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 Jul 2017 brianna of space
they were caught somewhere in the middle
between strangers and lovers
like where the waves hit the shore

not quite the sea
but not yet land

Sleep quietly, now that
the gates of the day are
closed. Leave tomorrow's
problems for tomorrow.

The earth is peaceful.
Only the stars are abroad;
and they will not
cause you any trouble.
 May 2017 brianna of space
Forbidden fruit
Ripened by the sun
Handpicked imperfections
Never to be tasted
Hungry for the wind

Sweet honey painted lips
Decadent play thing
Lover of the lost
Beautiful  chaos

Rabbit hole choices
Peephole neverland
Necessary whimsical
Carry me away honeysuckle

Watercolor visions
Wildflower dreams
Just is, just because
Cross the line
To the USA, a travelling circus came,
They elected a brand new President,
And Donald was his name.
Over-night, and it's such a crying shame,
He's divided American Politics,
To advance his wealth and fame

Donald the President waved his hands,
And pointed up with his finger,
He said to the world 'My name is Trump,
Trump, Trump, Trump!
Donald the President's building a wall,
To keep out thousands of migrants,
The USA is becoming a dump,
Dump, Dump, Dump!

People from many nations,
Tried to intervene,
They shouted and marched,
And waved their signs,
And made an ugly scene.

But Donald the President waved his hands,
and pointed up with his finger,
He'll have his way,
He's taken the ****,
****, ****, ****!

Oh, what a to-do,
He's surrounded himself with fools,
Firstly they blame Obama spies,
and then it's GCHQ.
His travel ban
has been thwarted in Maryland,
Then the repeal of Obama care,
Has been grounded where it stands.

But Donald the President promised the earth,
To all the American people,
'We'll make America great again',
Pump, Pump, Pump!
Donald the President hates the Press,
They're 'Fake News' creators,
They're pedlars of lies,
They're all the same,
Grump, Grump, Grump!

From Iran to NATO,
The problems start to swell,
From Syria, and Israel,
To North Korea as well.

But Donald the President's borrowing cash,
to try and save the Republic,
How will they ever pay it back?
Slump, Slump, Slump?
The president may be a Billionaire,
Who wants control of the Senate,
But some said Putin was pulling some strings?
Chump, Chump, Chump !
Can also be sung to the tune of Nellie the Elephant.
Written by Philip Kirwin.
 May 2017 brianna of space
Give up your muse
of mediocrity
Throw him to the wolves

Let him roast on the spit
of your whirring pen
laugh without mercy:

"You guided me to this place,
Now I'll show you where to go."

The ink stains your hands
You, Lady Macbeth,
but instead of washing

use it to tattoo
the truth
all over your face
Sometimes I get tired of love poems, but, you know, I'm a lover not a fighter.
 May 2017 brianna of space
I am not an empty vase for you to collect your dead flowers in.
Amara Pendergraft 2017


In bed
(between the sheets at last)    

I stroke your breast
with excited fingertips

ask you
“What ya reading Hon? ”

Big mistake!

“’bout Quarks! ”

“Quarks? ”

“You know subatomic particles...duh! ”

“...the irreducible building blocks of
the universe! ”

“Ahhh! ”
Your ****** comes alive
has a mind of its own.

I come
(from a generation)    

where protons, neutrons & electrons

were just
a lot of

coloured *****
hanging from a ceiling

or the stuff
of badly drawn diagrams.

Death by boredom
in a cold Science class
on a wintry morning.

“Unlike previously known particles
a Quark
(rhymes with Cork)    

has only a partial
Pos.  or   Neg.
electrical charge.

“I see! ” I say
(not seeing) .

“They are bound
in families of 3...”

She tells me.

“Really? ”

I interrupt her
but she interrupts my interruption.

“ form protons & neutrons! ”

She continues on
in a hectoring lecturing tone.

“These triplets
(are you with me?)    ”

“Yes...yes! ”
(I lie)    

“...we call hadrons.”

She absentmindedly
strokes my *******

for(I guess)    

I become positively

“The pairing of a quark
with an anti-quark
of the same colour
is known as a


I can feel my mind
freezing over.

She just skates over it
with a knife-blade intellect.  

Again I grin & feign
an interest.
“So now...”
She continues in full spate.

I drown in her drone.

“The indivisible
constituents of matter

appear to be

the six what we call flavours of

“Oh, and...six other kind of particles
known as


I prop imaginary matchsticks
under my real eyelids.

“The electron
(by this time I have lost my *******)    

the Muon
(I feel like a *****)    

& the Lau
(I can’t sink any lower)    

each with its own

My eyes glaze

“Now, according to Quantum Field Theory
all forces


are mediated
by force carrying particles


Gauge Bosons! ”

My mind
goes into meltdown.

“One of these
(the Gluon)    
is responsible
for holding Quarks

“I see...I see! ”
I consider thoughtfully

‘though I

“The physicist
who postulated

the existence of a

(******* that
Murray Gell -Mann)    

“...obviously liked a laugh
giving them the nonsense name of
Quark! ”

“And oh...on a whim
described them

as flavours & colours! ”

“Quarks...! ” I ruminate
(in an interior monologue)  
are passion killers
especially the details.

She laughs.
So I – laugh.

“Ha ha! ”
(** hum) .

Brought back to life
by the kiss of humour

I come out of
deep freeze.

Warming now
to her


she informs me

“Each flavour of

comes in
3 colours! ”

“Horray for the red green & blue! ”

I holler.

She glowers.

I smile stupidly and sheepishly.

“Each hadron
(remember ‘em?)    ”

“Yes, I remember
I had one! ”

I mumble
& mutter

but it’s lost
on her.

My *******’s had it.
It’s more an R.I.P!

She’s blinding me
with Science.

“And what... pray tell...? ”

I dare to ask
a question.

“...are the 6 flavours of Quarks? ”

“Why..! ”

She positively beams
delighted at my interest.







“Really? ”

“Really! ”

“Why...I’ll be a...why
of course I shoulda guessed! ”

I stroke the beauty
of her bottom

(for comfort
rather than any ****** interest) .

“Protons have...”

She drones on and on despite my hand’s pleading.

“2 UP Quarks &
1 DOWN.”

“Oh lucky them! ”
I think
but only in my mind.

“...whose electrical charges combine
to give them a + 1.”

(on the other hand)    
Are you listening? “

“Yes Mam...I am! ”

“...are made up of
1 UP
2 DOWN! ”

“...which accounts for
its neutral charge.! ”

“Right! ”
“Right? ”

My mind has hit
a brick wall.

I can’t go on.

“Oh, love...
Am I boring you? ”

“Not at all! No! Not at all! ”

I doth protest
too much.

I feel like
four flavours of Quarks
(you know the sort)    

STRANGE, CHARMED(I’m sure!)    

that existing for only
an infinitesimal fraction of a second can only be seen
in those self-annihilating collisions that occur when
protons and anti-protons are accelerated to speeds

approaching the speed of light
in a particle accelerator.

But in a hundredth of a billionth of a billionth of a second
I blinked

...& missed it.
**** that
Murray Gell-Mann

...she’s fallen asleep

Leaving me
with a revived *******

glowing lonely
in the dark.


I design a tee-shirt in my mind.

“Ha ha! ”

“What...! ” suddenly you

as I imagine
a Quark


“April Fool! ”
You scream.

“I learnt it all off by heart! ”

“By rote
...joke? ”

“But it’s not April Fool!
It’s the middle of February! ”

“Yes but...if I had waited
for April Fool’s Day

You would have known
I was having you on! ”

You somehow

“Oh, come
here! ” you say.

“And let me give you a hand
with that! ”

“Quark! ”
I moan.
Two cats in an open window
Big cat wants
to preserve his prerogatives
Little cat thinks
it should be his turn
But for now,
It's time to watch birds
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