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Cecelia Dec 2019
I am face to face with the Grim Reaper

Not yet has he grasped onto my shoulder
But in time this will happen
Much quicker than it should

Face to face with death itself
Meeting him is just a stroll down the lane
That so many have gone down

I have yet to turn around
And face the flowers and light

So I see the Grim Reaper
And I am turning away
Goodbye to this dangerous weeper
Not today
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Oct 2019
The life of a shining young star
Would have yet to come so far
If life didn't take her

The dreams of a shining bright sun
Her whole life had yet to come
But the end ended all means
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Sep 2019
It's there, I can see it
I can feel it pulling me

Disaster and disappointment
Can only discourage me for so long

Because the sun's radiance is there
I can feel it driving me towards
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Aug 2019
Dear Cassie,

I did not know you as a person
But I have known you as a spirit

You were the apparition
Of a consistent joy
Always there on the corner

Your tragedy
Turned into vagueness
Which turned into knowledge

And now that knowledge I have
Will follow me forever

Be at peace, beautiful Cassie
Cecelia C
Cecelia Aug 2019
The world is so new
Yet you have lived here before
Your eyes are gold
But your mind is old

Wisdom possess you
Wonder and patience runs through your veins
Your beautiful blue eyes
See more than just the surface

Angel of goodness and imagination
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Aug 2019
My subconscious is another world
It drags me into the luring apparition of
Love and fear

This world is filled with what I want
At the base of it all
It's another world I'd love to live in

But this earthly world drags me back upon each wakening
The reality of love and fear
But it's not worth it
And it's not what I want

Thus every waking moment
After experiencing my dreams
Is a nightmare, and a torturous reminder
Of what I don't have
And of what I can't feel.
August 9, 2019
Cecelia C.
Cecelia May 2019
Truly blessed
With this fascinating day
Filled with joy, lights and wonder

Delicious food and the comfort of family
Thank you friends, thank you family
And thank you Earth for a joyous
And most cherished
Birthday Celebration
May 28 2019
Had a wonderful birthday.
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