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Oct 31 · 17
she likes motorbikes
Chantell Wild Oct 31
he rides a KLR
and they wizz into the stars
vroom vroom
adventure bike, not speed
no reason to bleed (again)
no joy in riding in the rain
she likes the way it hums
the way her best friend drums
she like the way it growls
the way her mom's dog howls
she likes the way it moves
the way her husband grooves
she likes everything
about motorbikes
like taking early forest hikes
its just a thing - no simple matter
like Alice and her Hatter
she flew once,
from the handlebars
and broke a bone or two
but still,
she likes to ride
she keeps her circle wide,
- wider -
She Rider.
Oct 10 · 429
she likes electronica
Chantell Wild Oct 10
she plays the music loud
when no one is around
she dances like there's no tomorrow
and never a yesterday
she basks in the palpable sound
of her rapid (rabid) heartbeat
bare feet pounding
into unhallowed ground
Oct 9 · 42
never know much
we don't know until we know
and then,
when the playground shifts,
we find ourselves engaged
in the same game
but the angle has changed
seems you never know until you know
that you knew nothing before
which means
that you never know much, ever
in spite of being so clever
Sep 29 · 254
heavier than gold
Chantell Wild Sep 29
the whale is heavier in gold when dead
the tree worth more when planed into planks
the flower's so pretty but dies in the vase
when last did we stop to say thanks?
Sep 29 · 361
flounder not
Chantell Wild Sep 29
Flounder not, little bird
know you that you have wings?
Lift those mighty, crooked things
let tension subside
into the joyride of climbing
undulated skies
Let go of things that bind you
and allow yourself to rise, arise!
Albeit in your mind it is as real
as what surrounds you
you are bound to nothing
but that upon which you linger.
Sep 3 · 45
Faery Tail
why do you choose me
to chew upon
I was Cinderella once
until you sliced my hair
with the blade
that cut Snow's heart out,
Rapunzel staring blindly
bleeding from your eyes.
Words are music
without rhyme nor reason
put into perspective
are like the changing
of the season..
Reading is an art
that sometimes gets lost
But writing is a calling
that comes with heavy cost
It reminds me, sometimes,
of the carrying of the Cross.
Sep 2 · 27
what you think you saw
was but a shadow on the wall
what you thought you knew
was knowing nothing at all
passed a nearby shadow
it was nothing but a cat
tin roof creaking
at the dropping of a hat
Sep 2 · 102
They played the odds
against their Gods
and watched the cards fall
Babylon was tall
but God was taller
than them all.
Sep 2 · 323
Name of the Game
scene 1: enter Noah

scene 2: enter Covid19

scene 3: what Game do we play Now?

scene 4: where were we before the End?
Sep 2 · 41
reside in me
chasten me with your wisdom
that I might bow down
on baptized knees
and know
that where God gave Life
the devil claimed tenancy
but where the devil
has sullied my feet,
God will wash them clean.
Aug 26 · 43
not here
Chantell Wild Aug 26
did you try to reach me?
i am sorry i wasn't there.
i don't know where
i am right now,
somewhere caught up
between care and despair.
i will call, sometime.
when i find myself enough
to find my phone.
#post covid, post life as I knew it.
Aug 24 · 35
Chantell Wild Aug 24
I saw you coming from a mile away
and said, Stop! Stay away!
This is not your day to dismay me
This hole in my heart
will not be made whole by you
this time around
Another day belonged to You.
Aug 24 · 45
Chantell Wild Aug 24
not without disdain
i refrain from
your advances
king Frances
why do you
beg of me so
i am neither your bride
nor your **.
Aug 19 · 34
Chantell Wild Aug 19
"one last dance!"
she cried
"one last chance,"
he sighed.
And so begins the story
of betrayal
and thus began the search
for Holy Grail
for thou dost and
thou dost Not
be impervious to
the Magic of Mankind
and most especially
to the Hand and Heart
of Woman.
Aug 14 · 39
Chantell Wild Aug 14
i am Me
and a bit of You
a lot of You
and a bit of Me
Have we not won
in realizing that we,
indeed, are One?
Aug 7 · 48
Hanging on
to the edges
of the canvas
loose threads
my picture
Aug 6 · 37
mind the gap
with some things
the closer you get
the further away you feel
as though by zoning in
you enter the space in between
'interstices' - mind the gap
lest you fall through
never having reached
the next plateau
Aug 5 · 618
are you real?
you are behind that screen
but no more real
than a virtual being.
Aug 5 · 56
if i thought
the hardest thing
was moving on
then leaving
would be surmountable
to death defying
Aug 4 · 334
always. married. 2 u.
your skin and mine
come close
but we are not close anymore
and yet we are!
I cannot explain it
but we are inextricably bound.
Aug 1 · 27
god's life
you left a smudge
of blue in your wake
footprints from skywalking
coming down from the clouds
and onto the ground
takes some effort
unstrapping those helium balloons
from yourself was a weight lifted
from your shoulders
fly not over boulders but
push on through,
feeling you feet on the ground
you're a hound not a bird
and it's a dog's life
Jul 29 · 45
Chantell Wild Jul 29
the smell of wet hair
shifted his shoulder
touching strand to strand
his and hers blended
one merman unto a maiden
Jul 29 · 56
Chantell Wild Jul 29
There is a curve,
a line and a dot .
And that means something
to someone, somewhere.
Put it down. Dot .
Write what feels right
And turn left when
It is the right way to go.
Jul 29 · 52
Chantell Wild Jul 29
Fingers tangled up in
a semblence of hair
neither here nor there
barely holding
onto feathered threads
that are in the process
of becoming unwoven
Jul 29 · 515
Love me.
Chantell Wild Jul 29
climb the tops of
tall, ivy clad walls,
slip down the edges
of cool bricks
and jump gently onto
untrodden soil..
wander through a
sweetly scented garden
and choose a flower.
give it a name.
say hello.
then tear off petals
one by one
and ask it
if it loves you.
Jul 28 · 183
gone girl
Chantell Wild Jul 28
Wild winds were at her back.
She said, "Jack, get me outta here!"
So Jack took her to the mountain
flung her soul into the fountain,
said Goodbye Girl.
Welcome, Woman.
Jul 26 · 35
Chantell Wild Jul 26
I feel myself fragmenting
into pieces that are falling
into spaces that are calling
me to knees unused to crawling
Jul 22 · 50
Chantell Wild Jul 22
today i'll clean the floors
tomorrow i'll do the doors
and then i'll sit
and think for a bit
about anything other than chores
Jul 12 · 33
do you read me?
Chantell Wild Jul 12
truth be said,
you read me wrong..
that letter was never written!
rather, you wrote your own
instead of picking up the phone
and had it posted,
from me to you
and you read me as you chose.
Jul 11 · 199
What is on your mind?
Chantell Wild Jul 11
Alluding to..
All else?
That which matters
and that which does not.
Jun 29 · 58
Chantell Wild Jun 29
Stay over there
love me from a distance
this way,
lovers can do
what they wish to do
because distance
determines it all
doesn't it?

are you my lover or not?
in my head yes
in my body not

what is real?

if my fingers do not
actually touch your skin,
is all forgiven?
Jun 17 · 65
foot in mouth
Chantell Wild Jun 17
tumbling over toes
i find my foot in my mouth
more often than i would like
can't take some things back
they stick like bubblegum
blows blows blows
bubbles popping reminding me
that i said the wrong thing again
Jun 2 · 63
lustre asleep
a love like ours
was written in the stars
in little bites of caviar
and diamond studded bars

were you there
when they turned on the lights?
what a sight
for sore eyes

nothings quite as sweet
when lustre's gone to sleep
Apr 7 · 82
there is nothing sweet about disguise
there's only that distracted surprise
at the blue and yellow hue
of bruises around my heart
tears burn as chillies do
my stomach chewed up
like the bubblegum you used
to stick that lovenote to the wall
the heat of summer made it fall
so you stuck it under my desk
but wood burns, you know,
nails rust and memories turn to dust
and oh! there comes a little wind
and there you go, unpinned.
Apr 7 · 39
I wait until it rains
and then i pull out the weeds
plant some seeds
imagine your tears as rain
soft soil - pull out the pain
and plant again...
Grow tall.
Grow mighty.
Grow in order to seed
something beautiful.
Feb 22 · 46
for u.
Chantell Wild Feb 22
Thinking thoughts
is a freedom that we have
The notion of
"we don't need no education"
A bird in a cage
sees not the space beyond
and thus does not
want to fly there
but take her on your shoulder
dont try to hold her
and she will fly
fly further than you
ever could have told her
and she will return.
She will have burnt her wings
in the face of the Sun
but She will come back
and do it all again.
For you.
Feb 22 · 62
Chantell Wild Feb 22
When i separate myself
From myself
I find that I am both,
Yet neither,
Something of an alien
In search of itself.
Feb 22 · 307
Chantell Wild Feb 22
What was that?
Did you just say
That you can’t remember?
How about that.
Convenience runs
In the blood of your veins.
You are accountable
For the rot of your reign.
You will be judged
All fingers pointing at you.
Feb 15 · 166
Chantell Wild Feb 15
I am ready
for Change.
Feb 7 · 92
sweet morning
sweet slumber of night
shadows can never
be brought to light
they will merely reappear
on the other side of dawn.
Feb 7 · 72

Soul circles, smoke-like
- cat in trance -
simply can’t resist the dance
disappears on padded feet
simply can’t resist the beat
Feb 7 · 60
when skin bleeds
the soul breathes
finds air in sweet desp(air)
circles, smoke-like
irrevocably in arrears
Feb 3 · 49
like a dragonfly
he barely skims the surface
waiting as a spider does
for careless little words
waiting as a python does
for careless little birds
draws them in on threads of silk
and grinds them down to milk
drinks at leisure
for his pleasure
those of wanton ilk
Jan 30 · 206
Chantell Wild Jan 30
you. Writers.
Bearers of your Soul.

It makes you whole,
doesnt it?

Feelings on shirtsleeves
the transcendence of a Mole.
Jan 30 · 76
Chantell Wild Jan 30
Tick Tock
There goes the clock.
Time to meet your Maker.
Jan 27 · 55
Chantell Wild Jan 27
Posing prose as poetry
Rhyme and rhythm gallantly
Moving aside curtains of dust
We do what we must to get
The point across
Spiraling like hungry crows
Across the carcass
Of a questioning mind
Wings tilting in the wind
As we look to find sense
In some nonsensical thought.
Jan 27 · 42
The Fall
Chantell Wild Jan 27
He placed her on a pedestal
And fed her milk and honey
Gently clipped her wings
As he showered her with money

She was his wife, he was her life
Until the day she slipped and fell
Easy was the fall into
The waiting arms of Hell

The distance between love and loss
Is no more than a sigh
Easy come hello
And easy come goodbye.
Dec 2019 · 257
grooming you.
Chantell Wild Dec 2019
when i tasted your salt
the sea in me arose
i am an ocean unto you
i will water your gardens
you will be my budding bloom
and i will be your groom.
Oct 2019 · 291
Chantell Wild Oct 2019
She stayed
When he lost his mind
Stayed behind
When his voice lost sound
They met at the edge of a circle
Drew their swords and
Laid them on the ground
The gravity of consequence
Lay thick in the air
One slice of love and
One slice of despair
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