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I dont know how we are meant 2b
In 1k years when they pray 2us
Its worth it

I will never ? Our love
Another night has arrived, reminding us of the passing of our childhood, youth and middle age. But it has given us the ability to cry out alone in the dark.
 Feb 2022 Mark Nyangacha
I wonder if you know,
there are few things as beautifully blinding
as sparkling diamonds on a sheet of snow
—pristine white snow—
when early in the morning after a storm,
the sun arises, spills its light—spellbinding!
There are few things…
and one of them I know.
I wake up to this wonder every morning.
With warmth, it fills me, and iridescent glow.
My feelings grow
as you look up, your hair spilled over pillows,
and smile so brilliantly, full of love and joy!
I wonder if you know,
you’re more beautiful than snow.
about love
 Jan 2022 Mark Nyangacha
I set this train a' rolling
down tracks with no stations
knowing a wreck inevitable
of this wild and ridiculous ride
wind in my hair taut expression
flesh stretched across a face
expecting the outcome

— The End —