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Breeze-Mist Apr 2019
I know I haven't been on here in a while. I've been pretty busy with college, and I've just been figuring a bunch of stuff out. Thank you so much to everyone who has been with me over the course of all of this, even through my weird, oddball stuff and all of the shifts in attitude through high school. I hope you are all doing well. I'm doing better. I'll post when I can.
Breeze-Mist Jan 2019
It's kind of funny
I almost didn't have it
But I'm glad I did

'Twas only a year
But everything changed so much
That I'm not the same

I have said little
So caught up in my life that
I have yet to write

Four school principals
But now I am free of that

Rapid fire news
Three different protests aloud
In response to it

And my views have changed
March I did not tell, but then
I joined DSA

I have changed my world
Flipping between three websites
For my social life

I have changed my town
College is hard at times, but
I love it so much

With chosen family
A punk scene and D&D
I don't want to leave

It was not painless
But somehow I got up and
Finally got help

And then I came out
Free from parental meddling
Finally honest

Still I play fiddle
Still I watch Marvel movies
Still the same workplace

But within a year
My worldview has changed so much
And I can't go back

Nor do I want to
In spite of future challenge
I now love my life

So to the new year
No matter what it shall bring
I will be ready
My annual end of year poem.
The overall summary of this year in my life: I changed, I learned, I grew up.
But I still have more learning to do.
  Dec 2018 Breeze-Mist
Edmund black
Poverty is not
An individual failure.
It’s an engineered system!
Wishing all my friends a happy holidays !
I am in Haiti until January 9th . Limited access to the internet and email!
Missionary mission!
God bless.... love you all!
Breeze-Mist Dec 2018
Twenty sixteen And
I am seething and ranting
For what has been done

Two years later, rain
A seedy bus stop, and I'm
Praying I'll arrive
Two completely different, yet equally memorable events, and they somehow both happened on 11/9.
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