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Fae Fengari May 13
I do not have an hourglass figure
But I do cast a shadow that stretches beyond
The shape of my hips

I do not have toned features
But I am stronger than what you can see
Under my skin

I do not have manicured nails
Because I dig with with my bare hands
And rip out the weeds and the lies I tell myself

That I am not attractive
Because I’m not the one defined that word
But I am the one who wants to change it
Fae Fengari May 9
Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met
Or is it just a yearning to know someone different

Someone who isn’t someone and no one that resembles them

Someone who looks at you for the purpose of seeing you
Instead of playing a game for which you never learned the rules

Someone who cares enough to try from time to time
And doesn’t make excuses as to why they make excuses

Someone who apologizes in a timely manner because they never needed to apologize

Someone who doesn’t miss out because they were too afraid of being happy

Someone who never grows tired of listening to you because they’re hearing what you’re saying
And they share just as much as you do

Someone who only exists in another place that seems impossible to find
And someone who is not
Someone else
Fae Fengari May 8
Your tongue stained my lips for too long
They grew dry and cracked
Every time I smiled the skin split

I used different balms but nothing worked
Until I met the solution which I have yet to see
Underneath a blanket of worry‘s pseudonym
Fae Fengari May 6
Living for each word
Breathing in the spaces between
interpreting the lamp shade's doleful expression

Not deciding whether this is waiting watching or doing
As the minute hand climbs and descends before the sun catches up
And patience melts into complacent
Fae Fengari May 1
I want to sleep
But your name won’t let me

For some reason, it keeps shouting
Over and over

And I’ve tried counting sheep
But they’ve started herding to form letters

I don’t doubt you can imagine
What they might spell

Nothing seems to help except giving in
And thinking about our house, and our life

We own the sheep, and I knit from their wool
And then I wake up

And the cycle continues
And I can never stay asleep long enough

To hear my name, finally
The way I like to hear you say it
Fae Fengari Nov 2019
It is named after what it is
filled with water
looking for a life
just like the rest of us

It is durable
it has a way with air
in terms of breathing
unlike many I have known

It is reborn from fragments
rooting itself and adapting
until new soil becomes familiar
which seems impossible

but if a succulent can do it
why not?
Fae Fengari Oct 2019
Graciously, he wandered
Far from what he would not destroy
Lonely, she sighed
Breathing through holes in her skin

She was not porous, but proud
He was not proud, but abashed
She wondered what she could do
But she had things of her own

Even so

They dwelled
On nights
Where their dreams became one
And they were alone in a crowded room
And he would tell her what she was
And she would deny it with a grimace

Even so

He wallows in shame before he speaks
And throws an idle hook to sea
Hoping to catch one fish
While she swims further away
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