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Jul 2014
Just Say No

I'm a wacko
who smokes tobacco
I'm a skunk
who's always drunk
I'm a loner
who's a stoner
I'm very black
and I smoke crack
name is Beth
who smokes ****
I love drugs
who hates hugs
I drink whiskey
I drink beer
I can be straight
I can be queer
when I snort coke
people call me a joke
I watch movies in the dark
I like to trip in the park
rehab didn't do a thing
drugs are my latest fling
popping lots of pills
yes I know, that speed kills
shooting ****** in my arm
waiting till I bite the farm
don't you dare, try and stop me
or on you I'll take a ***
I ****, shower than I shave
hoping for an early grave
Allen Wilbert
Written by
Allen Wilbert  florida
   JR Potts, Raven and ---
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