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Popped six pills
Sipped on this bottle for an hour
It was dry in the first half
Opened some old wounds
Tried burying the hatch
From 17 years of torture
Found myself curled up
In the corner talking to myself
I know this is how it's always going to be
One more year
Still everything will be the same
Except one huge dramatic change
That might fill the air with a lighter shade of grey
I wont be there anymore
I'm not running
I'm escaping
Giving you all the bird
Saying hello to my baby
Let the sands on the beaches
Fill my *** crack
Let the water flutter over the rocks at my feet
While I'm holding her in my arms
So everything does get better
When you are gone
I'm going to make love to an angel
Make it a crime to look at her
Wondering how the **** I ended up in those eyes
Why I'm the one being blessed
To be captured in her memory
Knowing I loved her the way she truly deserves
IF I fail tell the world I ****** up
I'm not waiting for the next step to **** me
I'm waiting for the first time I get to say
Baby I'm home :)
“Do you think there’s such thing as loving someone too much?” I asked him and searched his face for his reaction, which he didn’t show.

“What do you mean?” he questioned.

“I don’t know, do you think it’s possible to just want to love someone so much and save them, when maybe they’re already too broken to be fixed. I mean, maybe it would have been better—

“Don’t say that.” Michael interrupted, “Noah, don’t say that.”

“I don’t know, Michael. I mean, if she’s really that unhappy, was I in the wrong to send her to rehab? Was I wrong to want to save her and make her happy?”

“No, you’re not in the wrong.”

“I mean, if she really doesn’t want to live anymore, am I being selfish for wanting to keep her alive?”
this is actually an excerpt from the book that I'm writing. Hope you all enjoy it as much as my poetry :)
You don't need no make up,
no car parking space either;
move around, non stop in this dreary town,
inspiring all with your lovely mug
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