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Jul 2014
I Dare You
Falling down by the wayside,
another victim, that just died.
Someone else fell to pieces,
another soul, I releases.
You never have a chance,
only I will advance.
I dare you, to give me a try,
like the rest, you will quickly die.
I feel no pain, I feel no suffering,
I'm not lying, I ain't bluffing.
People come from all around,
I sniff them out, like a hound.
I dare you to cross my path,
soon you'll feel my darkened wrath.
Just try and take me down,
around the world, I am renown.
Nobody can stop me now,
you will die, but not sure how.
I dare you, to get in my way,
I'll drown your ***, in the bay.
Your blood is on your own hands,
as it spreads across the lands.
Got a reason, for why I ****,
it gives me a tasty thrill.
I dare you to try and run,
hunting you, makes it more fun.
I'm the devil, hear me roar,
law and order, I always restore.
Allen Wilbert
Written by
Allen Wilbert  florida
   Michelle Brunet and Awesome Annie
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