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Why do we always want what we can’t have?
Wouldn’t it be so much easier to want the things we need?
To be happy with what we do have?

But alas
We are but human.
And it is our nature to want
And desire
We can’t have everything
And if we’re always wanting something
Then how will we ever be happy?
Across the room
She saw him and he saw her
And the world got quiet
When writing stories
Authors can create a whole new world
A place that they wish to be in
A place they would run away from

They can create perfect and imperfect people
They could make the people they want to be
And know

An author can run away in their own world
Choosing what they want to be and do
Making decisions with movements from a pencil

Ideas swirl frantically in their heads
Unorganized and chaotic
When written out on paper
They are more focused
And they blend to make
A story.

The reader can choose to read
Or not.

But when they do,
They experience what the author wanted
They feel what was written,
Said, and hinted at.

Because the writer writes for the reader.

The reader reads for adventure, release or excitement.
And when done, those characters continue living
Through the reader
Through the writer

Hoping one day that people will realize
That those who are being made and created
Are the ones our society needs most
The people we want to keep us from falling apart

But until then
We as writers
We are readers
Just keep waiting
For someone to decide that they want to be good
They want to change things
And they’re not afraid of what people will think
When they begin to change the world.
We weren’t even very close
But either way
You left a mark on me
And I can’t erase it
No matter how hard I try
I can’t cover it
No matter what I do

I can’t move on
And it’s all because of you
Moments are like scoops of ice cream
One minute they are there and solid
The next, they begin to melt and mix
Until you can’t remember the taste
All that you know is that you had
A scoop or two
Of ice cream
I tried to hold it off.
Keep the sadness at bay.
But tonight,
Looking through pictures and
Remembering old times

The tears started flowing
And this time
I didn’t hold them back
There were whispers
Gossip and rumors
Did you hear about that?
I heard that…

How can you expect people to be happy
When they are being talked about
Behind their backs
Rumors being spread
When no one even knows them
A friend of mine experienced this at her school when someone new moved in, no one knew him. They just started judging and talking. Thats how bad things happen. But then people say how sad it is, when they are the ones who drive them to it.
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