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Tya N'dom Mar 2019
Dear Charlie,

Don’t worry about me, I am doing all alright
Today I ate a Rhubarb custard pie
Like mom used to cook when we would’ve cried
Or when we finished eating dinner late in the night

Then, we played "Beat Your Neighbor Out Of Doors"
And we wagered collectible cigarette packs
I have won a Lucky strike just like yours
So I exchange it for a bugles and dots snack

Later, we listened to the radio
Everyone knew: “It's a Long Way to Tipperary"
I looked at some memorable photos
Even the one with grandpa who stayed temporarily

Finishing the day, I read the book you gave me
Looking at the sky, reminiscing our memories
At the end of the day, I cherish you greatly
So, little brother, don’t worry about me
Tya N'dom Jan 2019
Should I say hello or should I say goodbye
To this alluring flower who slowly died
To these trees that has lost their symmetry
Or this can that turned to dust overtime

Why didn’t we take actions aforetime
this disaster wouldn't have happened
The population are now all offline
Yet nobody can be forgiven

The polluted air is spreading rapidly
Like the amount of heat in mercury
Shortness of breath and pulse acceleration
People are declining in this situation

It’s not just you it’s also me
Who threw plastic bags in the sea
Who killed the ocean beauty
Who showed no respect nor mercy
Tya N'dom Jan 2019
The tiny soldier

Scream and angers came into my life
Run as fast as you can to survive
Blurred vision and smoke in the sky
There is nothing I can do but cry

The promise of coming back will be broken in small piece
All the memories gone in a blank space
When my family will come to me and see Rest In Peace
I would not let them with disgrace

“Dale, straight line , they are approaching”
Keep a hushed tone while crawling
Trenches are falling and no more safe
henceforth I have no longer faith

Not a feeling, no more pain
Like a flower laying on the rain
Blood dropping without time spend
I will only see darkness before it ends
First poem written

— The End —