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Bryan Omar Feb 2016
I remember the times we talked
We promised to forgive and forget
Move on from where we are
Look forward to future conversations to come
I looked into the future for something better
I thought we would connect and rekindle that fire

But not a peep have I heard since
It's sad to know that anytime I try to connect
You seem to turn around and forget
I feel like a ghost that wants to be recognized
But is trapped by the web of your despair
Thrown away
Not given worth

If you are reading this just know
That all I ever wanted was a simple hello
Bryan Omar Jan 2016
It's weird how we met,
You were just a freshman
While I was just a sophomore
I was the king of the block
While you were trying to find a way to come up

Rarely ever spoke
You were really just ignored
Really never thought you would be the first
To approach this bitter guy
Who thought he knew the ropes
But you took that leap and talked to me first
You then became like a sibling to me

Now I talk to you about my life
From my first memory to my most painful memory
You just listen but I know you learn
You learn that this guy you call your best friend
Is a guy that likes to live life till it hurts

You have been there in the best and the worst of times
You have been there when I need a person to talk to
You have been there when no one else would be

I thank you and I commend you for all that you've done
You know I'll have your back till the day you are gone
Bryan Omar Jan 2016
Have you ever thought about the way we change?
To be more precise the way we change for someone
It all can vary from person to person
But it all has the same result

We accommodate for one another
With the other not noticing what we have done for each other
Why does all this happen?

We notice until it is all gone
Or we have some one say,
Hey where have you gone?

I sit here thinking about all the changes I have done
From the way I talked
To the way I walked
To the way I saw
To the way I loved

The funny thing is
We start loving someone new
Where we left of loving the old
Seems like we are like insects going through Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis- the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages

— The End —