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Sorrow Oct 2015
You dont care

You don’t care

All I say

Well the wind is lost in your hair

And green eyes

Oh those green eyes

They match the sea on Sundays, right before the suns down

And right after we leave.

But your face shape,

Is somewhere between scared and

Heart shaped.

Or mostly just lost.

Stare too far out at the sun, without looking away

I tell you you’ll go blind some day,

You dont care

You don’t care.

While the wind whips your hair,

We speed in the brisk air,

Underneath all those big stars

Too far away to blind you

If I just signed you away

I know you’d float up with lost toys

And helium balloons

Up in heaven, or in starts shaped like sprinkles

You’d float there

Wait ‘till your bright enough

That i see you from my porch at night

Way up, lost in that big sky.

Just like you are down here.

But still i look in those green eyes,

Underneath the city’s brown skies,

Am i your anchor,

Am i enough,

So that you’ll to stay here?

Please don’t float away.
Sorrow Dec 2013
Here is how I end.
This is my end.
Until anyone.
Witness what I have seen.

Not a sunset.
Or a trainwreck.
Just a whisper trailed off.
But it's okay.
No one noticed anyway.

Why wait for tomorrow,
When it's already proven today.
I've written to you,
All of these words.

All of my soul.
Poured down the drain.

There is no one else.
They say it might be.
But it's all a lie.

Let's finish.
This pathetic endeavor of space.
The eraser marks tear beyond my own.
Far from what I behold.
Tear holes.

Just stop me.
Before I become undone.

No breath left to run?
Find the space they least expect you to fill.
This end is my only saving.
Sorrow Nov 2013
I'm sorry.
I did not know.
And I wanted something different.
But that's just
all beside the point now.

Dear you.

In the end,
You didn't care much
Did you?

And here I am.
Still hoping you'll answer.

Here I am.


I'd waited
without you
I saw
the rainfall.
I still believe your promise.
Oh that night of long ago...
When you were someone different,
and I was nothing like

they still are living.
Those two ones who

You know I understood you?
Did you even
see my name.

I guess it's all one
sided. And we become
only alone.

I still hold that you inside me.
At least there
suffocate so slowly.
Crushed by years
and years of

Tell me,
will we always be
"You know I dreamed about you...for 29 years, before I saw you."
Two words.
And die.

There go a million breaths.
Sorrow Nov 2013
Step back and see
Is this the place?
You expect me to be

I can see your face but it hides
No shame

Hey did you
Think that we'd be

Yeah I
Could have seen
The future
If you'd let me.
Maybe I'll hold You down,
Your name.

How could you say?
How could you presume
To know me?

Or maybe
should have seen
The glaze of your eyes
I should not
In this

I felt your heart
I felt your heart
I felt

And it
Just as
My own

I scream
There is more.
I am not just what you
Think me.
Want to know!

Please assume
You can.
Withstand me
Sorrow Nov 2013
Because the world that I see
The lines that I perceive
Are just so different from you
From your sky.
Your eyes must be shaped differently than

Where do you stand?
How can I believe.

In whatever exists.
That we may change
Any moment to another
While breaths determine our steps
Looking back
I don't see
Or maybe just cannot perceive
Where this forked
And became.
While the other one dies,
We are only unaware.
Of less than exists.

Yet every one
So incomplete, still.
And though we may be opposing sides,
Does it even matter?
If in each one,
We are both still so small.

So look down on me
While she looks up at you.
And let's both miss the truth
The big picture.
And we 'll never leave
Our little worlds of perception.
Except you're there with the others,
And I'm all alone.

We never will transcend,
this atmosphere,
Will we?
Sorrow Oct 2013
Please, I need to talk to someone.
Or I just need you near.
Please don't go to sleep.
Please don't leave me.
Please protect me,
And stay.
I need
I can't
I don't
How can I make it on my own.
Don't leave me here.
Not all alone.

Because she's coming,
Calling for me.
Her games are never fair,
She always wins.

Please stay.
Wouldn't you?
Couldn't you?
Would you save me.

What would make you listen?
That you could see my pleas.
No, I cannot speak.
But don 't you see?
Why do we have eyes,
If everyone surrounding
Seems to be blind.

Don't leave me,
All alone.
Not again.
Not profound. Just honest. This is what I would ask of you, if I could.
Sorrow Oct 2013
I just realized no one is listening. They never were . Why do i believe?  
I know. I only need to realize. Or at least be true. This is all i have left.
**** you. For all your your wind wasted on hope. Did you realize there could become hurricanes? Do you even feel them now? As if. This is your creation. And you are the eye.
Believe, in your twisted logic. Begin. But...can you Spell justification. As long as you're happy. Right? Could anything be more important.
Can you say sacred? Could you even remember that word?
Has anyone a grip! Or does this all slide so easily from your hands...Unwittingly or apathetically? You all die. Crumble into dust, right before my eyes. Blow you away...
I thought you understood. I thought you would be more. You told me to have hope. You promised.
It was all a lie.
To you so white. Something thin enough to disappear. Or never have existed?! Do you say translucent? You never drew it to begin with. It was mine.
But...I just do not understand. How? How could so much effort go into, a forgotten dream? Because I guess that's all I am.
Was...if ever appeared. No, my mistake here.
For defining myself in the part of you...that never was.
I am nothing, and I have never existed.

You all must be evil. I cannot conceive of an alternate. Why was it so important, for me to believe? You still insist, behind your empty eyes; you assure. That there is truth. And light. And hope and horizons.
You cannot hear these words. Or they are just shapes in air. But then why speak? I think maybe you will come up dead. For ever and always. Never another.
Here is one. Last. Thought. Before you devour. What is left. Whatever ever was, of This lie. Come to life.
Why do zombies eat the brains?
Do you think inside a corner of a fold, in a dark space, underneath many layers; they feel regret? Over what is, what they are. That maybe some microscopic flutter of muscle is conscious? Self aware. And realizes, this should not be. This is wrong.
Here lies everything I ever held dear.

Yes, they may want it undone. Unwound. Yet; how weak they all are; unable.
So you just...give up? Accept death in a moment. And move on.
Does that really excuse you? I am incapable.  Yes, stamp your clear with that. How easy.
Nothing for more for you to do. Just ****. Or shut it up. Lash out. Clear away any reminders.
The idea that more could poison. is only a matter if will. I insist? So it becomes.
Eat the brains. And no one will tell you otherwise.
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