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ollie Feb 25
youve shown me videos
where you call my name
and i turn and my face brightens
shining like ive seen the heavens

i look at you like i cant stand to look anywhere else
my eyes click into place
like they were meant to do exactly that
like i couldnt have heard anything sweeter
than the birdsong of your voice

despite my best efforts
i know i still look the same
whenever you mention me
and i feel nothing but awe
how could i manage anything different?
when all you do exude is radiance
sunflowers reaching through the soil
wherever you tread
experiencing heartache one step at a time
ollie Jun 2020
i dont think you realize
the full effect you have on me
how much space you take up
in my cozy little mind

how often i dream of you
how often i am reminded
of something you might like
of a joke you would laugh at
of a commonality or difference

even with my rose tinted lenses
popped out of the frame
i still clearly see you
and all that you are
and how wonderful it is
desperately trying to savor the chipped polish from when she last painted my nails. anyway how are yall
ollie Oct 2019
we live
and we ache
and we breathe
and we feel

why are we trained
from birth
to say that crying is weak
that joy and pain
have no value to the world

who is to say
that we are blank
that we are numb
that we should act
as though we are machinery
cold, perfect steel
fitting right within the grooves
that society hollows for us

i am alive!
and i love!
and i anger!
and emotion wells in my chest
a leaky pipe prone to bursting

enough time has been wasted
trying to rewire our beings
for the sole benefit of efficiency
imagine editing your poetry before posting it. anyways free verse am i right
ollie Aug 2019
i ache at the mere thought of you
of closeness,
of being together,
of reaching and touching you,
oh so tenderly

for you are the one
who holds space in my heart
and who i wish
i could hold in return

every day
and every night
you reside in my thoughts
your smile radiant as the sun
your eyes darker than onyx
as the sun sets,
you appear
title courtesy of my friend jean ty king real comrades only
ollie Aug 2019
oh, my sweet!
tender hearted darling
your soft hands,
your warm smile,
your birdsong laugh
sets my heart aflutter

serenade me,
drape me in your honey sweet voice
let me take up space in your tender gaze
simply being in your presence
is to be surrounded by home
you turn the key
and my heart kicks to life
a rusty thing,
but for you it shines golden
what if we
ollie Aug 2019
i am one of my own
what has been decided for me
and yet what i cannot be
if only because i cannot be it right

becoming a scavenger,
i pick apart what remains
from the carcass of femininity
clawing and ripping and tearing
and taking from gender
whatever i desire
for what has gender done for me?
aside from putting on a collar
and controlling my every move
deciding what i do
and how and when and why i do it

stealing what i can
and turning it upside down
looking starlit and airy
while still solid with rage
and being oh so tender with her
and protective from the rest
raccoon eyes and evening gowns
leather boots and lace socks
i havent been on here for a while but im back to post more gay poetry because im a big **** and my dearest bought me minecraft
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