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13/Non-binary/home    Hi, my name is Lye. I am a poet, singer, and a friend. Just looking to read some poetry, find some friends, and share my ...
24/M/Austin, Texas   
16/F    Just a lost soul looking for an outlet.
19/F/Sweden    Hi, I´m a 19 year old bisexual girl who spends 99.9%of her time in the stable. I struggle with mental illness as well as dyslexia. ...
16/Gender Fluid/Tennessee    Rants of emotions and feelings as a chronically ill, queer, mentally ill teen
15/F/USA    f / 15 / happy
17/F/idk somewhere   
F/Somewhere in Space   
Erian Rose
17/Non-binary/Based in Wisconsin    Xe/They / HS '23 / Published Poet, Translator, Journalist, Working Editor & Lit Magazine Founder
16/F/Here    I don't know. That one sentence should explain it all. © All Rights Reserved
A Simillacrum
17/M/in love.    "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."

— The End —