Alisha Nov 2017
A curious genie, an absurd soldier
There isn’t a burden he won’t shoulder,
When asked what makes his hardship worthwhile ?
He says, only seeing my girls smile.

They are all my princesses, he says
But with strong hearts for weary days.
My flying carpet takes them on new adventures,
For new experiences are always fortuitous ventures.

Faith and humility, his formative stands determination and will, his defining brand
When asked what makes his hardship worthwhile ?
He says, only seeing my girls smile.
Alisha Nov 2017
Him: are we best friends now?
Her: sure.
Him: so does that mean that we can’t acknowledge our past?
Her: of course we can.
Him: but then, what do we call this?
Her: we don’t know what to call this, because the world hasn’t caught up-to us. When you fall in love with the person and the state of being then you don’t need anything to define it.
It becomes a stage where you surpass the titles of best friends and soulmates
And just be
Because it’s hard to imagine your world without that being
Because it’s not your world anymore
Him: I don’t get it !
Her: to be honest, neither do I. But I feel like that’s not the point.
Not a poem, just trying to find may way out through words
Alisha Sep 2017
Hiding your fear behind a mask of confidence
Understanding that it's always best to lead by example
You make the rough going easy
You make every grey seem cheery

Projecting your strengths
And keeping your faith
You make the rough going easy
You make the grey seem cheery

Your smile always conceals the pain
It is what I always seek for reassurance
Dear Father, you may not be able to reduce our burdens
But that isn't your aim either

Because even if the going isn't always easy
Or the grey cheery
Your girls have the right heart
To persevere
Thank you Dad! Your little girl owes it all to you :)
Alisha Mar 2017
It was just a little swing wasn't it ?
That my grandfather built
But oh, the joy to sit in it

To a girl of age six ,
The swing was a rocket ship
There was no mood it couldn't fix!

With every swing forward,
My hearts would soar
Eyes , wide and bright
Trying to see the far reaches of the sky.

It was just a little swing wasn't it ?
That my grandfather built
But oh, the joy to sit in it
The small things in life that gave us joy!
A cool breeze , a bright sun and that swing
Those were the best summer days I think
Alisha Feb 2017
How do we let go
When my lover becomes a foe
The change that tipped the scales
Sending everything off the rails
*Sadly , left my love unscathed
Question that nobody has the answer to
Alisha Aug 2016
Filled with love,sadness but mostly regret
For all that I didn't do
For all that I didn't say
It's rightly said
We don't know better until knowing better is useless
Presumptions cloud judgement
Which lead to wrong choices bring made
And then in just one instant
Everything changes
The life you knew , the things you took for granted
And those choices you made haunt you
Tears don't salvage the pain
Nothing can
There doesn't seem to be a way out
Sometimes , you just stop and ask yourself
Is it actually so dramatic ?
Is what youre feeling normal ?
Should you really miss someone so much ?
Should you really long for just one last conversation with them?
When you know it's an unrealistic desire
Because no one returns from the light.
I miss you all day , everyday :')
And I'm sorry and I know I will not get to say what I wanted to you and tell you all about my life
But that's a consequence I have to face
Because this pain is all I have left of you
Alisha Feb 2016
Words are just words
Until you give them sentiment
Take that power away,
And they are just hollow letters.
Hurt or joy caused by words people use flippantly
The imprint they leave on your memory
And the strive to not care and render the words meaningless
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