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A little Snow was here and there
Disseminated in her Hair—
Since she and I had met and played
Decade had gathered to Decade—

But Time had added not obtained
Impregnable the Rose
For summer too indelible
Too obdurate for Snows—
He wants to say I love you
But keeps it to good night
Because love will mean falling
And she's afraid of heights.
Some things are better left unsaid.
 Feb 2016 C X Rutledge
I know if one day I wake up forgetting who I am or who I was supposed to be, I still will remember your name.

I'll remember how secure it sounds leaving my mouth when I'm out of breath, or even when I'm in denial.

I know that if I go to sleep for another 3 years, you might eventually crave my skin for a final touch.

But you'll always wish me a Goodbye.
go to college — study what you love,
get a job — don’t worry about money,
start a family — focus on your career
eat healthier — try our new stuffed cheesy crust,
make time for loved ones — provide,
spend more time with her — give her everything,

the gristle is all that’s left
when you’re eaten alive
I said goodbye
And stifled the tears with a reassuring
‘I know they will be back’.
But maybe,
Maybe I don’t know this.
Because I always thought you would come back,
But I haven’t seen you since the world last had color
And the birds still seemed to sing.
 Jan 2015 C X Rutledge
Margo May
if your love is truly patient and kind,
then Lord, change my heart and mind.
if your love isn't full of jealousy and pride,
then Lord, i wanna set myself aside.
if your love cares more about others,
then Lord, help me to love my brothers.
if your love doesn't get annoyed,
then Lord, i wanna always spread joy.
if your love is genuinely forgiving,
then Lord, in the present i'll be living.
if your love rejoices in what is true,
then Lord, i wanna love like you do.
if your love never gives up,
then Lord, in faith i will jump.
if your love is always persistent,
then Lord, i wanna reach those who are distant.
if your love has the power to change lives,
then Lord, i give you mine.
Based off of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
Your pains, your sorrows
Don't let it follow
It carries you and pushes you deep
till there is no way apart from sleep
Rise through the wind
March against the shadow and begin
Raise yourself and believe in your beauty
Don't harm yourself for the others are fools
Don't destroy your passion, you are a jewel
Your key Ingrained in you, seek it and stay
your fears and tears wash it away
stamp your strength in your mind
Pack all your love & leave your demons behind
there is a better tomorrow
You are beautiful...youthful, and fruitful are not alone
This poem is for all of you that feel down, depressed, like you feel there is no way out. A message to tell you that there is a force stronger than pain. You can be you, you can be true. No one can tell you otherwise.
 Dec 2014 C X Rutledge
Margo May
because i know what can happen, i've heard the stories of death,
so just in case, tonight, if i take my final breath,
before i wake,
Lord please take,
my soul.
and let him know
that i have always loved him.
going downhill skiing for the first time tonight...
You are just a prop in her life, Cody.
You are there to help her work through things.

That's great; one problem.
I am not a dishrag.

I do not serve as a free form of therapy.
I am not just a service to help girls learn about themselves.

I have feelings.
I get attached.
I want reciprocation.
I want affection.

Sometimes I'm the one who needs help.
Sometimes I am not just satisfied with knowing I helped.

I am not your valet.
I am not your counselor.
I am not your validation on demand.

I cannot even fathom why you think can just take.
It's because I can't give, Cody.
If you can't give, why do you think it's ok to take?

I will not always be ok.
I won't always get over it.
I won't just understand why you can't be there for me.

I am not just a rock to be your stability.
I am not just a blanket to give you comfort.

I am not a flipping dishrag.
anger. it boils.
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