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By: Cedric McClester

What kind of rawhide ******* Is this
That has Hatian immigrants under horses and whips
After making their thousand mile trips?
To get away from their oppressor’s grips
I can’t believe the images I’m seeing
Aren’t Hatians also fellow human beings?
So why are they treated like miscreants
Chosen to be unfortunate recipients?

How can our government justify
This ever happening and what’s the reason why?
Their due process was denied
It’s enough to make one breakdown and cry
This country was built on the backs of immigrants
That sought better lives as erstwhile innocents
And helped this country to grow
As the nation’s history will show

I’d hate to attribute it to them being black
Although that might be a matter of fact
Which is just an excuse but no way to act
Or to have their human rights hijacked
This isn’t the America that most of us know
Though it might be as critical race theory can show
Although that’s a blow that hits below
And kindly remember who told you so

What kind of rawhide ******* Is this
That under a new administration finds us remiss
Perhaps that’s why they say ignorance is bliss
Though I’d like to tell them where they can kiss
You’d think we would have learned from our recent past
Long after the dye has sadly been cast
But that might be me thinking too fast
Which might explain why I’m so aghast

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
2d · 17
By: Cedric McClester

Black girls go missing
And yo!
The media if ever,
Rarely lets you know
And law enforcement resources
Hardly ever flow
Which is the hard cold truth
That the public needs to know

White girls go missing
And yo!
They move heaven and earth
Which causes one to wonder
What’s a black girl’s life worth?
Call this false equivalency
But my argument
Has added girth

Red girls go missing
And yo!
Only those on their reservations
Seem to know
It doesn't get reported
Or mentioned on a show
That might contribute to
The information flow

White girls go missing
And yo!
We collectively clutch our pearls
To show
Our consternation  and sympathy
Will grow
To the outer limits
Like the show

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Western fears
Versus Eastern ideas
Is a matter of us
Changing gears
But we’ve been reluctant
Or so it appears
To try something new
Over the years

The Afghans
We decided to support
Should be brought up on charges
And taken to court
We gave ‘em our treasure
And taught them how to fight
But when it came down to it
They chose to take flight

We were at war
With the Taliban
But when we left
They had the upper hand
Oh how
Our memories fade
How many times must we lie in
The beds that we made?

How many times
Must we be burned
Before we benefit from
What should’ve been learned?
Or is anyone
The least bit concerned
That we try to avoid
The kind of karma that we’ve earned?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Aug 30 · 32
By: Cedric McClester

He died from what he believed in
The disease
He couldn’t conceive when
He was covid free
It was hard for him to see
What would sadly come to be
Now his family is on bended knees
Pleading, “ Lawd have mercy please!”

There are none so blind as
Those who will not see
That this dreaded disease
Doesn't really have to be
Millions upon millions are now
Covid free
Who vaccinated judiciously
Just like dumb me

Millions more clearly need ‘em
But far be it for me
To impede their freedom
I only hope I’m able to
Succeed ‘em
By listening to good advisors
And like others heed them
The warning signs are there for us to read .em

A stitch in time
They say saves nine
So how many more
More must we watch dying?
From Covid -19
Or its new variant
Ya know what I mean?
I’ve blown my clarion

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights  reserved
Jul 5 · 61
By: Cedric McClester

She cleaned his blood trail
Off of the ground
In front of the housing projects
Where her son’s body was found
Shot twice in his face
And also in his chest
Then taken to the hospital
You can guess the rest

Unfortunately he was
Dead upon arrival
With his kind of wounds
The chances for survival
Are so often slim to none
Especially if it’s a 38 caliber gun
The kind of weapon
That was unleashed on her son

In the ghetto there’s often
So much toil and strife
That it makes you question
What’s the value of human life?
When the deceased is
Someone’s loved one(husband or wife)
Or a somebody's son
That’s losing their life

The level of self-hatred
Has to be deep seated
In the black community
Where that scene is repeated
And the solution beats me
As to what is the key
Cos it’s done
With repeated frequency

Cedric McClester © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Perhaps she just got
Too excited
Then said, “Finally
a great wrong got righted.”
Because the news
Made her delighted
Now ever since
She’s been slighted

‘Been talked about
On social media
She’s even cited
On Wikipedia
As often happens
When your mouth
Has defeated ya
And a negative response
Is what has greeted ya

Some think the clapback
Was too hard
For a person with the
Stature of a Phylicia Rashad
Since they’ve pulled
The “Me too” card
It’s as if she were
The Marquisa De Sade

Now she’s backtracked
And opened up her eyes
And to one and all
She’s apologized
Because of how
She’s been criticized
And even by some
She’s now despised

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
May 5 · 98
By: CedricMcClester

The Republican Party is owned
By a stone cold loser
He’s an acknowledged
Serial woman abuser
And perhaps a secret
******* user
As well as a bully
And a political bruiser

The Republican Party
Has lost their way
They’ve attached themselves
To a big liar today
Out of fear that the liar
Might make them pay
They bend to his will
As if it is olay

The Republican Party
Is a house that’s divided
Which happened to them
Once they decided
To hitch their wagon
To a falling star
Which explains why
They find themselve where they presently are

The Republican Party
Is clearly doomed
And that isn’t something
That I’ve randomly assumed
I’ve studied the situation
You might have presumed
And observed the idol worship
In which they’re consumed

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
May 4 · 79
By: Cedric McClester

Keven McCarthy says he’s had it
Cos he can’t stand the truth
And Senator Liz Cheney
Is the living proof
She refuses to promote the big lie
Or should I say the spoof
That the last presidential election was stolen
Which the evidence disproves

Republicans have lost their soul
They’re marching in lock step
They’re not the Republicans of old
What we see is what we get
They’re tied to a failed president
Who lies with no regret
It’s a cult of personality
And they’re all in his debt

Repulican have sold their souls
To the devil incarnate
And they deserve the shrinking ranks
That they no doubt will get
They have bet their entire house
Which is about to be upset
But they pay this no nevermind
Which will be to their regret

They no longer believe in God
They swore fealty to the devil
I know what I’m saying is hard
But it’s on the level
They will soon be buried
Can someone get  a shovel
It’s high time that we
Unite to bust their bubble

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.

May 4 · 70
By: Cedric McClester

Whites have always had
Their black apologists
And South Carolina’s Tim Scott
Fits nicely into this
He’s a prime example of why
They say ignorance is bliss
If he truly believes
That America is not racist

He sites a few examples of
Him being stopped
By white police officers
That was over the top
But this notwithstanding
His world wasn’t rocked
He was quite accepting
And so he wasn’t shocked

He’d do anything to stay
Inside his master’s house
Where he could eat crumbs
Off the table and not even grouse
In fact he’d stay as quiet as
A  proverbial church mouse
Articulating the master’s virtues
That he’s so quick to espouse

He has no qualms at all
About being used
He stands six feet tall
But he must be confused
And if this notion is one
That he would disabuse
I wouldn’t be surprised at al
I’d simply be amused

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
May 4 · 247
By: Cedric McClester

I love America
For what it could be
But it’s still racist
As far as I can see
I’m basing my conclusion
On present and past history
Which to say the least
Has been quite blustery

I love America
For it’s promise
But loving her as I do
I have to be honest
That doesn’t mean
That America is flawless
And I’m taking this opportunity
To call this

I love America
Believe me I do
Despite everything
It’s put my people through
I’m optimistic that
It can have a breakthrough
And finally do the things
That it’s supposed to do

I love America
With my heart and soul
But sometimes America
Tends to leave me cold
It’s not the nation
That’s been bought and sold
And its streets have never
Been paved with gold

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
Apr 29 · 62
By: Cedric McClester

I can’t stand
All this excitement
America’s mayor
Will be under indictment
For criminal activity
In the Ukraine
Do you understand
What I’m saying

America’s mayor’s
Apartment was raided
Along with his office
But we knew he was jaded
His seeming immunity
Has all but faded
Now that Barr is gone
It should be stated

America’s mayor
Acted like a mob boss
When he represented the president
He was able to floss
But he’s on his own now
Which is par for the course
And could go to prison
Once the law is enforced

America’s mayor
Is a hand grenade
Who lied about the election
When he drank Trump’s Kool Aid
And now that his star has started to fade
He’ll be vacationing in the Everglades
With a fake moustache
And a pair of dark shades

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved..
Apr 26 · 67
By: Cedric McClester

It isn’t a mere misnomer
That a Chinese immigrant
Haa been left
In a coma
After a vicious beating
Leaving a subdural hematoma
Which we hope doesn’t morph
Into an acute blastoma

Collecting bottles
Off  the street
Shouldn’t result
In anyone getting beat
For scraping a living
He caught the heat
Of a deranged individual
Who wanted raw meat

Was it a hate crime?
Who the hell knows
Why the immigrant caught
That many blows
The level of viciousness
Just goes to show
How far that perpertrator
Chose to go

What kind of evil
Lurks within the hearts of men?
Who would do such a thing
Where should we begin?
Was it his upbringing
Or then again
Was it the devil
Who committed the sin?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Apr 26 · 42
By: Cedric McClester

Systemic racism
Doesn’t exist
Senator Lindsey Graham
Would probably insist
But that doesn’t mean
That he’s not remiss
See this is why they say
Ignorance is bliss

Systemic racism deniers
Point to the gains
That some blacks have made
Which has loosen their chains
But that notwithstanding
The fact still remains
Systemic racism exits
Despite their refrains

Systemic racism
Is a salient fact
Look at the rights  
They wanna take back
Like the right to vote
Which is anti-black
In spite of us having
A Voting Rights Act

Systemic racism
Is insidious
And it is worthy
Of our mutual disgust
See it not only harms
Just some of us
Though it’s mostly blacks
Who put up a fiuss

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Apr 26 · 48
By: Cedric McClester

People die everyday
But must they in
Such a violent way?
Is that the price
We have to pay
For living in America today?
Tell me what
You have to say

Shots ring out
That are randomly fired
People wonder
Will we ever get tired
Of the toil and strife
And the loss
Of innocent life
By someone’s gun or knife

The mayhem  repeats
And blood runs freely
Down suburban
And city streets
While victims are covered
With blood soak sheets
The coroner signs the receipt
And places toe tags on their feet

As countless victims
Meet their Maker
It’s a booming year
For the undertaker
As well as the cemetery
While burial plots
Are being sold by the acre

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By Cedric McClester

How many black men
Have to die?
At the hands of cops
Who are quick to deny
That their blackness
Was the reason why
Their families now morn
And their friends now cry

How come it’s always
Deadly force?
Why don’t they choose
Another course?
But they don’t
Then lack remorse
For the dastardly actions
That they endorse

It’s always black men
Who in taking flight
Wind up dead
In the dark of night
And the cops should know
That it ain’t right
But they do it anyway
And they aren’t contrite

After Attorney Ben Crump
Has been reached
How many funerals
Must Reverend Sharpton preach?
For aggrieved families
Who are in the breach
Before the cop’s behavior
Has been impeached

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
Apr 23 · 54
By: Cedric McClester

Being black is
Sometimes being loathed and hated
Or beaten back
And usually underestimated
And though it’s wack
It’s also antiquated
And it’s a fact
We’re often tired and frustrated

Being black is
A pre-existing condition
As a matter of fact
It hurts to make this admission
And those without tact
Might say we lack ambition
But let’s look back
Who put us in this position?

Being black is
Being spotted in a crowd
And it’s a fact
Sometimes we are too loud
We’re attacked
For being well endowed
The deck is stacked
Yet we refuse to be cowed

Being black is
Having grace and style
And the knack
For surviving hard times with a smile
And bouncing back
With a Cadillac
To completes our high profile
We use more gas for the mile

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

The jurors said guilty
On all three counts
And history was made
Cos the cop didn’t bounce
See sometimes we get
Justice by the ounce
But most times we don’t
When the verdict’s pronounced

He must have assumed
That he’d get away
With the ****** he committed
On that fateful day
But thank God he didn’t
And will have to pay
For that public lynching
On open display

All he showed Mr. Floyd
Was gross disrespect
When he kept his knee
On his fragile neck
With the crowd urging him
To let George off the deck
He ignored one and all
While flexing his pecs

Now his accomplices
Face aiding and abetting
For not doing nothing
Though it was upsetting
Even a blind man could see
Where it was heading
To an outcome that they
All should have been dreading

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved
Apr 3 · 56
By: Cedric McClester

For those of you asking
“What’s the fuss?”
George Floyd could have been
Anyone of us
Which explains why the bystanders
Pleaded and cussed
But the officer refused
To acknowledge and adjust

For those who are thinking
He was a big man
You’d be correct
But what I don’t understand
Is once the situation
Was well in hand
Why did he choose
To torture that man?

For those who are looking
For a convenient excuse
To look the other way
And ignore the abuse
That Mr. Floyd was
Subjected to
If justice is to prevail
That’s impossible to do

For those of you who
Just can’t relate
To how George Floyd
Met his untimely fate
And would be inclined
To give the cop
The benefit of the doubt
It’s time for you to simply tap out

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Apr 2 · 44
By: Cedric McClester

Are you woke
Or still asleep?
Or is the question
Much too deep?
Cos I don’t hear
A single peep
When you’re being
Led like sheep

Are you woke?
Know what I mean?
From your mouth
The word’s obscene
Though you think
It’s peachy keen
But have you been
Where I’ve been

Are you woke?
I thought I’d ask
You wear the word
Like a face mask
Is sincerity
Too hard a task?
Or do you need
To be placed on blast

Are you woke?
Is the question
Somewhere in this
There’s a lesson
Or perhaps
An unfound blessing
It’s the former
That I’m addressing

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2021.  All rights reserved.
They say Floyd might have been
In an ****** induced haze
Introduced to the jury
To see how it plays
But that’s a common affliction
So one has to wonder
Why was it raised?

They say that Floyd was anything
But a child of God
As a way of coming down on him
Extra hard
Cos “The evil that men do
Lives after them,” said the Bard
“But the good’s interred within their bones
Forever they’ll be scarred

No matter what he was
Here’s a salient fact
That was no way for Officer Chauvin
To react
I have to think it was all because
Floyd was black
One knee remained on his neck
The other on his back

Is it hoping for too much
For justice to prevail?
By any sense of the word
Chauvin belongs in jail
But we will have to see
If once again justice will fail
Or if it will triumph
Like a holy grail

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2021. All rights reserved.
Nine minutes and
Twenty-nine seconds
Knee on his neck
As death beckons
Justice shall prevail
One hopefully reckons
Unsupported by history
Or learned life lessons

And those gathered
As you might suspect
Begged him to take
His knee off of his neck
But his response was
Hey what the heck?
All he had for his victim
Was contempt and disrespect

Some might say
That we’re paranoid
To them I respond
In the name of George Floyd
Cos black lives matter
To a precious few
And y’all are aware
Of how you do

Grandpa cried while
On the stand
Recounting what he witnessed
Done to that man
The cop might as well have been
The Ku Klux ****
Which every black man in America
Will understand
By: Cedric McClester

How many of my people
Had to die
For the right to vote
That they now deny?
With their Jim Crow elections laws
Don’t ask me why
I think it’s as American
As apple pie?

So what’s a Republican
Supposed to do
When too many red states
Are turning blue?
And the voters seem to be
Of a darker hue
Than the Republican voters
That they’ve been  used to

Try though you may
To elicit a confession
They’ll say it’s anything
Other than voter suppression
But history has taught us
A hard learned lesson
That stops us from wondering
Or randomly guessing

The closest thing we have
To full citizenship
Is our right to vote
Which they’re trying to strip
But we’re not just gonna
Stand idly by
And watch what we fought for
Wither and  die

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Mar 25 · 76
By: Cedric McClester

From the lynching rope
We clung to hope
Fought for the right to vote
And also take note
We spent long days and nights
Fighting for civil rights
And the salient fact is
We’re not going back

We take two steps forward
And three steps back
I can’t help but think
That’s because we’re black
As for others of color
The same thing applies
They impede our progress
Through half truths and lies

But what they should know
Is there’s an ebb and flow
To how things will go
And time will show
The check is in the mail
And we will prevail
Our option’s not to fail
Or go off the rail

From the lynching rope
To the scourge of dope
It’s been a slippery *****
Though we’ve learned to cope
So as a matter of fact
We’re not looking back
We want what we lack
Not to subtract

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

There’s no rhyme
Nor is there reason
So who declared it
Open season
On the Asian community?
They’re attacked if
You’re asking me
With what appears to be impunity

What did an Asian
Ever do to anyone
To make them victims
Of an errant person’s gun?
Is that just someone’s
Sick idea of fun?
Just take a look at all
The damage that it’s done

Asians are more than
Just Chinese
They hail from many countries
In the Near and Far East
Like everybody else
They’re deserving of peace
So tell me when will
All this madness cease?

The Corona virus affects
More than you
Asians are susceptible
To it too
It may have come from China
Which we already knew
But that doesn’t make it
The China or Kung-flu

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Mar 20 · 41
By: Cedric McClester

The nexus of
All the rope in Texas
Along with a tall oak tree
Is part of the history
Of lynching folks like me
So why can’t Chip Roy see
That It was
A **** poor analogy

Clearly his myopic
View point on the topic
Of anti-Asian hate
Doesn’t add to the debate
Instead his racist trope
Shows him to be a dope
Let’s wash his mouth with soap
And then we can hold out hope

That he becomes enlightened
Not zenophobic or frightened
By people he never knew
Of a different color or hue
He needn’t double down
Because he likes the sound
Of being obstinate
His opinion doesn’t fit

Congressman Chip Roy is following
A familiar Republican ploy
To stir up a like-minded crowd
By saying the quiet parts out loud
He can anticipate
Through sowing seed of hate
You’d be amazed
How much he can fund raise

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Mar 19 · 35
By: Cedric McClester

Whites are entitled to
An occasional bad day
While people of color
Are executed or locked away
Said to be misunderstood
While people of color
Are just no good

Clearly there’s a great
Big dichotomy
Between white folks
And people like me
See that’s plain enough
For us all to see
But my question is
Does there have to be?

Too many whites want
Over people of color
And that shouldn’t be
If we truly are all
Born from a mother
What makes one
Better than the other?

Whites are few
People of color are many
Whites explored the world
And didn’t find any
People of their same
Color or hew
Which made them afraid
Of the day that we knew

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
Mar 19 · 34
By: Cedric McClester

He had a bad day
Or so they say
And he blew 8
Innocent people away
Six of whom were
Asian okay
And if that’s not  a hate crime
What is anyway?

I can’t relate to
It not being hate
When six of the eight
Were Asian they state
What more must we see
To know race is the key?
And if you’re asking me
It will always be

Chances are none to slim
That an Asain did
A **** thing to him
Yet he attacked them
On a mere whim
And what kind of message
Does that tend to send?
I’m asking all  the gentlemen

Aren’t you sick and tired
Of anti-Asain stereo-types
Perpetrated by miscreants
And guttersnipes?
Who victimize Asians
At  the drop of a hat
According to all of
The latest stats

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved..
Mar 16 · 40
By: Cedric McClester

Since time began
I can’t think of when
My people have been appreciated
For their melanin
So why don’t cha try living in
The skin that we’re in
Before you decide
Whether we’re foe or friend

Though black is beautiful
It’s been said
And long before slavery
We’ve seen where that’s led
Black women inside of
A white man’s bed
And black men subjugated
Or summarily bled

These are statements
Of salient facts
On the history of how
Whites have treated blacks
And now is no time
For us to relax
We’re not that far from
Plantations or shacks

But let me not end on
A sour note
Though I could continue
To emote
Truly optimism
Is what floats my boat
So if you must
Let that be your quote

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Feb 28 · 55
By: Cedric McClester

Moses went
To the mountain top
Seeking a word from God
That he might drop
On his people
So they might stop
The wayward ways
They had chosen to adopt

When he came down
What did he find?
They had gone
And lost their mind
Which made him angry
When he did find
A golden calf
Which crossed the line

Now fast forward
It’s today
A golden image
Points the way
For pseudo conservative
Who are okay
With worshiping Trump
Although most say

They call themselves
But they’re hypocrites
Who are unethical
They worship the devil
And that will be
To their regret

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Have you heard the news
About Senator Ted Cruz
Fleeing the Lone Star state
That’s been freezing of late?
That supercilious buffoon
Took his family to Cancun
From all I’ve been told
To escape the Texas cold

Is it just a telltale sign
That he should resign
From the office that he holds
As more bad news unfolds?
In my jaded eyes
He doesn’t sympathize
With his constituents
Which doesn’t make no sense

He’s a snake covered in vaseline
If you know what I mean
The power hungry type
Who’s lower than a guttersnipe
Doing anything to appease
By getting on his knees
Just to kiss the ring
Of a self-appointed king

Like other educated fools
He attended the best schools
He has lots of brains
But the fact still remains
He has very little respect
For his voters’ intellects
But as sure as you’re born
I feel that he’ll soon be gone

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

A man of dubious integrity
Is Senator Leslie Graham ya see
He worships at the temple of hypocrisy
And genuflects to the aristocracy
You can hold his words against him
But chances are none to slim
That he’ll keep anyone of them
Even when you have him on film

He’s the definition of obsequious
And it’s a failed president that he trusts
He’ll be with him until he goes bust
Or ashes to ashes dust to dust
Either or we know the score
Senator Graham is a political *****
Now is it necessary to hear more
Must I repeat what I said before?

I wonder what he sees looking in the mirror
Does the real him become any clearer?
He’s the reason they say beware of the bearer
But now that we’re through with Trump’s reign of terror
Whose ***  will he now choose to kiss
Is that why they say ignorance is bliss?
Tune in tomorrow it's not to be missed
If you want to find the answer to this

We’ll have to tolerate him for another six years
Or at least that’s how it now appears
Unless South Carolina chooses to switch gears
Which is the worst of Leslie Graham’s fears
He has become a mere caricature
Of the kind of man that he was once before
But having said that he’s still hard to ignore
Though he’s still a lying *** for sure

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
Jan 19 · 52
By: Cedric McClester

He want a 21 gun salute
And that’s alright
If they aim when they shoot
Then that action would be moot
As the nation prepares
To give him the boot

And I guess you could ask
Who knew?
But he wants a red carpet too
And a send off
That benefits who
Someone under congressional review?

Donald Trump has
A hell of a nerve
It’s not like he’s someone
Who has served
But he’s asking for
Something he doesn’t deserve

He’s flying to Mar-A-Largo
On Air Force One
When it lands
His presidency will be done
I hope he’s hasn’t forgotten
To take his young son

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All  rights reserved.
Jan 18 · 44
By: Cedric McClester

Look around you
In any direction
Hear the screams
Of insurrection?
And even upon
Closer inspection
The anger that’s there
Avoids detection

And I suppose
That it bears a mention
Because they generally
Aren’t paying attention
To addressing our needs
Which causes dissension
See they never tried to use
An ounce of prevention

So they continue with
Their arrogance
And below the surface
You get the sense
That things have gotten
More intense
But they’re ignoring
The evidence

So the pressure cooker
Has already blown
And everybody but them
Seems to have known
Just how deep
The rabbit hole can go
Before we’re faced with
A complete overthrow

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 18 · 39
By: Cedric McClester

Some call it democracy
But I call it the hypocrisy
Of the aristocracy
Promoting meritocracy
Because our ideas
Are bought and sold
By those among us
Who maintain control

So pardon me
If I may be so bold
To lay it out like that
Because I know it’s cold
But that’s not even the half
If the truth be told
We’re all being choked
In their strangle hold

This isn’t a survey
So I haven’t been polled
Nor is it simply put
Something that I’ve been told
I’m an eyewitness
Who watched it all unfold
And it hasn’t yet reached
It’s full threshold

So here’s my hypothesis
They’re blocking our esophagus
By closing our sarcophagus
And that’s the thing that’s stopping us
As long as they’re the ones
With the monopoly
They’re always gonna have
The oligopoly

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
Jan 15 · 64
By: Cedric McClester

That Viking hat wearing
Was heeding the call  
Of the President
That former
White House resident
Who fermented the seeds
Of discontent

The guy weaponizing
The American flag
By assaulting the police officer
Wasn’t a gag
It was in fact
A blatant  criminal act
Just like the guy
Heaving the bicycle rack

Let’s not forget the guy
With the confederate flag
Walking the halls of the Capitol
In order to brag
That he was there
To reverse the election
At you guessed it
The failed President’s direction

And how about the guy
Hanging off the balcony
Acting like Spiderrman
For the whole world to see?
An above average fool
If you’re asking me
Among other miscreants
Wedded to anarchy

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 14 · 57
By: Cedric McClester

He sees himself
As a great big bruiser
When in truth and in fact
He’s the world’s greatest loser
We might look the other way
Were he a big ******
But he’s a teatoler
An alcohol refuser

He’s a big gambler
Who rolled the dice
Now he’ll go down in history
As impeached twice
In other words
He’s not looking nice
But he placed his own head
Inside of that vice

He encouraged
A mass insurrection
And pointed the crowd
In the Capitol’s direction
He’s an example
Of human imperfection
Or at the very least
Presidential dereliction

He very shortly
Will be off the scene
Away from the public
And off of the screen
He’s a prime example
Of what is obscene
And under no definition
Is that peachy keen

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 9 · 57
By: Cedric McClester

Only God knows
How far their debauchery goes
When they’re in the throws
On the path that they chose
They’re readily admitting
To spitting and *******
On our hallow halls
As the Capitol falls  

Who are these miscreants?
That the President sent
One and all hell-bent
Planting seeds of discontent
Now paying the cost
For which he’s engrossed
The election that he loss
Sleepy Joe will be the boss

What manner of man
Or for that matter woman can
Not understand the dubious plan
Of that failed man
Up on the stage
Encouraging rampage
As a way to vent rage
In this Joe Biden age

Now calls for the ascendant
Twenty-Fifth Amendment
With Trump as defendant
Remains dependent
On the Vice President’s reach
Or Congress might impeach
As many people beseech
They have a right to free speech

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved
Jan 8 · 72
By: Cedric McClester

Perp walk ‘em all
Who herald the call
For insurrection
In the Capitol’s direction
Five people are dead
From the false words they said
And more have bled
Lock ‘em all up instead

Call their bluffs and
Place them in handcuffs
For the crimes they’ve committed
In the halls where they *******
On America no less
Make them confess
To their traitorist deeds
On all the news feeds

Enemies of the state
Brought under the full weight
Of prevailing laws
Against their misbegotten cause
They must pay a price
For their acts of vice
And there’s no need tio pause
We’re a nation of laws

Let the whole world see
The culprits on TV
Being marched off and jailed
Because their coup failed
We need slam dunks
On those pusillanimous punks
Let’s put them away
And let’s do it today

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 7 · 58
By: Cedric McClester

Stop saying,
“That’s not who we are.”
When we’re the engine
Driving this car
Which has strayed
So very far
From who we like
To say we are

Stop saying,
“We’re much better than that.”
Not from the seat
Where Nancy Pelosi sat
Or from the place congress
Was forced to ****
Out of the room
Where they were at

Stop saying,
“Make America great again.”
Until we’re a nation of laws
Not of men
Cuz how else are we
Gonna win?
And there’s no time like the present
To begin

Stop saying,
“We’re the world’s
Greatest democracy.”
The way
We used to be
When in fact
We’re barely free
From his demagoguery  

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 7 · 68
By: Cedric McClester

The situation’s dire
Quick someone,
Call the town cryer!
The president’s loose
And our nation’s on fire!
As we watch him
Up on the high wire
He's an unrepentant liar

Let’s unravel
The mystery
How much more of this
Must we see
To understand that
It shouldn’t be
In a land that
Calls itself free

For some it is
In God they trust
For others it’s
The President or bust
The latter engenders
Our disgust
Frankly speaking
As they must

Look at them all
On the carousel
Hyped up on
The devil’s spell
Look in their eyes
And you can tell
They’re taking the express train
Straight to hell

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 7 · 45
By; Cedric McClester

Today’s shameful events
Have come and gone
But it’s for our nation
I’m obliged to mourn
Though tomorrow
A new day will be born
The darkest hour
Is just before dawn

Weeping may only
Endure for a night
But tomorrow everything
Will be alright
Some see the darkness
But I see the light
What the President did
Served to incite

A mob abandoned
All sort of decorum
And invaded the halls
Of a congressional forum
Say what you will, but
It’s impossible to ignore ‘em
And the person responsible,
Wants us to implore him

We’re well aware
That the President isn’t right
And who knows what next
He might incite
Before he steps off
Into that good night?
And what kind of war
Might he have us fight?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Words by: Cedric McClester

He’ll no longer be
Our President
Nor will he be
A White House resident
He’ll be the guy
Who came and went
And I happen to
Second that sentiment

He’ll no longer be
An American oligarch
He’ll be someone whose bite
Doesn’t match his bark
Someone who talks to himself
In the dark
And won the presidency
As a lark

He’ll no longer be
The titan he was
That’s what losing an election
Sometimes does
And his Twitter feed
Will lack its buzz
Now that he’s retired
Just because

He’ll no longer be
The celebrity
That we constantly see
On Fox News TV
He’ll be part of a failed
That **** near deep sixed
Our democracy

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
Jan 5 · 45
By: Cedric McClester

He’s estranged from us
He’s desperate and he’s dangerous
And he’s very strange to us
As we fight for the change we must
Had he done what was required
He might have been rehired
And even been admired
For the vaccine he inspired

He’s estranged from us
And not the kind that instills trust
Cuz he engenders our disgust
And he’s too quick to combust
He’s not the man that he used to be
So he’s been fired unceremoniously
At last we the people are finally free
Of his unique brand of skullduggery

He’s estranged from us
Consequently he’s been left in the dust
By a man that people really can trust
As previously discussed
Don’t kick a dog when he’s down
But hisf breed need to be in the ground
And I’m well aware how this may sound
Cuz the truth is commodity that’s rarely found

He’s estranged from us
Cuz he’s the god in which he trusts
Who’s so full of himself that he might bust
Or be trampled on like old sawdust
Pretty soon he will be gone
Heartbroken and also forlorn
Cuz he hasn’t upheld the oath he’s sworn
And tomorrow represents a brand new dawn

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric  McClester

I believe in the people
Who founded democracy
I believe in her  principles
That we now rarely see
I believe in America
The one that used to be
I believe what we’re seeing today
Is nothing but hypocrisy

I believe in the Constitution
As it was meant to be
The greatest living document
In American history
I believe in the Bill of Rights
As properly amended
I believe that’s everything
That Donald Trump’s offended

I believe our power is our people
Who have to step up to the plate
And remove the conspiracy theories
That have come to the surface of late
I believe our republic is worth saving
If we're committed to participate
And I believe in everything
That I’ve had the courage to state

I believe we could easily lose
The soul of our nation real quick
Cuz the past four years we’ve been ailing
And it’s clear that we’re terminally sick
See we’ve been drinking the Kool Aid
That Trump’s so amply supplied
We’re at a come to Jesus moment
That’s up to each of us to decide

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

He’s  barking at the moon
But  it will all be over soon
And he’s  gonna change his tune
It’s safe to assume
Because the wild man at the helm
Who has been overwhelmed
Will legally be compelled
To leave the office he’s held

He’s barking at the moon
Him and his platoon
Who will soon be  consumed
Because they’re clearyl doomed
And will havta pay the cost
For his election loss
Though his wires are crossed
Cuz few ballots were tossed

He’s barking at the moon
While acting like a goon
He must be crazy as a loon
At a lagoon in June
Like Captain Ahab chasing that whale
His best efforts were doomed to fail
I hope he’s raising bail
Cuz he’s gonna be in jail

He’s barking at the moon
While covid deaths consume
Those who’ve faced it’s doom
Which generates more  gloom
The President is a liar
Who doesn’t know how to inspire
Us because it’s dire
Like being on a high wire

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Dec 2020 · 51
Cedric McClester Dec 2020
By: Cedric McClester

I guess it figures
They were just sand *******
And his heart’s been hardened
So he chose to pardon
Their Blackwater killers
Mercenary distillers
Of death and destruction
It’s a logical deduction

They were hell-bent
Destroying whoever went
Beyond a certain point
By bloodying up the joint
They all were identified
And convicted once tried
But now the controversy’s starting
Since he gave them a pardon

Iraqi innocents
Dead and gone since
The sons and daughters
Of people who never fought us
Victims of the slaughter
Perpetrated by Blackwater
Monetarily driven
Now all but forgiven

Though of brown  skin
Neither foe nor friend
Killed for no good reason
During that killing season
From the evidence we see
They were killed summarily
And their killers let out
Left to mingle and walk about

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Dec 2020 · 70
Cedric McClester Dec 2020
By: Cedric McClester

Isn’t it odd
That he’d claim fraud
When he should be awed
By how Biden clawed
His way to the top?
While his own numbers dropped
Facts can’t be denied
Biden won by a landslide

Isn’t it strange
How things suddenly changed
And Trump acted deranged
When he felt shortchanged
He was practically broken
After the people had spoken
And was seeking a token
From among his outspoken

Even Mitch McConnell
As Burger King’s Ronald
Played Old McDonald
While tryna coddle
A despot gone mad
Who’s lost what he had
When the market went bad
His ending was sad

Now it couldn’t be clearer
We’re entering a new era
One more sincerer
Than Trump’s broken mirror
It’s time we move on
From a past that is gone
Cuz as sure as you’re born
A new era has dawned

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All right reserved.
Dec 2020 · 53
Cedric McClester Dec 2020
By: Cedric McClester

The American public
Doesn’t give a ****
So invest in caskets
And refrigerated trucks
As a sure way to
Increase you bucks
While funeral directors
Say, “Aw shucks!”

Super spreader events
Are being held everywhere
And only Fauci
And his colleagues seem to care
So we’re dying in droves
Just to be fair
While catching the virus
That’s launched in the air

Follow the science
Instead of the fools
Cuz they have laid down
Some concrete rules
Social distancing and masks
Just a couple of tools
That are more precious than
The rarest of jewels

All around the White House
They’re dropping like flies
Yet the President insists
On telling us lies
But sooner or later
We’re gonna realize
The truth of the matter
Which depends on who dies

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Dec 2020 · 56
Cedric McClester Dec 2020
By: Cedric McClester

I suppose
That Rudy now knows
The wrong path he chose
Left him
As well as others exposed
To a deadly virus
That is most undesirous
As is his bias

I guess
That nevertheless
If he were to confess
He’d say that he’s blessed
With the best medical care
One can get anywhere
And if he were to share
He’s painfully aware

Covid’s no joke
Though he’s often misspoke
But now that he’s woke
And trying not to choke
From depleted lung capacity
Given his new veracity
He now has the audacity
To abandon past mendacity

Now that he knows
How deep
The rabbit hole goes
Cuz he’s taking his blows
Due to
The course that he chose
Like the emperor
He’s not wearing clothes

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
Dec 2020 · 42
Cedric McClester Dec 2020
By: Cedric McClester

I know it’s cold
But from what I’m being told
Our nation’s being run
By remote control
The pandemic’s spreading
But we’re left on hold
While the president rants and raves
About a lie that’s been sold

Time is getting shorter
On his remaining days
But he won the election
In spite of the nays
He’s been cheated
Is the soundtrack that plays
And he still is gonna win it
Cuz he lives in a haze

He’s raised two hundred million
And they’re still counting
Saying he’s been cheated
Seems to be the magic fountain
That keeps the cash flowing
While it’s steadily mounting
According to
The most recent accounting

Alms for the poor or
The billionaire?
He asks for more
And his base doesn’t care
Guess they have
Enough cash to spare
Or either they are
Sadly unaware

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
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