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Uzee Nov 2013
Oft do I find myself
Stumbling at the door
Leading to the memories
That I shut myself from

Oft do I think
To turn the **** over; rather trigger
Let the memories explode through
Pierce through me ; devouring until I'm no more

Oft do I think
Why I contain em anyhow
Since either way it kills
On either side of the door

Keeping them put on one side
Hole in heart bothers quite more
Feels empty and restless
This abyss consumes whole

Whilst letting em run on one side
Brings urge to feels, see,  hear her
Failing ; this slowly kills from inside out
This pain I feel more

THOUGH oft do I think
Passing out whilst reminiscing
Would me much more sweeter
Than passing out with
Uzee Nov 2013
These         little       moments      that      always      bring
little          feelings    which        crave        her          sight
moments    which     bring           her        words      back
that            crave         her           voice         so           stirring
always        her         words          so      beguilingly  deceitful
bring         sight         back       stirring     deceitful   despair
Uzee Oct 2013
oft do I wonder
how tiniest of the things
can make biggest of the difference
lit a smile on the face ; of someone you care
and how sometimes these tiny things
can bring about despair
and hope that stings
oft   do   i
Uzee Aug 2013
with the silence ill confess the truth
bound within the crooked lips for it lies
drenching away the slightest of the ruth
stuttering unspoken words
echoing silent cries
gushing blood
heart shook
Uzee Jun 2013
since the enchanted dream
In the night i saw
my insides are twitching
craving to draw

the exquisite meadow
luxuriant with wonders
cumulus clouds
narrowing in row

whence the water
Hastily sprang
hushing rapids
melodiously sang

prismatic reflection deceitfully shifts
the way the birds chanted in bliss

crimson sky
vibrant pattern it formed
beguiling wind
something it want

left me wonderstruck
rolling in stream
I glided the fall
ended the dream
Uzee Jun 2013
swooshed the wind right through me
as bleakly whispered in my ear
the unspoken muzzy words
left my stun as they steer

for now I knew something
I knew not before
as I saw the utmost ray of hope
consumed by the darkness
craving for more

such was its haste
mollifying the very urge
just like sun relieves its ray
right at its verge
Uzee Jun 2013
For a single glimpse of your face
sickly this heart craves
Dear falling in love with you
Has put me in a sickness so grave

sired by your mesmerizing eyes
spellbound by your ravishing smile
dear this heart thinks of no one else
will do anything to light that smile

the unforgettable moment,
the very first sight
when I got held by ur exquisite face
dear im still stupefied
by its gravity's might....

still do I think how I fell for you,
the incorrigible thirst to be by your side,
developed the moment I saw you,
Since then to absorb the gleam of your face,  
Dear do I strive,

I cannot simply describe this feeling
dear ur name round my heart looms
will love u till i'm breathing
All I can say is that I'm consumed...
this is the first poem
I ever wrote....
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