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 Dec 2021 Bones
Wynn Star
Watch her go, watch her fall
She can say no, she can bawl

Yet, she continues to dance
she tries to keep them entranced

"Let me earn your praise, your love"
She forgets her wings to fly above

Her once shining wings
that had drawn in kings,

now are dull and weak
She's burnt out
 Feb 2020 Bones
Wynn Star
My head sunk beneath
the water passing my teeth
Blinking my eyes in the deep blue
Strangely I felt like I could fly
Maybe if I flew I could touch the sky
The sound of serene green
The sea seems to wash away,
what was left of me
My soul now flies high
Soaring above the blue-green sea
My eyes looking all around
I am free
I am now reborn as a flying bird
 Feb 2020 Bones
Wynn Star
 Feb 2020 Bones
Wynn Star
I'm drowning
I can't explain it better
My struggles are above my head
Maybe i'd be better of dead
then I remind myself again
Don't listen to your brain
You'll be okay
Just take another breath in
 Dec 2019 Bones
Dear Crush,
 Dec 2019 Bones

1. You fear of spiders but you can carry a snake?
2. You're so good in singing and dancing but I didn't know you're not good in painting abstract, tho I love your confidence. You're proud of your artwork and you said for you, it's a masterpiece.
3. You would rather buy a furniture than build one..(You know the DIY thing).
Anyway, I like you still. You're human, after all. I like you more after I realized this. You're perfectly imperfect and that's what I like most.
why oh why
 Dec 2019 Bones
feeling you
 Dec 2019 Bones
my eyes sting from the tears you put there.
 Apr 2019 Bones
 Apr 2019 Bones
You said you were ugly, you are not.
You said you were worthless, you are not.
You said you were sad and broken, let me help you out.
You said you were feeling down and depress, I'll fix you up.

You make my emotions function continuously, you still do.
You make me loyal with no feeling of remorse, you still do.
You made me feel that there's no one else, you still do.
You left me there standing all alone, you still do.

You are the one that I will keep fighting for, that is my oath.
You are the one that I'm willing to fix, forever and ever.
You are the one that I still wish for, my only dream.
You are the one that can make me fall, my one weakness.

You keep diminishing your self worth, I still believe in you.
You keep saying you are not worth it, I'll make you think otherwise.
You finally recovered from you broken state, I'm very proud of you.
You denied me access to be part of your world, you still do....
 Mar 2019 Bones
Quit playing tricks on my mind
You’re throwing my thinking off
You used to be my everything
And now?

You’re not,
You’re just someone that messes with my feelings
I used to smile around you
But now, I don’t
I used to remeber the things we did and smile
Now, I think of those things and cringe

Looking back
I realize that you weren’t even my real friend
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