dominoes
But I guess that’s the way it goes
Like ******* up a producer’s nose
They feel invincible I suppose
But the actresses who feel embolden
No longer find themselves beholden
To the men who took advantage and sold ‘em
Everybody gets their turn to scold ‘em
In the wake of Kevin Spacey’s canards
A strong wind blew down his House of Cards
But isn’t that the way it always starts
Hollywood is full of broken hearts

Cedric McClester, Copyright (C) 2020. All rights reserved.
Aug 22 · 29
By: Cedric McClester

They’re the ones who
Pull our strings
And do all sorts of
Other things
Who really are in charge
Of our government at large
While they’ve not been spotted to date
They’re known as The Deep State

The President is going
To extremes
In his search for
Coronavirus vaccines
And he’s blaming his own FDA
For constantly getting in his way
They’re The Deep State
He likes to say

The Deep State theory
Has been used
By cable networks
LIke Fox News
Who stands ready
To light the fuse
To give the rest of us
The blues

The Deep State flames
Are always fanning
By ex- presidential advisors
Like Steve Bannon
Who recently has lost
His standing
And has all but been
Presidentially abandoned

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 22 · 24
By: Cedric McClester

There’s general congruence
Concerning their influence
Over this president
Who follows their content
Religiously speaking
For the information they’re leaking
Which he’s always seeking
Mornings, nights and weekends

Conspiracy theories
Like sugar plum fairies
Alway are around
Cuz his mind is unsound
So if the truth be told
He swallows them whole
If I may be so bold
Like a pirate likes gold

He’s off the wall
Always dropping the ball
Incapable of leading
So we’re not succeeding
In beating this thing
Like he said in late spring
As they did in Beijing
Which was once called Peking

Now it’s Q-anon
That has his mind gone
Because they said nice things
About what he brings
He’s unfit for the job
And besides he’s a slob
Who looks like the blob
Used like a doorknob

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

He’s the kind of chaos
That we deserve
If we allow him
To once again serve
In his present capacity
Do we have the nerve?
Along with the audacity
Or even the swerve?

He stands between us
And our southern border
Against immigration
And a wall made to order
He’s a criminal enterprise
Who touts law and order
So don’t be surprised
By his speech disorder

As long as we
Have him around
Conspiracy theories
Will no doubt abound
Whether or not
Those theories are sound
Even after they’ve
Been run aground

We can only be saved
By him alone
He’s the greatest in that office
That we’ve ever known
But fortunately now
That his cover’s been blown
He’ll have to reap
The seeds that he’s sown

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c)  2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 16 · 25
By: Cedric McClester

Congress is
On retreat
Because every time
They meet
They leave there
In defeat
With nothing
That’s concrete

They argue
And they shout
Then forget
All about
Us needing
A way out
Now our future
Is in doubt

So they go
On vacation
While a desperate nation
Faces unemployment
And starvation
Yet we’re asked
To just be patient
We should man our battle stations

Who are they
Working for?
We should
Show them the door
We don’t need
Them  anymore
Cuz they’re
Rotten to the core

Cedric McClester, Copyright ©  2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 16 · 24
By: Cedric McClester

Some people say
That Lindsey’s gay
But that’s okay
He’s always been that way
What bothers us is
Senator Graham is a certified ham
Who in the final analysis
Doesn’t give a ****

We’re annoyed
Cuz we’re unemployed
Thus null and void
And While he’s enjoyed
All the benefits
Of where he sits
He won’t bail us out
He admits

He rides private jets
And he also gets
Many other assets
With no regrets
While we’re left in the dust
Cuz he’s forgotten us
He’s out playing golf
While we go bust

He’s the president’s shill
Says the rumor mill
Quite a bitter pill
But even still
While the covert spreads
They don’t use their heads
Nor does he criticize
The death rate rise

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 13 · 37
By: Cedric McClester

Uncle Tom’s son
Has been put up to run
Son of a gun
Look what he done, done
He’s your average ****
That is crazy as a loon
Let’s call him what he really is
A gadamn cartoon

Uncle Tom’s son
Who’s on the ballot to run
Met with the devil’s son-in-law
Who he has keeping score
Like he’s done before
Now he’s no longer hiding
He’s out to hurt Biden
By hoping that he’ll slide in

Uncle Tom’s son
Has followers by the ton
And though he’s quite absurd
They follow his every word
He’s a proven chump
Who’s now helping Donald Trump
And he would kiss his ****
If Trump told him to jump

Uncle Tom’s son
Mouth like a Gatlin gun
That he shoots off for fun
And he’s had a long run
But he’s playing himself now
He’s willing to scrape and bow
And I’m asking you for what?
Another avowed nut!

Cedric Mcclester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 5 · 43
By: Cedric McClester

We can’t go on
Living in their shadow
We too must one day
Rise up to battle
To try and correct
The wrong that we see
And write our own pages
In our history

They cast a long
And a wide shadow
Sacrificed much
To join in the battle
For equal rights
And equality
In order for all of us
To one day be free

Each of us has
A moral obligation
To further the ideals
Of this great nation
We have to do more
Than be silent and patient
Or sit on our hands
While being complacent

We can’t go on
Living in their shadow
We too must one day
Rise up to battle
To try and correct
The wrong that we see
And write our own pages
In our history

Cedric McClester Copyright (c) 2020. All rights reserved
Aug 3 · 37
By: Cedric McClester

To say you’re worried
About debt
Implies you think
That we forget
When it comes
To the rich
You’re not upset
You give it up and never fret

The working poor
Support the economy
And six hundred dollars
Is a megre fee
Yet that’s an amount
That you can’t see
Shaking loose
From your money tree

Would you prefer
Since you’re conflicted
That we go hungry
And get evicted
Only because
You’ve interdicted
That’s an option, but
Remember you picked it

You’ll excuse my polemic
We’re in the middle
Of a worldwide pandemic
Which you’ve neglected
It’s almost systemic
But instead you probably think
That it’s all academic
Or maybe you believe it’s alchemic

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Aug 2 · 36
By: Cedric McClester

He’s killing us
Don’t cha see
While talking about
What used to be
When there was
An economy
That he inherited
For free

He’s ignoring
Sound advice
While selling us
A dream that’s nice
Yet the death rate has
Doubled more than twice
While he continues
To roll the dice

He’s running for
The.first time out
Was a bad selection
What we need
Is a resurrection
We can’t afford
His imperfection

How much more
Are we supposed to take?
When there’s a clear choice
That we could make
Aren’t we entitled to
Some kind of break?
I’m askin this
For all of our sake

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jul 28 · 38
By: Cedric McClester

Donald Trump can kiss my ***
I’m writing this to put him on blast
Cuz as our president he’s been miscast
Everyone should wear a mask
Here’s a true and salient fact
When it came to coronavirus
He was slow to act
Perhaps that explains why the deck’s been stacked

Write it down as part of this stip’
Despite him having lots of lip
He hasn’t provided any leadership
So on our radar he’s just a blip
He’s a poor excuse for a president
I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment
When it comes to dividing us he seems hell-bent
And no matter what I say he will not relent

Evidence is more than ample
That he refuses to lead by example
He’s too vain for us to sample
And find me one norm, that he hasn’t trampled
He’s unconditionally unqualified
And time after time we find that he’s lied
But where he hasn’t, we know that he’s tried
And none of what I’ve said can be denied.

Donald J. Trump is a clear disaster
He’s in bad need of prayer and a pastor
And should accept Jesus Christ as his master
Instead of cozying up to that Fox newscaster
But he is a hopeless narcissist
Whose own self image he can’t resist
And long age should have been dismissed
But all he’s gotten is a slap on the wrist

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jul 28 · 43
By: Cedric McClester

Vladimir Putin put out a hit
On American soldiers
And Trump ain’t said ****
Not a word of condemnation or rebuke
As if the intelligence he received
Was some kind of a fluke
Any other president
Would have put up his dukes

To Vladimir Putin
Trump is a punk
And he’s Michael Jordan
Making a slam dunk
All over Trump’s puny head
He listens to every word
That the Russian said
But none of the information
That he’s been fed

If he weren’t the president
There’d be ample reason
To bring him up on charges
Of capitol treason
There’s enough evidence
Of his malfeasance
Which undergirds everything
That give this charge credence

Donald J. Trump has betrayed
His oath of office
As well as those still in
The Republicam caucus
Which under his influence
Had been nothing short of racus
It should be enough to
Make you noxious

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
Jul 27 · 29
By: Cedric McClester

He’s taking advantage of
The social unrest
In one of our whitest states
He’s succeeding
As you might have guessed
In sowing discord

He’s hoping that things
Get way out of hand
So he can bring in
More of his merry band
Of federal agents
Like the law says he can
To patrol the streets
In an unmarked vans

He’s billing himself as
Mr. Law and Order
Just like he did
At the Mexican border
He’ll clean up our cities
In such short order
And he won’t need a wall
To quell the disorder

See he’s promoting
A dystopian view
Of our country
Like oligarchs do
Suggesting it’s not
The same as we knew
Run by the majority
But rather the few

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Words by: Cedric McClester

“We can’t let science,
Get in the way of
Opening schools,”
Said the Kayleigh McEnany
To nitwits and fools
As she puffs nervously
On a pack of Kools
While openingly breaking all the rules

See she can afford to
Talk that wild
Cuz she doesn’t have
Chick nor child
And we know full well
Covid’s not out of style
Though she might live in
The Isle of Denial

She’s a good servant
Serving her master well
As far as he’s concerned
We can all go to hell
But she’s hypnotized
And is under his spell
So she responds
When he rings her bell

Our children shouldn’t be
Pawns in his game
When we know full well
Everything’s not the same
He knows it too
But what he hopes to gain
Is to be reelected
Despite all the pain

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jul 26 · 26
By: Cedric McClester

You might take note
Congressman John Lewis fought
For our right to vote
But nevertheless
That right is
Being suppressed
In hamlets and towns
Of Blacks and Browns

As a matter of fact
He got his skull cracked
Crossing the Edmund Pettus, Jr. Bridge
Just for that privilege
Which we take for granted today
And some want to take away
But if we’re not vigilant
We’ll ask where the right to vote went?

John Lewis didn’t live in a bubble
He believed in promoting good trouble
And everywhere that he went
He professed that sentiment
And spent many sleepless nights
Thinking about our civil rights
In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is
He also integrated lunch counters and busses

So now in his final hour
We bid that he rest in power
And gets the slumber
That he so well deserves
The slumber of one
Who dutifully serves
All of humanity
With selfless humility

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
Jul 25 · 31
By: Cedric McClester

Are you hearing me?
It’s called tyranny!
The kind that we
Can plainly see
So are we free,
Or, exactly what
They want us to be?
Imprisoned lock and key

Are you hearing me?
And do you agree,
With the kind of tactics
We’re starting to see?
Against the people
Whose cacophony
Of protestant voices
Have constancy

Are you hearing me?
I’m on bended knee
Registering a futile plea
Knowing we don’t have to be
The kind of government
That others flea
Though that’s the kind
We’re starting to see

Are you hearing me?
He seems to be
On a law and disorder spree
Trying to impact our destiny
He wants to be president
So desperately
That he would do anything
To make that be

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

How many records
Must be broken,
Before the President
Has plainly spoken?
About what it is
He plans to do
About the Corona Virus Flu
Cuz we all wish we knew!

While water is
An essential ingredient
But too much wasted time
Has been spent
Talking about how
Slow it flows
From a dishwasher
Or a garden hose

I don't care about
The Confederate flag
If it creates
An unnecessary lag
In getting back
The test results
After having to listen
To his childish insults

It took a while
To understand
That the President
Doesn't have a plan
That is to say
Other than
To get the economy
Up and running again

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

It’s past time
That they make amends
The Karens, the  Beckys
And Kens
It’s high time
That they cleanse
The focus of their lens
If they want to be our friends

It’s their privileged
That alters
Our objective moods
See it’s hard
To reconcile
The high level
Of their bile

The Karens, the Beckys
And Kens
Are following
A sad trend
It doesn’t matter
The message they send
Or the people
That they offend

So if they
Take objection
For the naming
Or should demand
A correction
Can they then
Change their complexion?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved
Jul 3 · 50
By: Cedric McClester

He’s celebrating
The birth of a nation
That’s rapidly dying
Should we just be patient
As he consistently denies
The Covid contagion
That’s right before our eyes
And ignores the advice of the wise

Clearly he’s
For asking us
To just blindly trust
When has he ever
Had our best interest at heart
Though now might be
The perfect time to start

He’s a prisoner
Of his vanity
So he won’t wear a mask
As we can see
Nor take expert advice
That he lets be
Cuz there are none so blind
Than those who refuse to see

He’s looking for
A made for TV moment
So he can try to one up
His opponent
But that won’t work
Though he hopes it will
Cuz he’s a ****
And will be one still

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jul 2 · 36
By: Cedric McClester

What can we attribute
To his magical thinkin’?
We know that
He hates alcohol
So I don’t think he’s drinkin’
What makes him think
The virus will disappear,
Like magic just vanish in the thin air?

Could it be
That he’s
A freestyle juvenile
Or some one who’s
Simply put delusional
I haven’t come to any
Conclusion now
Other than magical thinkin’ anyhow

Would that we could
Just wish it away
But I fear that Covid’s
Here to stay
There are safety rules
We can obey
Like wearing masks
And stay a safe distance away

But he refuses to
Put on a mask
It’s pointless for us
To even ask
He’s just not up
To the task
In ignorance
He'd much rather bask

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jul 2 · 31
By: Cedric McClester

The Russians
Are paying the Taliban
To **** our troops
In Afghanistan
And the situation’s
Gotten out of hand
Cuz the President hasn’t
Taken a stand

You’re **** tootin
They’ve been shootn’
And the President
Was raised on Fig Nootins
But one thing’s for sure
He won’t be disputin’
Anything said
By Vladimir Puin

When questioned, he said
That he wasn’t briefed
Which is something that
Naturally strains belief
Because if he wasn’t
That means good grief
The country is missing
A Commander and Chief

All we have
Is an obese slob
Who clearly isn’t
Doing his job
It’s enough to make
Your heart throb
Like that movie star
Billy Bob

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

The White House occupant
Needs to do an
About face
Cuz racism isn’t
Gonna win this race
Like it did in 2016
When that was the cass
The American people are in another space

The White House occupant
Is quick to say that
Coronavirus will just go away
Like he has some magic
To keep it at bay
But we can’t believe
A word he has to say
Cuz he practices lying
Each and every day

The White House occupant
Ignored the intelligence
That was presented to him
And Vice President Pence
To say he didn’t receive it
Doesn’t make any sense
Even though we realize
That the man is dense

The White House occupant
Needs to be dispossessed
From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
As you might have guessed
To a nursing home
Where he can convelese
From the dementia
He appears  to express

Cedric McClester,Copyright © 2020.   All  rights reserved.
Jul 1 · 35
By: Cedric McClester

They can camouflage
Their big long gun
While aiming for our leader
But we don’t have one
So they can undo
The movement we’ve begun
What they’re witnessing
Is completely homespun

They’ve killed past leaders
Like Malcolm and King
But who they gonna target now
Has them questioning
******* an idea
Whose time has come
They certainly can’t do it
With a big long gun

Now some of you may be
Too young to know
About a government operation
Known as Cointelpro
That infiltrated organizations
From not that long ago
That sought to liberate us
For sho’ for sho’

So what happened to the revolution?
That they tried to dampen
Through the murders of our heroes
Like Chicago’s Fred Hamptom
As we’ve seen our blood
Continued to slatter
But our lives aren’t cheap

Cedric McClester,Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jul 1 · 34
THE 100,000 MARK
By: Cedric McClester

They’ve reported
That the virus is headed
To the 100,000 mark
But they say
Don’t tell the President
He can’t wish it away
Or else it might serve
To ruin his day

Don’t tell him
Why he should wear a mask
Cuz I really don’t think
He’s up to the task
Not to mention the fact
That he wouldn’t ask
He’s waiting for
The pandemic to pass

We know that he’s lost
In the Twilight Zone
So he exists
In a world of his own
It’s only him
That he’s ever known
Since his childhood years
And now he’s full grown

He’s busy trying to save
Our dead monuments
As he trots out
Vice President Pence
Whom he leaves front and center
To try to make sense
Of the quagmire we’re in
And remove the suspense

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 30 · 35
By: Cedric McClester

The Governor of South Dakota,
At her insistence,
Says the President’s visit to Mount Rushmore
Won’t include social distance
No matter how many catch Coronavirus
Because of her resistance,
It will do little
To dampen her persistence!

Some who should know better,
Just forge on ahead,
When they don’t have relatives
Among the sick or the dead
They haven’t heard a word
That the good doctor said
So they sleep soundly
When they go to bed

It used to be face coverings,
Now it’s a mask
If it’s our Vice President
You choose to ask
I guess the science served
To change him real fast
He’s now telling the President
To kiss his white ***

She must not care,
How many die,
On her watch,
Here’s the reason why,
It’s the hard science that,
She chooses to defy
So all I can say is
Goodbye Felicia bye!

Cedric McClester, Copyright ©  2020.  All rights reserved,
Jun 30 · 22
By: Cedric McClester

Let’s explore our
Deep divide,
A post-racial America?
Somebody lied!
Under Obama,
At least we tried
But post Obama
It seems to have died

Today we have
Torn off the scab,
And taken some gauze
While attempted to dab,
At the underlying sore
That we know we have
After applying a little salve

Race is everywhere
It permeates
Through our social consciousness
And personal hates
It’s presently launched
A thousand debates
Which suggests that
We’re in dire straights

The death of George Lloyd
Has us awoke
And through mass demonstrations
His still body spoke
All over the world
This is no longer a joke
Cuz now is the time
That we go for broke!

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

They killed John
and Bobby Kennedy too
And Dr, Martin Luther
Whom we all knew
And not to make it
Too complex
They killed Medgar Evers
And Malcom X

****** has been
The history
Of this country
And it’s plain to see
It’s no riddle
Or mystery
Why we have funerals

So let’s not forget
Those frontier years
Remember Custer
And the Trail of Tears
The Ku Klux ****
Terrorizing our fears
With savage lynchings
And the crowd’s cheers

Eric Gardner and
George Floyd
Might have you thinkin’
I’m paranoid
But there were 70 others
Which makes that
Null and void
So to analyse it
Would take Sigmund Freud

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 29 · 26
By: Cedric McClester

If you wanna believe their *******
Go ahead and believe
But you’ll have to forgive me
If I call you naive
From day one
They’ve practiced to deceive
Now the economy’s in the toilet
So what else have they achieved?

There’s a worldwide pandemic
In which they were slow to respond
Now the number of American dead
Are far and beyond
The numbers we’ve lost
In all of our wars
And they’re rushing to open back up
While there’s still **** on their drawers

Russia and North Korea takes
Advantage of us everyday
But we don’t let that
Get in our way
From forging a friendship
That’s is to say
When you look at it closely
Is only one way

China is vilified by word of mouth
Then they cut fantastic deals with ‘em
While sitting on a couch
When you look at it
It’s enough
To make us say ouch!
But you’ve got to give it to him
Xi Jinping is no slouch

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved
Jun 28 · 30
SINCE 1619
By: Cedric McClester

Since 1619,
American slavery’s first day
******* conspicuously
Has been on display
So what was that old fool
Attempting to say
That had the President
Tweeting away

If they have power
No need to tell us
We’re the people
Who in God
Place their trust
And pledge allegiance
To a nation
That doesn’t represent us

Their power doesn't
Need to be reinforced
Nor through crude slogans
Have to be endorsed
Or in the case of white supremacists
Awkwardly outsourced
It’s something for which
They’ve never shown remorse

We witness *******
In how we’re policed
And in the court houses
To say the very least
We never get the benefit
Of the doubt
And that’s something long ago
That we’ve figured out!

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 28 · 39
By: Cedric McClester

According to Donald J Trump,
No one briefed him,
On the latest Russian outrage
But now that he’s aware of it
Is he gonna turn the page?
Or simply sit back and play
The role of the wise sage
It’s anybody’s guess ya see, it’s hard to say

The Russians can do
As they **** well please
As long as the President
Stays on his knees
And carries on like
Putin’s main squeeze
******* his **** and
Shooting the breeze

Things have really gotten
Out of hand
When Donald Trump
Is Putin’s biggest fan
There’s no greater groupy
In this land
And Trump’s already
Joined Putin’s band

The Russians have placed
A contract
On American soldiers
And that’s a fact
They’re being picked off
By the Taliban
So what else  does he
Half to understand?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved,
Jun 28 · 30
By; Cedric McClester

I’m putting Donald Trump on notice,
Before I digress
I’m coming to Washington very soon
To make a citizen’s arrest
He’s guilty of dereliction of duty
Of which he’ll never confess
But that doesn’t make him
Any less guilty nevertheless

I’m putting Donald Trump on notice
Though he can just pretend
That his reign of terror
Isn’t coming to an end
Before  the next election
See it’s about to begin
So he needs to pack his bags
Along with his mandolin

I’m putting Donald Trump on notice
Before the generals pull a coup
Every day it become clearer
That’s something they might do
And bring his love affair with Putin
To the conclusion we all knew
It’s just a matter oft time
I’m telling you, before he’s through

I’m putting Donald Trump on notice
These are the end of days
For his kind of corruption
As well as his errant ways
It cannot last forever
Cuz everybody pays
For the things they do
I swear you’d be amazed

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 28 · 20
By: Cedric McClester

Welfare for the rich
Gives little to the poor
See we cannot afford
That kind of tax cut anymore
In the midst of the pandemic
Unemployment’s high
And stimulus checks alone
Won’t serve to get us by

What is sorely missing is
Leadership from the top
Instead of focusing on our problems
He wants to be a cop
While the Kremlin's offers bounties
To **** our soldiers in Afghanistan
Putin gets away with it
Because he knows he can

The President is a useful idiot
In the eyes of other world leaders
As well as assorted miscreants
And other bottom feeders
His very first duty should be
The protection of the American people
But that’s the last thing that we see
And his lack of action is lethal

Millions of us have underlying
Medical conditions
And we’re about to lose our coverage
According to the President’s ambitions
He’s in the Supreme Court now
Tryna  **** the Affordable Care Act
Millions have to figure somehow
How they’re gonna react

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 27 · 25
By: Cedric McClester

He’s staying in Washington,
To protect the monuments,
Instead of going golfing,
Guess that makes sense?
He’s protecting seditious traitors,
By going to great lengths
That’s him and his partner
Vice President Pence

He was born in
Queens, New York
Not the Antebellum South
So the words of ignorance
That comes out of his mouth
At times are surprising
Because it’s akin
To a drouth

He’s impressed by generals
And dictators alike
He ignores them when
They make the first strike
Like Vladmir Putin in Afghanistan
Who’s placed a bounty
On the American soldiers he can
President Trump is a chump and a fan

Trump’s from the Northern side
Of the Mason/Dixon Line
But to that salient fact
He seems to be blind
He thinks Southern history is glorious
Cuz  he’s out of his mind
And no student of our past
You’ll also find

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

He’s got me at the point
Of rediscovering,
Did the Lone Ranger wear a mask,
Or a face covering?
This mystery has become
So very puzzling
We can’t ask Dr. Birks
Who he’s been muzzling

The Covid Task Force
Is a rarity
Those cast of characters
We rarely get to see
They’re being advised
Just to let it be
The country has to open
Don’t cha see

Let  November’s election
Just begin
As they choose to
Throw caution to the wind
To their base
They haven’t been a friend
As they play a game
Of let’s pretend

The economy has
Taken a big hit
Which he refuses
To simply admit
It’s not coming back
Just by him showing grit
Now that the torch
Of the pandemic has been lit

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

They are acting as if
We’re none the wise
That they’re killing us softly
With their lilies
While looking us
Straight In our eyes
And ignoring all
Of our furtive cries

The numbers are
Going up everyday
While they’re telling us
Everything’s okay
The Coronavirus
Will not stay
Although they cannot
Wish it away

They’re opening states
Up much too fast
As if the virus is
In our past
In essence they’re
Telling us to kiss their ***
As we find ourselves saying
Another funeral mass

A millionaire’s charm
He seems to be oozing
While all the while
Still refusing
To acknowledge
He’s heading for
A bruising
Yet there’s nothing that he hates
Worst than losing

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

In the President’s circle,
It makes perfect  sense,
To trot out that liar,
Vice  President Pence
Although it will all
Come out in the rinse
And we are no longer
Being kept in suspense

The President’s absence
Was conspicuous
He used the Vice President
To inspire our trust
Despite the rosy picture
It was a big bust
Because the reality
Is no secret to us

If we listen to him,
“We’re in a much better place!”
Though he still refuses
To wear a mask on his face
And he won’t say the word,
In any case
Though we know he’s playing
Just to their base

The numbers are going
Right through the roof
In various places
If you need the proof
And they don’t get better
By being aloof
We opened too early
And that’s where we goofed

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Good afternoon
Officer Cop,
Will this be a routine
Or a deadly stop?
Sorry my license
Inadvertently dropped
But there’s no need
For your gun to be cocked

I’ve had the talk,
So I’m not resisting
Though how come you
Seem to be insisting?
I’m being belligerent
As my arm is twisting
No need for your partner
To be assisting

I’m out of my car
Lying on the ground
Now that I’ve been tazed
See, I know the sound
But there’s no need
To fire a round
Or to use judgement
That proves unsound

How many times
Must I say, “I can’t breathe!”
Before I’m gonna
Just be believed
I’m not suggesting
That you be naive
But what are you actually
Tryha achieve?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 26 · 22
By:: Cedric McClester

From slavery time
Through  blacks who got lynched
The putridness of racism
Has carried a stench
Straight to the injustice
We receive from the bench
Which has been like
A lead pipe cinch

I don’t know what
It’s gonna take
For a black man or woman
To catch a break
Although it’s overdue
For heaven’s sake
It’s time we got
From under the rake

Now that the protests
Have gone ballistic
And there’s reason for us
To be optimistic
We’re tired of being
Just another statistic
So hope finally seems
To be realistic

These appear to be
Changing times
We see all around us
The  paradigms
Cops now are accountable
For their many crimes
Smart phones are everywhere
Steadily dropping dimes

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights are reserved.
Jun 26 · 25
By: Cedric McClester

Although our leader
Has lots of swerve
We get the Covert
That we deserve
Cuz swerve alone
Won’t reduce the curve
And to do nothing
Takes lots of nerve

Although he has
A lot of swag
And tends to mislead
When he brags
Having a mask
Is just for ****!
Perhaps that explains
So many body bags

Although it gives him
A small *******
To think about
The next election
Unless he makes
A big correction
He won’t be
The voter’s selection

Although he seems
Years behind
Our current thinking
And frame of mind
To such a degree
As to be blind
See literally speaking
I’m being kind

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All right reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Don’t let him whisper
In your ear
That this virus
Will just disappear
Or that a cure
Is very near
In a word
He’s insincere

Don’t allow him
To make believe
That there’s some magic
Up his sleeve
That only he
Can retrieve
If the data
Is to be believed

In invincibility
He’d like to bask
So he refuses
To wear a mask
And now the dye
Has been cast
It’s become clear
He’s not up to the task

Obviously he’s
On a trip
While his poll numbers
Continue to slip
Like a captain of
A sinking ship
Too bad he hasn’t
Got a grip

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Even though Gone With The Wind
Has been taken off  HBO cable
He’s always been ready
Willing and able
To have a few ******
Sit at his table
Playing Hattie McDaniells
To  his Clark Gable

Though there are no
Ifs, buts or maybes
They don’t know nuthin’
‘Bout birthin no  babies
No more than a family dog
Getting rabies
Or their proud history
Along the Euphrates

They sing his praises
Like a shepherd's lamb
But frankly my dear
He don’t give a ****
The whole thing is nothing
More than a scam
Cuz after the photo op
They’re told to scram

There have always been
Those who love being used
In order to say things
That other refuse
But that probably isn’t
Any new news
Some will do anything
Just to shmooze

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Jun 6 · 61
By: Cedric McClester

This isn’t a moment,
It’s a movement
Towards our mutual
George Floyd was the catalyst
For us getting into this
Though we would surely be remiss
If we failed to insist

That justice be
The end result
For all of us
Without a doubt
As we demonstrate
And shout
That’s what it’s
All about

Equal justice
Under the law
Is what we
Never had before
We want it now
And ever more
Which is at
The Constitution’s core

We want  law enforcement
That we deserve
The kind that exists
To protect and serve
Not the kind we
Frequently observe
That weilds their power
To unnerve

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
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