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Jul 2014
This is meant to be read,
the week after I pass away.
This is my only and final will,
sorry I have no money or assets.
To my children,
I give whatever I have, plus love.
To my family, I give love,
and thanks for all the support.
To my friends, I give love,
and thanks for the memories.
To my beautiful fiance,
I give love,
and sorry for dying to soon.
I wish I was still alive,
to give you all,
one final good-bye hug.
I will always love and cherish.
each and every moment and memory.
Even though I died to young,
I lived a full and fun life.
I wish you all a long,
and most happy life.
Now it's time to say good-bye,
don't be sad and please don't cry.
I love you all,
Allen Wilbert.
Allen Wilbert
Written by
Allen Wilbert  florida
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