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swooshed the wind right through me as bleakly whispered in my ear the unspoken muzzy words left my stun as they steer
Leelan Farhan
Toronto    I usually go by Leelo, I'm in my fourth year at the University of Toronto, studying psychology and English. I’m 21. The only way I ...
Sarah Antilope
time for a crying song
Mercy B
ohio    Our failure and triumphs are not what define us in this lifetime. It is the paths in which we choose to overcome and achieve them ...
marina b
Lauren Christina Pearson
Saint Charles, MO    I believe that writing is what grounds me in this world. Without it I would become untethered. It's how I understand my situation and how ...
taylor roff
Portland    a means to an end is an end of what means
Jasper Downey
Cloud City, Bespin   
Ayaba Babe
Fort Lauderdale    Angel | Àse | Flower Child. Vermont. Boston. South Florida. PHENOMENAL... just like Miss Angelou, HONEY consistency... just like Oshun.
Caroline K
Montana    I'm not sure how to change the world, but with words the world seems to change.
Lendon Partain
32/Non-binary/Andrews, Texas   
"Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backwards" -E.E. Cummings I've recently discovered a profound love I ...
Christa Elise Cannon
North Hollywood, CA    My official title is Singer/Actor/Writer/Dreamer/Dork...and that "dork" encompasses a LOT of things--hobbies, interests, and a general state of being. I'm an Air Force Brat--from Everywhere ...
Rebecca Carter
I love life and all things in it. I am a strong believer that words, whether spoken or written, can change everything and transform any ...
Ontario    My life is a catastrophe of jumbled thoughts and written words.
Sub Rosa
20    i like warm colors and cold mornings
Mark Butkus
There are an infinite amount of numbers but only 26 letters. The challenge as writers are to arrange those 26 letters in a manner that ...
liv hart
And someday you will ache like I ache All rights reserved. Your words are just as beautiful, do not steal mine.
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