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  Jan 2015 ricardo
Jorge Love
I wish I could steal your sorrow
To make it moot and fill what's hollow
I wish I could heal those deep gashes
That left you broken into pieces

With a joy that could melt sadness
And peace to calm a raging anger
With health to make you whole again
And love that lasts forever

But my bleeding heart will not heal yours
Neither does my sorrow, Lessen that which you hold

See how I feel by how I love you
Take my kindness, Take My peace
Take my love and my joy
And my feelings will mirror yours
As they do even now
To all those abused or cut
ricardo Jul 2014
Gather around
and hear me preach.
Open your eyes
and see me teach
'bout a guy and girl
about fifty each
who to each other
the life they leech

Of so called love
they built a life
two chidlren a home
barely a strife.
But a silent intruder
an unseen knife
would come in between
this man and wife

The love they shared
was nowhere to see
when distractions ran out
and pride ran free,
not even their child's
heartbroken plea
could melt the ice
between he and she

Some years passed
of this icecold fight
they started to move
avoiding their sight
no talking or sharing
less turn on their spite
their children ignoring
it all out of fright

But they stayed together
in good times and bad
even though in most of them
someone got mad
their children learned
how to be  good lads
but also found out
that love's really sad

The message here is
that where love starts
it wont grow and continue
without work from its parts
Learn form this couple
and their hatred darts
In the end they left
four broken  hearts

In the end they left
four broken hearts.
ricardo Aug 2012
I do not mourn a dead shell
Nor grieve for lost words
I mourn something that lived
that now lives in our thoughts

I do not mourn a lost soul
Nor one that's in "the other side"
I grieve for the living memories
The ones that still live inside

I do not mourn a dead shell
Nor something left behind
'Cuz what lived can go on
In the stillness of my mind
ricardo Apr 2012
But sometimes those images
Don't stay for long
They can last ages
Still, they're gone

There's always a seed
That fastly dies
Sometimes a tree
Suddenly dries

Music in your head
Slowly fades away
Those tunes you hear
Don't always stay
Been a while since I wanted to write that....
ricardo Nov 2011
Inside my eyelids
I see you smile
Smiling meanwhile
I'm thinking about you

A seed sprouting
Is what I feel
Feeling so real
I'm thinking about you

Like catchy music
In my mind you lay
Laying all day
I'm thinkig about you

— The End —