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7.4k · Oct 2014
Natasha Meyer Oct 2014
A deafening blow to the heart
as our love lies dying
like wilting flowers
on a cold winters night

Leaves me out cold
Torn and broken
Rejected and scarred
Lifeless and alone

Words without sound
Love without a song
I loved you once upon a time
But the silence killed us.
4.1k · Sep 2014
Run away
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
I don't want to stay
Right now all I want
is to run away
1.9k · Sep 2014
Once Upon a Time
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
Once upon a time
I called out your name
Once upon a time
I danced with you in the rain
Once upon a time
Your lips melded with mine
Once upon a time
Just a memory laid to rest
1.8k · Mar 2016
For the sake of Peace
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
I suffocate my voice
Slit the wrists of my words
Anxious to be spoken
All for the sake of peace

Through the silence
Words unspoken
Deafening defiance
Happiness stolen

Leaving my soul empty
Desolate, deserted
Shipwrecked at sea
My soul departed

All for the sake of peace
I let you hold the key
And ruined this masterpiece
That no one will ever see
1.7k · Jul 2014
Glass Slipper
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
We danced
We laughed
Through the night
We lived
Glimpses of perfection
Caught in the crystal
As lovers dance
Through a world
Of champagne and glass
Twirl and play
The night away
As midnight falls
The curtain draws
On the star crossed lovers
Prince Charming
A glass slipper
For One day.
1.3k · Dec 2014
Far far away
Natasha Meyer Dec 2014
Surrounded by four walls
I sit in silence and wait
The drapes above the windows fall
Shutting out the light

My safe place
My serenity
The place where I can hide
my souls depravity

Where no one sees
or even care
How I became
or how I dare

Tempting fate
I throw a rock
Hoping my actions
would somehow shock

The light that forces
its way through the night
while I battle the conflict
and try to take flight

far... far... away
1.2k · Dec 2014
A sneeze
Natasha Meyer Dec 2014
Like a mini ******
It surprises you
without warning
One, two, three, four
If I sneeze again
I'll surely die.
1.1k · Jul 2014
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
A distress call
A beacon with a blinking light
Breaking through the darkest night
Resounding for miles ahead
A distress call.
1.1k · Sep 2014
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
Emotionally constipated
        Kisses that lead to
1.0k · Jul 2014
The Key
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
In my hand I hold the key
The key that no one else can see
I carry it wherever I go
This key to no one I will show

The door forever I will keep
Barred and locked for all to see
No one will ever enter in
The key I will keep safe within

Behold this key I hold so dear
Will never let anyone draw near
My heart is mine and mine alone
As soft as a feather but hard as stone.
1.0k · May 2016
Little Gnomes
Natasha Meyer May 2016
All the morbid sad poems
Are like little wicked gnomes
Gnawing at my ankles
Beckoning my downfall

Their little beady eyes
Glare hungrily at me
But who am I to stop them
When I can hardly flee

Maybe I should swing a left
Try a new approach
Kick the buggers in their teeth
And go out on a shopping spree
934 · Sep 2014
The Piano
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
Ivory and Onyx
The keys that construct
the melody in my heart
Sadness and happiness
Loneliness and blues

Ivory and Onyx
The chords that bind
the song in my soul
forgiveness and hope
love and joy

The Piano
The musician
924 · Sep 2014
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
Memories swirling
Like a haze of smoke
Disappearing into mid air
Once an anchor
to my dreams
in a raging ocean
Now all lost
In Davy Jones' locker
910 · May 2016
My Crypt
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Welcome to my crypt
Where dreams dormant lie
Covered in cobwebs
and gathering dust
Calcified veins
Once abundant with blood
Now a coniferous wood
897 · Nov 2014
Natasha Meyer Nov 2014
Naked she lies
Her body tainted and bruised
cast aside by hate and demise
broken, torn, bleeding
her dreams shattered
her mind battered
897 · Aug 2014
Natasha Meyer Aug 2014
What pretence
What a show
With your elegant voice
And your golden smile
Lifting hands in prayer
Showing the world you care
What no one sees
Are the demons that lurk
The hidden secrets
The bony skeletons
You fail to present
In the darkness
When you lay down to sleep
The YOU that no one sees
Peek out to come and play
What pretence
What a show
877 · Dec 2014
Natasha Meyer Dec 2014
Here we are again
this cross road again
passing the beginning
and collecting nothing
A chance card is all we have
Maybe this time
Maybe not
Here we are again
Dejavu... my friend.
869 · Nov 2014
Natasha Meyer Nov 2014
I'm angry
can you see it
A storm
like a tornado
leaving destruction
in its wake
I try to force a tear
but there is nothing left
my heart turned to stone
I'm angry
can you see?
There's nothing else
nothing less
nothing more
all such a mess
I'm angry
can you see?
794 · Jul 2014
Power of Love
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
Ready, check, go!
Date night
Flickering candles
Electricity cuts
Load shedding
You can cut the power
But you can't cut My love
772 · Mar 2016
Tug of War
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
This Tug of War
An emotional storm
We scream and fight
Slamming doors
Cry and accuse
Throwing out clothes
Opinions forced down
In a whirlpool of abuse
We hack at each other
Around every turn
Throwing our love
in a furnace to burn
till there's nothing left
but smoke and ashes
738 · Jul 2014
The Crucifixion
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
The Great King Stands
Above the earth
As thunder rolls beneath
Tears of sorrow
Streams down His face
As His sacred Lamb
Calls out for Grace
My God, My God, Forsake me not!
In a moment of Silence
The King turns away
It cannot be complete
Unless for their sins YOU pay
And as the Son Cries out
It is finished!
Creation in silence held its breath
waiting, anticipating The act of The King
And as He reached down
Into our Realm
The Son wept and said
Eli, Eli! Lama, Sabachthani
And into the hand
Of the Great and Mighty King
His spirit and last breath flowed
And with it, sin forever slain.
721 · Feb 2016
Let me be me
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
Why can't you just go
Leave me to my own
Let me be me

Why can't you just leave
Stop tormenting me
Let me be me

Why can't you just stop
The constant blaming
Let me be me

Why can't you just be
And Let me be me
715 · Feb 2016
The Protagonist
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
You are the protagonist in a love story
The one everyone wants
but no one can have
A distant dream
for the lost and lonely
Perfect in every way
Your flaws make you perfect
Your smile turns butterflies
into killer bees
You turn blue Mondays red
And make weekends feel like holidays
Oh how I wish, this was my romance novel.
684 · Nov 2014
Natasha Meyer Nov 2014
I laugh in the face of love
      I cringe thinking of the passion
              I bathe in the hate I now feel
if it takes away
         what you once were
                  what you once meant.
Every love song a beautiful lie
           Every poem an empty cry
I could scrub my skin
     Until the blood seeps through
           If it meant forgetting you.
647 · Jul 2014
Withered Rose
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
A withered rose in the winter sun
Cold and fading away
Petals falling to the ground
In the freezing wind it sways
Silently it waits to die
Without asking the question “why?”
614 · May 2016
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Numbing your mind
Is a temporary resolve
For a nagging conscience

When you know
It's not your composition
But a sad love song

In a minor-key
Dramatized music
That floods the soul

Until the walls break
And dry tears turn
Into a flash flood

Exasperating the ache
Exposing the wound
Ripping it open

Numbness resolved
Love evolved
But in the end....

Meaningless, if not returned
607 · Apr 2016
Don't fucking touch me
Natasha Meyer Apr 2016
Don't you ******* touch me
Don't you even dare
This body is mine and mine alone
And it's the one thing I won't share

**** the vows and promises
Said before man and God
You should have thought about it
Before you broke my heart

Don't you ******* touch me
Dont you even dare
My heart left ruined and broken
There's nothing left to spare

**** the good times and the  bad
It's nothing but a memory
Of things that never should have mattered
And never should have been.

Don't you ******* touch me
Don't you even dare
Cause next time I'll break your arm
I sincerely ******* swear.
Pardon the foul language... But the heat has spoken
562 · May 2016
My Alter Ego
Natasha Meyer May 2016
In the corner of my room
I see her standing there
Not a single breath
Or a single sound
But she simply stares
Down at the ground
A lot to say
Afraid to pray
A lonely mind
With so much to say

My alter ego
525 · Jul 2016
Selfish needs
Natasha Meyer Jul 2016
Like a knife
Against my neck
Selfish needs met
you ruin my soul
love conditionally
When you're tired
I'm expended
Broken and bent
like a used rag
tossed on the street
just because of you
and your selfish streak
My body
My temple
In three days torn
to the ground
with no hope
of rebuilding
what you stole
523 · Jul 2014
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
No makeup
I'm grey
less than great
no floral display
all night long
I toss and turn
how can you love
This little mouse
522 · Nov 2014
Natasha Meyer Nov 2014
He seeks your life
He seeks your death
Your mind your blood
Your final breath
Inflicting pain
He Breaks your will
stealing your virtue
your voice he stills
his sins tattooed
on your broken heart
And abstract lie
his work of art
Leaving you bleeding
alone in the dark
while you slowly die
your life torn apart
498 · May 2016
I tried
Natasha Meyer May 2016
I tried to write a happy poem
But nothing came to mind
Then I tried to write
A happy song
But all the notes were wrong
I tried to smile
I tried to laugh
Accomplish a higher state of grace
But all I saw
Were tears of sorrow
streaming down my face.
492 · Jul 2014
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
As rain descends on the barren ground
Life begins to form
From deep within the womb of such
New life is being born
Still so pure so undefiled
Hidden from evil’s claws
This life this wondrous miracle
In waiting – grows more and more
Love in it’s purest
No doubt is in mind
Precious is this gift
So few would ever find
A life formed through love
One cannot ignore
A cord ever binding and true
As rain descends on this barren ground
This little life so still
No breath, no heartbeat, not even a cry
In silence so deadly and still
The miracle once so full of life
A mere vessel left out in the cold
Murdered – deprived – hated – alone
Out from it’s protective womb
No face no name
484 · Apr 2016
The End
Natasha Meyer Apr 2016
We spin around in circles
Like a merry-go-round on steroids
Chasing empty dreams
Unraveling at the seems
We've tried so many times
To forgive each others crimes
but nothing ever changes
It just gets rearranged
Why do we waste our time
When its clearly our own pride
That keeps us hunting ghosts
But there's really nothing more
Than empty dreams and promises
An ending with no means.
468 · Jul 2014
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
Oh vile distasteful counterfeit
A generic imitation, abomination
How dare you mar the original one
Through mass marketing and sales pitching

And imitation born not of inspiration
but of cultivation by a selfish nation
A faked attempt you are
Plagiarism in its purest form

Chicory you deceitful liar
weaving your way into our homes
Replacing the proud Coffea Arabica
Rendering it nothing but a luxury to most

Away with you you mutant substance!
Be not a part of my house and home
For in this house is sanctioned pure
And only the best will endure.
445 · Aug 2016
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
Doom and Gloom
It surrounds me
Like a vortex pulling me in
Nothing I do
and nothing I say
will make it go away
I'm drowning slowly
In indifference
My life ebbing away
I have so little left to say
Oh I cry, I scream
But there's no-one who really listens
So I grow silent
Until I'm left out cold
433 · Jul 2014
Our Love
Natasha Meyer Jul 2014
Our love a Tornado
A force of nature
leaving only destruction
of our pasts in its wake
Cleansing the hurt
the anger
the pain
Bringing new life
Bringing new rain
After every Storm
There is a silver lining
A path of life
A way to love
Come join my Storm
Come lose yourself with me
Let the winds of our love
Carry us high
Higher Into the sky
Lets touch the stars
and make them fall
Lets pluck the moon
From its eternal orbit
Let our love be eternal
and as sure as the earth
turns on its axis
And definite as Seasons change.
Love me.
Love us.
425 · Feb 2016
Delicate Compilation
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
Over Onyx and Ivory Keys
Her fingers glide
Sensually dancing
To its own melody
Majors and Minors
Sustained, suspended
Speaking the language
That the heart portrays
Happiness and Sadness
All coiled into one
A delicate compilation
A wordless song is sung
411 · May 2016
Natasha Meyer May 2016
The invisible force
That suffocates
Bringing forth
Relentless hate
Despite the hope
That once shone bright
Now there's nothing left
But the darkest night
410 · Sep 2014
One Direction
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
             boys and girls

                guitars and drums

One Direction
                Don't look back

409 · Aug 2014
Buried Alive
Natasha Meyer Aug 2014
Bound and afflicted
Tired and convicted
My mortal soul
tainted and cold
In a grave
409 · Feb 2016
Beautifully Disorganized
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
In her own scattered mess
Flawed perfections coalesce
She sits and contemplate
The difference between love and hate
A fine line of indifference
with subsequent consequence
She soars to new heights
Reaching for the starry lights
High above the night sky
Her soul flies high
To her own surprise
She is....
                     .....Beautifully Disorganized
404 · Nov 2014
Natasha Meyer Nov 2014
It slithers through
my every fiber
twisting and twirling
taking me higher
my demons hidden
from the truth I am
The moonlight my beacon
the mask slowly breaking
as an icy breeze
consumes my mind
I'm numb
Nothing left
but my own
390 · Sep 2014
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
Like an artist
The lovers touch
with his paint brush
Delicately paints
An invisible landscape
Enveloped in Euphoric desire
Stroke by stroke
The canvas is adorned
With light brushing kisses
And overwhelming pleasure
Bursts of colour
Blended to perfection
A master piece
My body, yours...
389 · Feb 2016
Like the Phoenix
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
Like the Phoenix
From the ashes
I will rise again
See the light
Touch the sky
Live and love again
Not only exist
for today or the next
but feel the sun
as it kisses my skin
From the ashes
I'll rise again
Like the Phoenix
I'll fly... and be free.
380 · Sep 2014
My little Angel
Natasha Meyer Sep 2014
The ****** of a lullaby
a melodic soft
and gentle sigh
an expectant heart
where faith flies high
Only to watch
As the infant dies
Through death I'm hushed
My soul is crushed
Never a breath
Not even a cry
Never did you hear
Mommy's lullaby
Or see me smile
In no time at all
My little angel
Took flight
Into the light.
Dedicated to Little Duncan - Still Born 02 March 2011
380 · Aug 2014
Natasha Meyer Aug 2014
Across the rugged terrain
of an unequally yoked marriage
I travel, with a flat tyre
and no jack
The rim is bent and buckled
the CV joints warn out
but onwards I push
I will pursue till the end
And when I get to the crest
of this mountainous life
With knees bleeding
and finger nails split
Cracked lips and pale eyes
I'll look back at the
piece of scrap
I once called love
And cry.
380 · Aug 2016
Small Boat
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
I'm the small boat
In an ocean of pain
Tossed about
The fight lost
At my souls cost
376 · Nov 2014
Like a Diamond
Natasha Meyer Nov 2014
I allowed you to define me
To mould me like clay
I trusted you with my heart
And you ruined it anyway
I trusted you with my design
but you abandoned me
Left me to the wolves
In the darkness I sit alone
While I gather the ashes
Of a desolate life
From the left over carbon
of my broken forgotten dreams
I’ll make a diamond
And start over again
374 · Jun 2016
The city
Natasha Meyer Jun 2016
The city is like a wicked temptation
At day a concrete jungle
Cold and made of stone and aspalt
At night it transforms
And mimics the night sky
With stars sparkling bright
What a magnificent sight
But then the sun rises
And it's nothing but cold stone
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