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  Feb 2017 Jen Grimes
kaylene- mary
Falling in love with you is like watching a genocide from the comfrot of my grave
Like our *** is some kind of biblical analogy for everything that should have lived,
but couldn't
There are prophets holding art exhibitions beneath your skin,
and I can't help but feel like it's my god-given right to undress you,
like you're my seventh seal
We've romanticize death like a Shakespearean concept,
all passion and prejudice and perceptive pain,
but baby you look so beautiful when you're fighting to live
Jen Grimes Feb 2017
I gave you a heart shaped card
No chocolates. No flowers.
Your name scribbled in magic marker.

You gave me one of your kisses
The chocolate kind;
And we walked about, your hand in mine.
Jen Grimes Jan 2017
There’s water in these veins
But somehow
I’m still thirsty

It drips across my collarbone
Reaches for my heart strings
But there’s a chord missing

There’s fruit inside this brain
But somehow
My stomach is empty

They’re just words
Being swallowed whole
Stretching to fit down my throat

There’s a fire in the depths
Of this heart
But the hearth only holds smoke

Inflating these lungs
Burning a hole

-I’ll be fine-

Your lips used to be,
Pressed against mine.
Jen Grimes Jan 2017
Faltered by that look in your eyes
I went back on all those things I said.
Because seeing you,
Because seeing the way you gaze at me
Made me fall in love with you,
All over again.
Jen Grimes Dec 2016
Silence eroded like
Mountains in my
Each intake of breath as
Misspoken words
Jen Grimes Dec 2016
Consider the stars;
Let them illuminate
Your dark.
Jen Grimes Dec 2016
Shaken not dis-stirred
Flakes float silently
It's music to me

Fire crackling
Dancing around beneath glass
This Winter love lasts

Footprints stick in the
Fallen snow, I travel where-
Ever, yours go.
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