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My tongue
A sweet silvery dagger's blade
The cool flat of it slipping over you like some archaic inhuman magic
Sometimes, however, it slips
The keening edge moves into the flesh of your soul
Like so many scalpels into mastectomy patients
And you bleed in ways
I never meant you to

I understand that the ache falls deep
That it's hard to forgive those who slash you
But hear me out
Because my arms are the deftest needles
That mend the human heart
From the inside out
They can do anything you need
But only you decide
If there will be
A scar
Please don't ask me
What my favorite feature
In the sculpture of you
Because that's ******* nonsense.
I can't pick out one
Like the ripest berry on the bush.
You don't work that way.
I love the way it all works in harmony
The way that I know that nothing would look right on anyone else
But it looks like heaven-sent beauty on you
Your nose, your eyes, wrong on any other face
Are the face
That dreams are made of.
I don't love you for
One piece of the puzzle
I love you for the picture now that it's done
You are more than the sum of your parts
More so than any being has ever been.
You're the revelation of perspective
Of shading and shadows
In the art of my life
And I will not view a painting
In 2 inch squares,
Milk it for all it's worth, little girl
It's not going to last
Love fleeting and slim and
Slight shall escape again
Like raindrops slipping down a windowpane
And his
Feels so warm and right
When you get so cold
In the heat
But he can't last
Love can't last in your life
You are small
The miracles that need to happen
Must take away blessings from others
That's what robs the smiles and
And contentment in its gentle way
Love,love, goodbye.
Vague indistinct hatred
For nothing in particular I
My fangs are bared, hackles raised
Claws of nails of hands
Curved sharp
Nothing is safe
Nothing sacred
I want to bite, pounce, snarl, howl
Let me ****
Sate my bloodlust, let me be full
It's better than nails in flesh
Teeth in my wrist
I am tense muscle and wrathful energy
Let me destroy
Show you my Dance of Death
of Destruction
Demand and Desires
And let everything not be a thing
At all
You look to your lives like they're the focus
You're the feature presentation in your world- the theater
The center ring of a circus, sanguine and self-assured
You're the protagonist. Those who oppose you? The villain
The potted plant on your desk applauds

The universe smirks.

In its haughty eyes
You mean less than the grit in the corner of your eyes when you wake
You're the boy sweeping up after the movie
The freak show near the back fence
A background character without a name while the story plows on
One orc at Helm's Deep, felled and forgotten
No jokes, looks, or bricks to build your character with, your voice echoes Alone

Don't even hope for one line out of pity
The author has no need of you
On the stage?
You're a prop.
Stop pretending like only you matter, maybe things will change
The world does not crane its neck
For a view of your hallowed life
God forbid
You find everyone as valuable as you see yourself
Man nestles further in his falsehoods and fabrications
The subdued hues alluding to something...Lesser
Rough yet rigid, in pillars frigid and

Barely fitting, barely standing
Hardly loving, hardly meaning to go
Choked like an asthmatic child in the smog
We are the snow in a blizzard after the world prayed for sun
The wolf at the door with teeth gone dull
Don't worry of the time
You've plenty to mull
It over.

In the face of the storm we comprise
The sun to bright in our losing eyes
We must go.

Lest the scars of our past strangle us like a partridge for dinner
With loss there's no winner at all.
Meet my eyes even if you don't love me with your heart
Don't be
Rested on the pavement
And though
I never saw it I know
The little chest heaved
As tiny pink lungs collapsed
Within the fur-covered chest

He wasn't
But a gasp
Jumped from my lungs
Like the air
Was struck from his
When the love of my life
Said his cat
Was dying

By weeks
"When we
Live together can we
Have a cat?"
A smile, shy, on my lips
And he said
"You think I'd leave Desmond here?"

He was going
To be
Cat instead of
His cat
There was going to be an
Though I know
He loves me
I can't help but feel
The cat
Have helped.
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