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kaela Jul 21
moments in time spent with you,
stuck in my phone like constant reminders.

i'm not who i was then.
i never will be.
kaela May 24
the quick decision
that leaves lives filled with grief.

the quick ending
of a life that should have lasted longer.

suicide is not an option
but to those of us
it's the only answer.
please seek help if you are struggling. it may seem like the only option but it only passes your pain onto those who love and care for you. suicide hotline: 800-273-8255
kaela May 18
each note holding a different emotion,
carried across time.
held out until the very last second,
then the silence steps in.
kaela Jan 27
paint me your beautiful masterpiece,
fill me with your wonderous colors;
covering every inch until i'm complete.
no part left untouched,
every side a different view.
abstract lines and colorful hues.
i want to do it with you.

love is a work of art.
kaela Jan 27
being a statistic doesn't sound like such a bad thing anymore.
it's always been about numbers;
your weight,
your age,
your height,
your grades.
we're all numbers.
always compared to unrealistic standards.
always held to unrealistic expectations.
maybe being a number isn't so bad;
maybe then i'll be happy,
partying it up with peep and cobain.
maybe, just maybe, i'll be enough.

i'm sorry.
kaela Jan 21
oh, how i wish to be loved.
held in the same warmth
of the flames from an undying fire;
kissed with the same passion
of an artist with their last piece;
loved in the same unconditional
that was promised to me so many times.

but these are just wishes never to become a reality.
kaela Sep 2021
i dreamed of you.

i didn't want to,
didn't want you to haunt my days,
didn't want you to take my dreams,
didn't want to think of all the ways,
didn't want to rip away at the seams,
didn't want to waste my tears,
didn't want to leave scars,
didn't want you to be the cause of my fears,
but i did.

i dreamed of you.
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