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 Sep 28 Azaria
 Sep 28 Azaria
stretched and pulled a tendon
left on read, it’s open ended
just elipses when i sent it
never ending “just depends..”
dead before it just begun
i wish i kept it in my head
this whole stanzas overdone
just wanted someone to come home to
 Sep 28 Azaria
still nestled in the night before
I dreamt of you driving
me wild
 Aug 31 Azaria
you feel different, my love
you feel like remembering a password
you thought you forgot
pushing on the ceiling above
wishing it would all just cave in
maybe it’s the pavement i felt
erasing a welt, a bruise replaced
by embers just waiting to melt
my heart and my face
you pulled me away
from my personal hell
 Mar 22 Azaria
if i had a second chance
i’d move more devoutly
there’s dead chickens in my
neighbor’s pen, this state wanted
more power to the trains that
own men, more fuels
to start our own hell
i chatter too much smack
no time to improve
brain’s on the loose
if i look away for a second
another recusant friend’s gone
everytime i think of that purity ring
i just crack up
why are there nothing but young women
and old men in this small church

tell me how to break an addiction
when nothing’s solid green
even though the land is flat
the water’s laced and they know i know
and i’ll do anything for more bands
 Mar 2 Azaria
lalala cockpit's cracked
losing oxygen
I died in LA went straight to hell

put a price on my soul
for a bad man's consumption
trusted no one but it's cheap

gate's closed anyways
who am I to you baby?
don't care if this city sinks in the ocean

going back to Ohio anyways
maybe I'll use the pliers to escape the trunk
bite down, sizzle off the tar like a lost soul
 Mar 2 Azaria
the amount of times i cried,

and you could not hold me.

the amount of times i cried,

and could not hold myself.

the amount of times i cried,

and could not hold myself together.

the amount of times i cried,

and could not hold you.
 Feb 10 Azaria
Ashley Kaye
I have the worst habit:

swallowing life experiences
instead of savoring them

then afterward,
when my teeth are clean,
thinking, “That’s it.”

And wanting ever more.
Another life transition and I’m weary of glorifying the past. Wishing the good times were all my nostalgia makes them out to be.
 Jan 11 Azaria
 Jan 11 Azaria
i cannot birth the sadness from my body,
as many women do,
and disregard its existence entirety

it exists as me,
feeding from within,

my desire to free it,
the will to move past,
does nothing.

having no escape from myself,
i must harbor the baby of my own wretchedness,
forever nursing a violent sickness
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