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Ary Mar 2015
When you are not here,
                          you are my biggest fear.*

Ary Dec 2014
When everyone's started to be an eyesore,
When everything made me swore,
Feelin' ****** wherever I go,
Should I just follow the flow?

Nothing much to be said,
I'd rather kept silent;
and let the noise stayed in my head,
No one cares,instead
being ignored is what I get.

My heart is filled with hatred,
My ego is not going to be shattered,
My voices are unheard,
Feels like to rip everyone's shirts!

I tried to calm myself down,
I repeated it for one more round
and I heard a sound
That happiness is not easily to be found.

Ary Dec 2014
" I like to write mean words on paper because paper doesn't get hurt. The deeper the tip of the pen gets onto the paper,the louder my voice gets."

- Irfan S. Sharafi
Quoted from a friend of mine
Ary Jul 2014
A story to be shared
A memory to be made
A heartache in making
Just sit back and relax.

It started with a fight
Where everything did not went right
Solutions were out of sight
Can't bring back the night.

She thought it was love at the first sight
Hoping that he'll be the guide
A secret to hide
To save the pride.

She's being lied

  Jun 2014 Ary
Marsya Ian
She's the young girl
Whom I know
That has
The velvety look
In the eyes
But unchangeable
On the inside.
Whenever any
Barriers come
In her way
She patch them up
Get it done
Fearlessly without
Any hesitation.
All of the
Callous sayings
Blowing away
Towards her
Might disenchant
Her but
She stands up
And support herself.
She is a well-built
Girl with a
Powerful faith
And conviction.
Maybe she is
A solitary girl
Having fun
In her own world
But she justly
Be worthy to
Be loved.
Each and every one
Take a slight
Moment to stretch
An attention
And be thankful
For having an
Atypical flower
Rising in the beds
Of roses.

For my amazing friend, Ary :)
  Jun 2014 Ary
Marsya Ian
Behind the smile
There is a pain
He can never explain

Behind the laughter
I heard a cry
He can never tell why

With his brown hazel eyes
And a hoarse gloomy voice
Stuck in his own world
Seeing a girl who used to be special
Could she still exists in his reality?
When all he sees looks like imaginary

Why did she left him,
When he thought he made her happy
Where did it went wrong,
He thought their love were strong
Why did she let go of his hand,
The life he is having now is plain

No, darling she is not just his another girl,
She makes his heart and world twirl

He is asking with all his guts to confess
Is it possible for her to come back and be his *princess?
Ary Jun 2014
There's this girl
She's like a candle
trying her best to lit her day
trying her best to warm the smiles
But she just had enough
The fire extinguishes
by the tears from her eyes
pools of sadness,sorrows,grievance
that she kept for years
that she always fears.

Repeating every song she hears
along with memories and tears
they penetrate her heart
left scars,forever.

It can't be cured by laughter
It can't be cured by cheers
It can't be cured by dollars
It can't be cured by herself
she needs years to fix it back
Worthless she feels,worth it they said.

It's hard for her to explain
even harder for them to understand
she doesn't wants friends
she isolates from them
but they're too kind to be left
so she continues the game.

She tries to see how long she can stands
how long she can survives
with faking smiles and laughs
This is too much.
She swallows everything
judgmental words suicide thoughts
for the sake to gain something
then she realizes the game was

Nobody said it was easy
Nobody said it was fun
feels like the tears
make her awoken from the
reality that will never be pleased.

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