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  Nov 3 Antonyme
BJ Donovan
They have activities for the inmates.
AA, group therapy, anger management
and smoking cessation. It's a day late
and a dollar short it seems to me.
Irony is lost on the prison system.
Rats live like kings in naive worlds.
  Oct 23 Antonyme
Jo Barber
There is a greatness in the world
so fantastic, I can feel it
in the tiniest of moments -
in a strong cup of black coffee;
in the snow-covered mountains
so large and ominous,
it's as though they float;
in one of your gentle smiles or caresses;
in the small breeze of the clean air
that graces me each morning
as the harsh cold outside my door meets me.

There is a beauty in the world
so overwhelming,
I am sure I will never be able
to describe all its wondrous facets,
but at least the world is beautiful enough
to allow me to try.
Antonyme Oct 20
silence says more
than empty words
the golden ratio,
2 ears,
one mouth


it works
Antonyme Aug 1
If people started liking the

Better than the

Life would be a lot more enjoyable.
Antonyme Jul 5
Through the cracks
the whips
the black
and white
no place to be
no medium,
set free
I get no sleep
governed by the
hollow giants above
Sleeping in a thunderstorm
see other part on FAITH's page
  Jul 2 Antonyme
And then she realised that
All stories die with the people who made them...

What a devastating truth to know that so many wonderful stories lie between the dust of had-been peoples.
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