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Ashton Sky Apr 2017
I ran away
But I'm not coming back this time
And all the effort we used to fight
Now we're both out of sight

You won't speak to me
And I understand why
after everything we went through
The time of day is the last thing I want from you

I love someone else
You can't stand to see it
How does it feel to see your lover
Be in the arms of another

I stood by your side
Even after I cried
On the inside I died
But now I'm alive

Now that you've gone
And I'm on my own
Living life happily
While you're all alone

Call it karma
Or call it fate
Now is my happily ever after
And you're just a little too late
Ashton Sky Jul 2016
I lost myself when I found you
But I thought
That's what I was suppose to do

Then I realized
I didn't lose who I was
I was changed by who you made me become

I thought that was suppose to happen
You were suppose to bring out the good in me

That's not at all what happened, though
Instead you brought out the worse type of sorrow
  Apr 2016 Ashton Sky
If you're going

to continue to violently stab my soul,

at least look at me.
"And I watch you come, and I watch you go.
With love,
- George"
Ashton Sky Feb 2016
Forever is never real
Emotionally I'm beginning to deal
With the truth that love does end
Perhaps the world shouldn't pretend

In the past those who have loved you
Have inevitably let you go
Those bonds now broken
Because forever isn't so

In the present it is I
Who holds you close at night
Who's lips I kiss sweetly
Who's heart I grip tight

But if forever isn't so
I'd like your future lover to know
How lucky she is to be
If upon her your heart's bestowed

Please inform her to be grateful
Please tell her I said so
Because to hold a man like you
Is the greatest feeling I've ever known

But don't forget to warn her
Forever my dear isn't true
And in a short time she won't
Be able to love you

Because forever isn't forever
And love never lasts
I rue the day when I become
A lover from your past
Ashton Sky Dec 2015
I feel like
I am in a cage
But you see
The door to this cage
It is open
And yet I stay
In this cage

I am in a cage
And outside of the cage
There is life
There is freedom
There is love
But yet
I stay in the cage

And you are that cage.
Ashton Sky Dec 2015
Effort has left us
And so have my emotions
It seems like our love
Has gone through the motions

Unfortunately its time
And we need to move on
Leave our love behind
Since everything is gone

Either we've both given up
Or we simply no longer care
Whatever it is
Each other we can no longer bare

So this is au revoir
It seems our time has come
Once a blaze with love
Now nothing but numb
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