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little red Sep 2014
Blood rushing like wild crazed dogs
to the surface of my skin.
Placing a crimson attitude onto my face,
and a trembling hurricane to my voice.

The oxygen runs thin from my atmosphere,
is this real, or is this outer space?
Canines of the blackest exposure make their way
from my head, down my spine, through my extremities, to my feet.

Crushing eyes from around push me outwards
until I can no longer see what I'm running from.
Screeching, mocking barks echo from within
as prey is made of my insides.

Beneath the supernovas of happiness past
alone I await for the chimes of twelve.
I feel the hounds push against my skin once more,
they have not been fed for a while now.

The time has arrived and yet my sanity still has not;
shadows surround me and make it hard to breathe.
Laughter of hyenas, cries of bloodhounds, howls of wolves,
all disturb what is left of me right to the core.

Colourblind, yet with an eyesight set on the brightest hue of fire,
mongrels of most devilish influence impatiently scratch and claw.
Opening their kennels they climb over each other in a frenzy
down the road of scarlet.

Red sky at night, shepherd's delight? Well then, red sky in the morning
is a sign that the herding dogs from Hell shall give no warning.
Possible trigger warning
little red Sep 2014
In my most foolish, childish desire
lay the futile wish to be consumed
by a love that would set my heart on fire,
and extinguish it all in one

The depths of the twilight brought upon me
pain and blood like no other, but my dear;
the tear stains on my pillow and crimson once run free
are unmatched by the burns you have abandoned on this skin

Do you still remember the night we drowned? I wonder,
You see still the waves come over me, as I drift
in and out of consciousness - I am both awake and in slumber
at the very same time

My love, I am screaming for you, I am here, why?
As you are there? And in my panic my mind escapes me
as I look up to the surface, see your face and try
but my mouth is burdened by saltwater
little red Mar 2014
i see you,
can you see me?
i am sitting in a room
with four walls, a window and a door
with a tiny pane of frosted glass near the top;
but it feels as though i am sitting in a  metal cage for animals
because those outside look at me as if that is so.
i did not ask to be in this place all alone
yet you gave me no choice.
you cannot see me,
you never will.
little red Mar 2014
i was going to write a poem about you, darling
but out of all the words in this language
and every other language in existence
i am yet to find one to describe you.
little red Mar 2014
isn't it curious?
how the things that can cure us,
deliver us from evil, and make us
feel truly alive
can so easily become the things
the very same things
that contaminate our souls,
force us onto the path
of the Devil himself,
and cause our demise?
little red Mar 2014
you're right
i will be okay:
but is that
my standard,
or the world's?
little red Mar 2014
don't wait around for someone to kiss your scars
and bless you into wellness,
their lips
are not
your magical ointment.

never rely on another human being
for your happiness,
what happens
to you, then,
if they were leave you?

please remember to take care of yourself
before you care for others,
you will be left
alone with yourself one day.
it's important you keep going

(on your own terms)
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