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Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
Doom and Gloom
It surrounds me
Like a vortex pulling me in
Nothing I do
and nothing I say
will make it go away
I'm drowning slowly
In indifference
My life ebbing away
I have so little left to say
Oh I cry, I scream
But there's no-one who really listens
So I grow silent
Until I'm left out cold
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
You make me sick
with your five digits prancing about
crawling over my body
like a uneducated boy scout
you claim to hold my heart
but its been torn apart
shattered across the vast expanse
absent of a second chance
go away you pathetic fool
what did you expect?
This was so -NOT- cool
Randomly me, angry and depressed. It's just how I feel today.... maybe tomorrow I'll feel better...
  Aug 2016 Natasha Meyer
Just Melz
If the person you love
Is truly
Holding you up
Then there's no way
You could fall
For someone else
  Aug 2016 Natasha Meyer

The sunrise
may be beautiful,
awash across the
dawning skies
Though morning for me
won’t begin
until you open up
your eyes

For then the beauty
that I see
will start my day
in perfect view
As nothing is
more beautiful
than mornings spent
in love with you
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
I read a poem from Stephan
It made no sense to me
All those coriographed lines
To the untrained eye unseen
Lies a secret or two
That may contain the key
To his so called happiness
In our own lives lost at sea

So tell me Stephan...
What is it with all this love?
What about some animosity!
I just had to!!
Natasha Meyer Jul 2016
If I fly today,
I might die today,
If I die today,
You might cry today,
If you cry today,
You might lay today
In a lonely bed
Filled with regret

So instead
I won't fly today
So I won't die today
then you wont' cry today
and I will lie today
because everything is
As it should be
Natasha Meyer Jul 2016
Like a knife
Against my neck
Selfish needs met
you ruin my soul
love conditionally
When you're tired
I'm expended
Broken and bent
like a used rag
tossed on the street
just because of you
and your selfish streak
My body
My temple
In three days torn
to the ground
with no hope
of rebuilding
what you stole
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