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  May 2020 Mugsy
i know that you "like" me
and maybe one day i can really like you too
but right now
even if i did
i wouldn't know
because i can't tell my emotions apart anymore
and you, as a person, deserve more than
my broken aching self
i'm sorry
  May 2020 Mugsy
Dr Peter Lim
I do this
you do that
not illegal
we are both glad

you do that
I do this
we bother no one
nothing is amiss

you are rich
I am poor
I care not
I don't implore

you are poor
I am rich
come share my meal
your shirt I'll stitch

you and I
we both live
harm we cause not
there's nothing to forgive

I and you
it will come--that final day
there'll be no more you and I
as each quietly walks away
  May 2020 Mugsy
I'm doubtless, why you are stunning
For the reason that you are mirroring
I can't say, but almost you are striking
Your light is everywhere and glimmering
  May 2020 Mugsy
Dr Peter Lim
I would come to know
in time when I'd be redundant
the sunshine would have faded
and I'd be life-abandoned-

youth was once proud and loud
busking in hours resplendent
then came the winter of discontent
with all its dreams being forgotten
  May 2020 Mugsy
Prerna Singh
The mind left alone with the soul
The soul isolated from fear
Fears itself
  May 2020 Mugsy
Ms Anjaan
Our most clear and beautiful image
Is situated in our heart and imaginations..
So I say-
Be that, you are in your imaginations
You will be unique
Most of peoples have a glorious image of themselves in their imagination they should try to be that
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